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US Forces Mutiplayer Guide
By GAOtheGamer
This guide is the strategy I used in my mutiuplayer. So far, it worked extreamly well for me.

To use it optimally, you need decent micromanagemnt skills. It isn't micromanagemnt intensive but you do need to be able to order infantry individually into cover, climb over walls, or into houses during engagement quickly and responsively. It is similar story with the vehicles, you need to be able to revert vehicle quickly to safe locations and have crew reapair and then recrew when done.

The main Guide
Build order is as follow...
Riflemen>Mortor Team>Riflemen>Lieutenant>Unlock Weapons Upgrade+Ambulence>Captain>Sturt Light Tank(primary)+Machine gunner/Howitzer/antitank gun depeniding on situation and manpower> Tank Destroyer+Sheman+Tank Destroyer+Sheman

Phase 1:
You are just starting out so send Rear Echoleon Squad to capture nearby points while training one riflemen. Next train a mortor when manpower allows and send all your infatry to capture important area. By this time, you should have run into enemy players with Mortor team not far behind. You should have a 2nd Infantrymen almost done training too.

Use good cover/houses and let the riflemen grind out the enemy infantry. When mortor sets up, you'll be fighting a war of attrition you are guranteed to win beacuse USA mortor is simply OP. Mortor will slowly kill all enemy units stationary in cover. If they are moving, your riflemen in cover can easily kill them all beacuse they have cover bonus while enemy has accuracy penalty due to movement.

If enemy has HMG, mortor can easily counter that too. If you can hold out long enough, one or two shots from them can seriously damage HMG if not outright kill it. If they are garrison in buildings, that will take a while longer so best if you have an infantry squad nearby to rush houses if the enemy happens to have an HMG.

Phase 2:
If phase 1 goes well or at least you didnt suffer to much losses, you should have train Lieutenant next. Now your infantry squads should outnumber your enemy or at least their equal. Train an ambulence and place it near your base for healing reatreating units. Now we are going do a bit of blobing. Split your 3 riflemen and one Lieutenant into two groups using the hotkeys, with 2 squads in each. Rush them all into the enemy squads if you outnumber the enemy, if not, use cover and grind out the enemy like the last time. Your Lieutenant will be able to give your infantry a good boost in fire power with its Browning Rifle so you may kill an enemy squad before enemy can completely retreat.

If your rear echolon is still alive, use them as a pest to capture points and distarct enemy or as back up for your riflemen.
Next, unlock Weapons upgrade, you should have 100+ ammuntion by this point. Use them all to equip your Riflemen with one Browning rifle. With these, your blob is now outright deadly. Rush all 4 squads on enemy, concentrate all fire on one single enemy unit and watch the enemy squad dropping to just one man in seconds. I often outright wiping out the squads before they can retreat, Browining rifle is just that op. For better effect, get your riflemen to medium-close range to the enemy.

Phase 3:
If all goes well, or at least you didnt do too terribly, you should have enough resources to unlock captain. Enemy should roll out light verhicle at this point. Use rest of your ammunition on Bazoka and have all your riflemen equip one. If enemy is surprisngly numerous in verhicles or roll out medium armored verhcile surprisingly early, build an ati gun. If enemy has good amount of infantry, build a HMG. As long as you didn't do too badly in previous phases, the enemy can only have resources for one or the other. If enemy is strong in neither, train a Howitzer or wait for a sturt.

Keep blobing and use mortor and Howizter(if you train one) for support. IF you find an OKW healing truck HQ, that is very good. Use your long range Howitzer and mortor(if close enough) to hit their HQ when enemy infantry retreat. One lucky hit will wipe out these low health squad compeletly when they retreated back the healing HQ. Roll out sturt for better combine arms support, along with mortor/howitzer, for your infantry.

Good use of sturts ability, especially heat ammunition, can deal good blows to enemy. You need to responsively revert retreat sturt in a pinch tho. Sturt costs a pretty penny to make.

Phase 4:
Now you should have save up enough fuel for a major. Major is pretty useless squad. I don't have much opportunity to use their ability and they suck in combat. However, their established retreat point ability is very useful for 3vs3 or more players mutiplayer match in which the map is fairly big. Place an abumlence at half distance from the front line and have major set it up as retreat point. IF you are playing one vs one or 2vs2, dont bother. Map is small enough that you dont need to. Your ambulence and major would more likely ended up killed by enemy.

The German players should be rolling out their medium-heavy armor by this point. As many know, American Sheman simply suck against Grrman tanks. They kill infantry good but lacks the armor and firepower to battle Panzer on equal ground. So you MUST Supplement your armor forces with Jackson Tank Destroyer.

I have seen many US Forces players used the Jackson wrongly. They are NOT susspose to be front line combat verhicle. They should NEVER appear first in combat. Like all tank desoyes, they out ranged tanks by a fairly large margin and beleieve me, their guns are extreamly powerful against armor verhicle. 3 shots from them can dropped even Tiger to just 30% health. Have JAckson sit well behind the lines and use Infantry and sheman to enageme the enemy. Next send in all your jackson if see enemy tanks and fire on ONE single target at a time. You can simply right click on an enemy and they will enegae on maxium range.

Often, enemy player can't even see whats destroying their tanks beacuse Jackson are so far behind sheman and infantry, they are pretty much out of the view of enemies. Jackson are best use in pair or more. Two shots in one round can seriosly out damge any single enemy panzer and win an armor enagement. Considering German tanks are more expensive than American tanks, you should be equal, if not superior than Germans in numbers of tanks.

I suggest training at least one Jackson first before sheman beacuse you need good anti tank support more than you need Sheman for killing enemy light vehicles and infantry.

A good tip, use Sheman's heat round ability if they engage enemy tanks. They still can't match German Panzers in armor but the heat round can boost their guns to equal fire power at the cost of amunition.

As you can see, this guide relies and makes GREAT use of combine arms. Your riflemen and Lieutenant+captain will be your main forces against enemy soft targets, Jackson for main anti armor forces, and Mortor+Howitzer for range Support roles.

For commander, I use the one that gave you sheman easy eight. These shemans are fairly hard hitting without the use of heat round, although they do cost a bit more than normal sheman. The phosphorus strikes are also very good against garrisoned machine guns and enemy infantry concentration, especially if fired on the OKW healing HQ where retreating infantry gather.
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cape Dec 20, 2017 @ 1:54pm 
so basically outdated or not i should pull a russia and just keep on going with it until i lose or win, got you fam
GAOtheGamer  [author] Dec 17, 2017 @ 1:40am 
there is no fall back and this guide is outdated. US forces mortor is now nerfed and also crap, dont use mortor
cape Apr 15, 2017 @ 5:00pm 
there doesnt seem to be any "if phase [number] fails do this" fallback, rendering this guide ineffective should it go wrong