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MO Weapons
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Jun 29, 2016 @ 6:40am
Dec 7, 2017 @ 3:27pm
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MO Weapons

In 1 collection by Letgalian
Unturned Developers Collection
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The MO Weapons addon consists of a collection of various "vanilla" themed weapons. From lightweight, highly maneuverable firearms to heavy weaponry, this mod has got you covered.

Items from this addon will spawn on all official, currated and even some workshop maps, all you have to do is to subscribe.

Current Version: 0.6.7

IDs for all the items in this mod can be found in the Modworks Content IDs guide.

Credits: Me, Datoneguy40, Smartly Dressed Games.

This item is not authorized for posting on Steam or anywhere else, except on Steam under the Steam account named Letgalian.
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May 21 @ 4:29pm
This needs to stop.
Fishcookie (Electro)
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Mr.Rafiki Jun 25 @ 10:53am 
Id list?
Astaweth May 1 @ 4:35am 
the second picture reminds me of the yuri because of the color lol
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Ids please
Steven x Marrisa Mar 4 @ 6:24pm 
what do you get when a zubekanov and a snayperska have sex?
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nickname master 555 Feb 17 @ 8:35am 
good mod and nice guns. good job
Photogenic Cat Feb 3 @ 10:02pm 
May this mod live forever in the hearts and minds of whomever plays unturned...
[CONTENT DELETED] Jan 29 @ 1:58pm 
It is amazing on Jun 29, 2016 almost 2 years ago this mod was released and i can say for sure that it has kept its 5 stars throught it's life. But now those days have past this mod is no longer being worked on and that saddens me to see that its been praised its whole life but has a death thats not been remarked by the community and only few have noticed. May this mod death bring more content into the community which will be just as, and possible more reviloutionary than this remarkable mod. RIP MO Weapons 2018
Rip first mod I downloaded for unturned
One_Man_Operative Jan 19 @ 9:54pm 
That's sad that you stopped the mod, hopefully it would return in some point or have someone to lead it temporarily.
Sandwich Jan 19 @ 1:46pm 
where the ip