Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Typical round as Medic
"---{Read Me!}---

I don't know about nayone else, but I think my Medic'ing is pretty solid.

How's my healing? Call 800 -

Also liking my new Strange Medigun! =D

So, for some reason, my replay cuts off before the end of the round, even though I never died.I would guess it's because I may have hit the replay button while I was still alive, therefore only saving up until I hit the button, which really sucks because the rest of the video was pretty good. Regardless, I didn't die at all that round, got I believe 6 Ubers total, and ended the round with 35 points. The following round we won in just a couple minutes.

I apologize again for the cut off in the video =("