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The Way Of The Poacher and Peddler Duel Guide~AWolaF Mod
By Hairboy523
Westeros is a cold hard place, if you refuse to just be another pawn of a king then listen closely. Warm yourself by the fire and the morning will come soon...

"Though the distinction felt sudden to you, somewhere along the way you became what you are. Dissatisfied with the common men's desperate scrabble for coin, you took to your local lord's own forests and decided to help yourself to it's bounty, laws be damned!"-The Way Of The Poacher

Let me empart what little knowledge I've gained after an in game year of living such a life.
Never be a kneeler...
[This was originally written for version 9 or before, however much of it should still be helpful]

Your father was an outlaw, like him you will never fly a nobles banner. Never be a kneeler...
I myself am a wildling as they mockingly call me, but I am more free than they'll ever be. However, you are not required to be one of us to refuse to kneel to a king.

For over two in game years I have more or less survived in the wilderness. Though what little time I spent beyond that wall, I learned much of that land...put another log on the fire and I will share what little knowledge I have gained with you. I must warn you, this path is not for the faint of heart nor will it be easy.

Choose which path you wish to take...
The Way Of The Poacher
Ah you wish to take the fight to the Kneelers, very good I will help start thee on the path to freedom and glory.

~Character Creation~
Your father was an outlaw and you are a poacher following in his fading footsteps. You should start with a hunting bow and other useful skills. Furthermore, there is one skill that you should take into account early on which is the foraging skill. This skill allows you to live off the land day to day and greatly reduces the amount of food your party needs.

When it comes to Heritage, the Ironborn have no morale penalty for sea travel. Take into account that if you ever become a bandit king then your heritage will be your culture.

~First set up a base of recruitment~
Just because a faction or king wants your head does not mean their people feel the same. Serve the people in the outskirt villages of your choosing and even if the faction wishes to kill you, you will still be able to recruit men. In the far northwest there are northern villages and the wildlings bands that roam will not be hostile to you even with low honor.
However these same villages can also be the easiest to raid.

~Ways Of Recruitment~

  • Of course villages(higher persuasion ups the amount of goods you can threaten for and number of men you can recruit)
  • You can attempt to forcibly recruit as well from villages that dislike you
  • -If you have enough money you can recruit bands of bandits, this lowers honor. They are costly so take that into account before approuching, my favorite groups are those in the Vale Mountains and around such as Clansmen and The So
  • If you are still allowed into towns then men can be hired in taverns.
  • Recruit Prisoners from a bandit party
  • Attack bandit hunters and recruit sometimes many bandits. In Westeros they are known as 'The Brotherhood Without Banners' they will not attack you unless you attack them first. And even then they will only follow and harass you.
  • Attack weak lords and take their prisoners

~Complex Politics~
There are three theaters of politics in this world.

Esso and Westeros and the far north are disconnected when it comes to politics. While low honor in time will cause all the 7 kingdoms lords and then factions to revile you.

Essos factions , The Free Folk and sometimes the Nights Watch will not.
The Free Folk have two cities in the far northwest beyond the wall. The best way around the wall and away from the law is by the river on its western side. (you dont need to buy a ship)

Also along the border of Dorne are many bandits, In the north there are less, as locations are further apart.
If in the north be wary of the guarded road near Winterfell.
The best route to the Free Folk with a hostile north is around the mountains to the west of Winterfell, avoiding it completely.

~Fighting the kneelers tips~

-Be wary around their cities they have patrols that can range from a few dozen to up to a hundred.
-The best time to attack lords is when they are weakened after a major battle. If you capture them you can hold them for ransom or even better silt their throat and take their armour!(causes large negative honor)...Chaos Is A Ladder.

-In time with low enough honor they will not allow you in their cities.
-Villagers and Clergy are easy prey, remember they are worth more alive than dead

-Unless you have many men, most villages will fight back and the Kneeler serfs have no shields. Use this to your advantage

-If in the long run a city is open and weak. It is possible for you to attack and sack it. Without holding onto any ownership.
-Various groups of bandits commonly fight one another, Broken men commonly fight regular bandits you can join in on either side of any battle.
-Caravans are commonly very well armed! Do not attack these unless you are ready for a major challage. It is easier to threaten them for a toll as they travel down major roads.

-ENSLAVING CAUSES RELATIONS TO DROP WITH ALL can quickly get prisoners and money from it. Be warned, It causes all villages relations with you to drop by two! Combined with a loss of honor(not that we care), it is can kill your ability to recruit early on. Do not do this unless you have established strong areas of recruitment first.


I've developed two ways of hiding to avoid being caught in a fight you can't win. Every village on the map is really a hideaway; here's how it works.

1. Go into a nearby village and do honest work, you will be inside it for a day and no one can get you.
2. Wait in one of the non faction inns along the road, there are two along the road north of Kings Landing. I have yet to discover more...


For this it is best to have a bow and a donkey atleast. The best places to find herds of deer in my experience, are in the woods north of Highgarden.

And sometimes in the Stormlands south of kings landing are some wildlife. They are rare to find in the vast north. They are in many places but that is where they seem most common. When it comes to Esso, someone else would have to find that out.

When you kill them you always get
-A form of meat
-Hides or furs
-And certain animals you gain full wearable cloaks
-After 3 days some types of meat spoil, each day losing value

How to dry Meat
1. Get meat
2. Go to camp Menu
3. Click Actions
4. Dry meat
5. You may lose some or all your meat and you can get high priced Dried Meat which never spoils. Sausages can be gotten from pork(dont spoil), and I have yet to try the others.


Sooner or later, much of the map will be hostile lands to you. If you do not wish to travel all the way back to your save havens or to Essos . It is actually quite easy to sell goods nearly anywhere.

-You can buy and sell directly with the many Caravans along the roads who always have money and high quality weapons and horses to buy
-Sneaking into cities is dangerous and if caught your thrown in prison but if you get in you can go to the tavern and marketplaces
-Villages rarely have any money, not good for selling, at best you can trade to break even.

Prisoners And Food

I put these together for a reason. :)

There are nearly always men who will pay high price for prisoners in the Free Folk cities taverns. They have different names and look different from one another so be sure to talk to everyone in the both taverns, there usually is always one.

Slave traders are in some cities in Essos.
But don't you dare sell them to the Crows...

  • You can buy food
  • Raid it from villages
  • Eat meat that you got while hunting
    OR if you talk to any prisoner you can choose to butcher them for 50 Meat without penalty. The Thenn Tribe is fond of doing this.

I hope I have been able to teach you what little I know and there are likely many more things you will learn along the way. Never kneel and always steal and you will find your way to glory and victory. Lastly, should you ever capture that bastard Baratheon tyrant, give the world justice.
Late Game~ Poacher to Bandit King

You've been at it for a while, perhaps you have learned many new things. Perhaps you have lost it all and are looking at how to get back up. Many do not survive long enough to attempt to climb the ladder of chaos to become a Bandit King. The fall breaks them and they do not try again.

Now let's teach about a few things and give a little more advice. Here are some things you should maybe have by now.

Prerequisites Of A Bandit King

SHIP~These cost around 20k to buy and can be gotten at any port and docked at any non hostile port. You can also land on any shoreline and disembark to raid. Be wary to not leave it on a coastline long term, as there is talk that it can be stolen.
On the East coast of the Wildlings there is a castle called Hardhome this also happens to be a port that could be quite useful for your use.

Suppy Wagon~You'll need two ponies to create this but it is very much worth it.
Once you have a large enough party force it allows you to send off a wagon party lead by a companion with prisoners and goods, back to a city where they sell them and bring you back the money.

Fort~This has a few features, you can...

  • Store men.
  • Store Items.
  • Hire staff such as ♥♥♥♥♥♥, Religious Staff and Maesters.
  • Hold feasts and many other actions to up the moral of your men greatly.
  • It is not considered a Fief but acts somewhat like one.
  • It is not considered a Fief but acts somewhat like one.

There is an Island east of 'The Wall' that would be quite a suitable hideout.

You can only have a certain amount of troops on your ship and this therefore allows you to drop off excess troops.(you still have to pay them)

An Battle Ready Raider Force
~Hopefully you will be able to muster a few hundred men together to be able to pull off what is to come. And if you lose them, your bases of recruitment set up ealier ect. should be able to rearm in short time.

Recruiting Nobles
~If your renown/honor is high and a city likes you enough you can recruit noble troops directly from them for high prices. Perhaps they are cheaper than training men up to their level. But then again in your case when it comes to honor....

Here are three ways you could become a King in your own right without being a kneeler.

The First~is to go north along the road from Kings Landing until you come across a second Inn alongside the road where you will meet a knight. This knight can start you on a quest to find a castle in Essos and claim it for your own. I've heard a rumor it is alongside a river in between Pentos and one other city state.

The Second
~would be to find the one claimant on the map Lord[needs to be filled] and fight a civil war for him.

Third~If you do the main questline for Vayrs who stays at the Sept inside Kings Landing(you can only find him in the mornings), at the end you can aid a Targaryen in invading Westeros.

The fouth most ambitious way, would be to conquer a peaceful city state in Esso singlehandedly. In short terms fighting a personal war. Perhaps even a long war...coming back again and again to attack.

1.) Choose your city state
In Essos are many city states, choose one with few lords and that is far away from all others then begin your war...

2.) Kill Them All!
Put to death their weakling King and then his lords! Once this is done there will be no one to save the City State. The war may be quick or it may be lengthy, however they must all die.

3.) Prepare for the siege
You will need a large suppy of food, hundreds of Troops.(perhaps becoming friendly with the local villages would be a wise choice). Enough gold to pay them for many weeks ect.

4.) Begin the siege
Try to first reduce their troops as much as you can. Straving them and beating them back in repeatly is my recommendation.

5.)Take the city
This may have taken great time and many assualts. However, once it is yours then you may declare yourself a King who never kneeled before another.

6.)Holding It
Perhaps you may appoint a trusted man or two as nobles to help defend your new Kingdom. Name it what you will but you have only just begun. Perhaps other City States may come after you, if you are lucky perhaps they wont. Be assured that Westeros will leave you alone and that you will begin your rise without their pestering.

Perhaps there were times you felt your cause was hopeless, but it is only hopeless when you lose hope in it...
The Way Of The Peddler

If your looking for an honest so called 'honorable' start or do not wish to take the fight to the Kneelers, I will start you off even so. By the Old Gods I just hope your not one of them...

In the west there is constant warfare among the Seven Kingdoms, while the Nights Watch and Wildlings are in a constant disconnected battle with one another in the far north. Esso on the other hand is peaceful but full of very active bandits and priates. I know little of the strange land of Esso.

If you are up for that then here is some wisdom to start you off...

Character Creation
Your father was an outlaw and you are a goods peddler who has strayed from footsteps only slightly. You should invest first in the trade skill to up your overall profits and other things.

Furthermore, there is another skill that you should take into account early on which is the foraging skill. This skill allows you to live off the land day to day and greatly reduces the amount of food your party needs. Therefore allowing you to not have to carry as much as travel faster.

Tips for Goods Peddling for Real Profits

  • A good place to start is Saltpans or Lord Harroways Town where salt is cheap and you can take out a loan to buy it if needed. Hopefully on your travels you will find other trade routes but this will start you off real well.
  • Furs are commonly cheaper in the northern villages near the wall and if you see some for around 50 and buy them. You can resell them for a few hundred.
  • If you find any food that cost less than 10 in a village then it is good enough to resell.
  • Pottery worth around 30 or less can be resold for double or triple profit.
  • If you buy and butcher cattle you can make a profit on the first few. Since the hides and meat combined can fetch 300-400. So buy 5 cattle for 200 and you make 30% profit! Village prices differ greatly with cattle so pay attention and you can make money quick.

-If you right click on a caravan you can choose to accompany it for protection.
-Roads allow you to travel quicker, though bandits can commonly lurk along such roads.
-You can do honest work in villages
Big One-If you capture men, you can sell them to any lord of the Nights Watch for Silver Stags and positive Honor.
-You can buy acres not matter what your honor levels are.(they build up money every two weeks and you must come and physically collect them)

-Robber Knights are on armoured horses with heavy armor and are very dangerous, seen mostly in southeast Westeros
-Clansmen lurk around the lands of the Vale, they use bows and axes
-near the west coastline are many bands of Ironborn Raiders
-Pirates are well armoured and armed, do not underestimate them if you find a village invested with them. They are deadly in close combat, but susceptible to ranged.
-To buy enterprises you need good relations with the lord and town. Meaning very negative honor will cause you to not be able to buy them.


I've developed two ways of hiding to avoid being caught in a fight you can't win. For you this could be used when running from bandits most likely.

1. Go into a nearby village and do honest work, you will be inside it for a day and no one can get you while your working. Theres a high chance you'll be able to escape after that.
2. Wait in one of the non faction inns along the road, there are two along the road north of Kings Landing. I have yet to discover more...

Good fortunes to you my friend. Should you leave for Essos, I know little of that far strange land of the Free Cities. May what little wisdom I have preserve and bring you success on your quest.
Late Game~ Peddler to Spice King

You've traveled across land, desert and ocean. Learning the tricks of the trade, perhaps you've gone from rags to riches. Fought off brutal bandits or pirates and at the end of the day fetch a profit. You have built up honor, and most of all large amounts of wealth over time. Going from rags to riches.

Prerequisites Of A Merchant King

Honor (Optional)~You do not have to kneel before any king for them and their vassels to like you. Your actions on your travels can raise your honor to the point where they will be begging you to join and offering you lands. This also means that if you were to rise up, some may even join you or your clamant. +100 honor would cause many to view you quite well. If you plan to attempt to 'Plan Of Action' three.

~The more you have the biggest the army you can raise and you need around 500 to be at all respected by the common lord. There are a few ways of gaining this..

Large Income MOST IMPORTANT~Meaning you have businesses across dozens of cities in Westeros and Essos and you have gotten the respect of many of those cities, this is important when it comes to recruiting nobles from them. And many acres in a city you would like to personally hold in the future. (so therefore you do not have to worry about being able to pay for your men on a weekly basis)

Large Amounts Of Silver Stags On Hand~You have tens upon tens of thousands on hand, around 50k to finance an elite Noble Army.

~Recruiting~The key is to have good relations with so many cities that to raise a noble army you simply ride between them for a few weeks recruiting nobles till your force is large. Or hiring large amounts of the more elite type of bandits.

Recruiting Larger Forces~

For instance in the Vale there is a Clansmen Lord with a few hundred men known as the Moons Brothers who can be recruited. You could recruit many small clans there. Or any other type of outlaw group. He costs 75K for over 200 men with 10K a week upkeep, you must have enough room in your party to hold them. You also get Ulf as a companion.

Essos may be the best place to recruit bandit men in this manner with a mass amounts of funds. However fair warning Pirates cannot be recruited.

OR have good or neutral relations with many villages(you can pay an elder to up your relation by one) and recruit men the regular way.

PLAN OF ACTION~Decide where you wish to begin after you have amassed your host of a few hundred noblemen. Westeros? Essos? Or the far north?

The First~is to go north along the road from Kings Landing until you come across a second Inn alongside the road where you will meet a knight. This knight can start you on a quest to find a castle in Essos and claim it for your own. I've heard a rumor it is alongside a river in between Pentos and one other city state. If you do this you would start with a lone castle in Essos. Perhaps if you find it you could build a fort near it and stock it with men before claiming your keep.(which makes you a king in your own right and attracts attention)

The Second~would be to find the one claimant on the map Lord[needs to be filled] and fight a civil war for him.

The Third~This is more agressive, if you are confident in your right to rule. And see an opportunity in Westeros where a kingdom is unstable and Cities are changing hands quickly.
To see how stable a kingdom is, send out your men as spies and they will tell you. Or talk to lords.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to get good relations with the villages in that local area for better recruitment as well beforehand.

You could seize the a City right after it has been taken, so when it's weak. And then appoint a few men lords and attempt to quickly convince lords you know are rebellious to your side. With a bit of planning, you can seize control.

OR launch a personal War against a peaceful city state in Esso until you take it. Remember lords will only consider joining you if you have atleast a castle or city.

The Fourth~If you do the main questline for Vayrs who stays at the Sept inside Kings Landing(you can only find him in the mornings), at the end you can aid Daenerys Targaryen in invading Westeros.

Of course there is risk involved but that risk. The Where and up to you to decide. Chaos truly is your ladder.
If you wish for music to best fit a character who worships the Old Gods, The Drowning God or R'hllor then this playlist is perfect for the griddy reality of a harsh realm. Follow or listen to the Playlist below on spotify for 10 hours of handpicked Dark Ages music for your travels and battles...with dark griddy music. Perfect for dark Pagan characters in other mods.(Pagan styled music from Wardruna is included in the playlists and the best Vikings songs and much more.)

Below is a second Playlist called 'FOR GLORY!' more fitted for followers of the New Gods. Focused more on epic music with choirs for the pious christian knight fighting for Glory.

If you read this far, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to favorite, comment and rate this afterwards. Now I will tell you...

To the far Northwest, to the west of Thenn close to the mountains is a cavern that will only appear when you are close. I will not tell you what you will find should you venture there. But you will be alone and I advise you be well prepared...

How to download Mods
Yes this guide is for a mod of Mount And Blade Warband. This is how you would install it.

This is a program I use to unpack the mods. Download link below but don't risk it if you don't trust it.
Download the mod you want to install. ...
Extract the files. ...
Copy extracted files to Warband's Modules folder. ... (This pc, local disk (C:), program files (x86), Steam, Steamapps, common, MountBlade Warband, Modules)
Start Mount and Blade: Warband and check the Modules drop-down box for the mod you installed.


Simply go into the module file location(wherever that is).
Then highlight and drag the patch files over to the folder and then you should be asked if you want to 'Copy And Replace' say yes. Then you'll likely be asked if you want to 'Merge Folders' say yes again to all of them.

If it doesn't ask you to do this, then you did something wrong.

Here is a link directly to the downloads. Be sure to download 2nd one which is the main game, and then the top one is the patch for it.
A Game Of Ice And Fire Mod Link
"Be prepared to create your own House and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of A Game of Thrones. A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous Kings, Lords and Knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos"
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YO presunto, why don't you release an actual "create a character guide" so we don't have to create a character 20 times to figure out the stats.
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Can anyone please tell me how you recruit bandits!????!
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how does one make Dried meat in current verison?
Hairboy523  [author] Jul 15, 2016 @ 9:37pm 
Have fun man, best of luck to you. I'm writing a guide for being a Freelancer too. Be sure to like up and favorite. Or check out the other guide if you want to be a Wildling Warrior or King.
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This is for the other game of thrones mod lol

Its stable now and just need the base 9.5 and the 9.6 patch.

It has different quests and factions. This mod for instance has the Wildlings and Nights Watch as factions. A Clash Of Kings Does not.
shrimphoop Jul 15, 2016 @ 5:45pm 
Under Late Game~ Peddler to Spice King you mention a knight on the second inn along the road north of King's Landing. I've checked both The Crossroads Inn as well as The Inn of the Kneeling man, but I haven't found the supposed knight that gives the quest leading to a free castle. Is this still in version 2.2? And if so, I would love someone's help on where to find this knight. :)
Woody Jul 13, 2016 @ 11:42am 
God damn it. I got passed the bridge of bones now I have to talk to robb in the notes it says talk to King robb stark about men for the nights watch but I dont see any option to talk to him about the quest do I have to wait until his father dies?
Hairboy523  [author] Jul 10, 2016 @ 11:05pm 
There's a crap load of bandit types to fight and they are even large groups. You could train up until taking on Ulf the Bandit king of the moon brothers(has hundreds of clansmen.)

My recent travel in Essos I lost half my 160 men to fighting groups of pirate groups 50 big each and they even unite into larger groups.

But yes I'll write a guide for a knight (Brotherhood Without Banner Type).

Perhaps you could be a X Knight(train up to the rank of heavy knight then desert with the armour and weapons lol and use it to fight in Torns and against bandits.
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That would be nice!