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How to mod your own Custom Music: the right way
By Witch's Colonel
A comprehensive guide on how to create and add your own personal choice of music for KF2.
This guide will cover essentially everything you will need to know in order to make your favourite music enjoyable in KF2. I will take you right from the beginning of the process, all the way to the very end resulting in the finished custom track.
Introduction and Basic Requirements
I wrote this guide after a number of people complained to me that they just couldn't get soundtrack modding to work, despite using other guides. After inspecting some of these guides, I soon understood why- they weren't very good. At all.
One guide in particular that someone presented to me was so poorly written and shockingly uninformative, that I was astounded that the author had the nerve to even write it.

"Oh well my friend said all I need to do is convert everything to V-"
I have successfully created dozens of custom tracks with this method, ignore your friend, he's a chump, listen to me.
Now that we've briefly covered the story behind this guide, let's get to what actually matters.
These are the things you will require to create your own music.

+ WWise (32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your PC)
This is the application that we will be using. All of KF2's sounds were made with this.
You can find out more about it here:
Wwise is itself now several versions ahead of what it was when KF2 became available. However, serious compatability issues have resulted from attempting to use newer versions of WWise to make custom sounds with KF2. It is strongly recommended that you avoid using any version newer than v2015.1.9. I myself am still currently using v2015.1.6 (64-bit), with which I have done all of my modding. Older versions as far back as v2014 1.6 should still be sufficient.
In order to access older versions, you will have to make a free account with Audiokinetic/WWise.

+ A sound file converter of your choice
Whether your song is in MP3 or FLAC or whatever, you must convert it into .WAV, this is the filetype that WWise recognises. Some people like specific applications, some people like online converters, whatever you like, I leave this to your discretion. It has been reported to me .WAV files in 16 bit are ideal, 32 bit .WAV files may not work, depending on your version of WWise.

Now that we've covered that, let's move onto the actual process.
I'll be providing you detailed instructions with screenshots to make sure you don't get lost.
The Process
I hope that introduction managed to scare away all the lazy and/or stupid people, because whoever's left is going to have to actually use their brain for a moment from now on.

The KF1 easy days of converting a song into .OGG and throwing it into a folder are long gone. KF2 uses a new audio file format, known as .WEM, so naturally we need a whole new process compared to what used to work in KF1. Things are a little more complex now, but as you'll see, it's not all that bad. Let's get stuck in.

Before we kick this off, I'm going to assume you have already installed WWise (32-bit or 64-bit) and you have converted the song you want into .WAV, so that you're all ready to go.
I will be using an example track: All Hail, by the Lions.

You must create a New Folder on your desktop. That's it, just create a New Folder on your Desktop, and put the .WAV file into it. Well, that was alright wasn't it?

Start up WWise. You should see a big box appear. Click NEW, that should bring up another box. Name it. I'll call mine "All Hail KF2".
In the LOCATION section, change it to your New Folder on the Desktop.
You may also want to untick all the options under IMPORT ASSETS TO PROJECT. We won't require those.
Click on OK.
If a box about a license appears, just go ahead and close it.

Look at all that stuff that's just appeared on your screen. Don't panic. Focus on these instructions.
Click on PROJECT and select IMPORT AUDIO FILES. Now click on ADD FILES. Go into your New Folder on the Desktop, you'll notice a bunch of new folders have appeared here but just ignore them, and select your .WAV file. Click IMPORT.

Now look to the left of your screen under PROJECT EXPLORER. You should see something under Actor-Mixer Hierarchy called DEFAULT WORK UNIT*. Click on it and look for your .WAV in there (I can see All Hail, ready to go). Select your .WAV file.

Now that you've selected your .WAV file, look to the middle of your screen. You should see a tab called GENERAL SETTINGS. We will start here.
Under GENERAL SETTINGS, increase the VOICE VOLUME to maximum (12).
After that, look for the STREAM option and tick it. Under that, look for the ZERO LATENCY option and tick it.
This is all we should need for our General Settings.

Now look for a tab called SOURCE SETTINGS.
Now let me make this very clear. If you get that part wrong, you have instantly failed. I am dead serious. This is THE thing you cannot get wrong. Vorbis Quality High. Nothing else is acceptable.

Moving on, still under SOURCE SETTINGS, to the right of VORBIS QUALITY HIGH, click EDIT. You should see a new box appear.
There are a number of options available. Change only the options set out below:

Channels = Change this to STEREO.
Sample Rate = Change this to 48000.
Quality = Change this to 8 (~128 kbps).
Seek Table granularity = Change this to 16384.

This is all we should need for our Source Settings.

Click CONVERT, a little box called Audio File Conversion should appear. Click OK.
Watch that little progress bar move from the left to the right.
Once it is finished, the conversion is complete. You are almost finished now.

The conversion process is complete.
Now, the installation must be completed.
Do not close WWise just yet, but go into your New Folder, and follow this path:
Desktop\New folder\Your_Project's_Name\.cache\Windows\SFX
Inside this folder, you should find your sound file converted into a .WEM file.

Cut/Copy & Paste that .WEM onto your Desktop.
You may now close WWise (there is no need to save the project) and delete your New Folder on the Desktop if you wish. None of those things are required now.

Congratulations, if you made it this far you should be looking at a .WEM file on your Desktop.
Now we're going to add it into the KF2 game files.
You should make a backup copy of your .WEM file and put it somewhere else on your computer.

Whether or not you do that, leave your .WEM on the Desktop for a moment, and go to this file location:
Now listen carefully, don't just throw your .WEM in here, it won't work.
KF2 uses a special number code for each song in the game. You cannot add new songs, you can only replace existing songs with your custom tracks. For example, I cannot have two Main Menu themes (KF2 MM Theme and All Hail), I can only have one at a time.

Now, inside this folder, you will find lists for every sound in the game, combat tracks, trader time tracks, all kinds of lists. I'm going to ignore most of those and focus on one category: Combat Tracks. This is where 99% of my modding is, and probably where 99% of yours will be too.

Look for the following item:
WwiseDefaultBank_WW_MACT_Default.txt NOTE: For unknown reasons, Tripwire have removed .txt files for sound ID from the game folders.
Now DON'T EDIT that, but have a read. Inside you will find the special number codes for every track that plays during combat waves in the game.
Main Menu, Patty Theme, Hans Theme, zYnthetic, Living Sacrifice, Demon Hunter, Instrumentals & Vocals- everything.
Whatever song you want to replace with your custom music, you'll need to know the number code.

For those of you who don't feel confident enough to inspect the full contents of that item, I've compiled a full list of number codes further on in this guide for your peace of mind.

For easy reference, here are some popular ones:
799659999.wem = Main Menu theme
666327332.wem = Hans theme
655856778.wem = Patriarch theme

For the sake of convenience, I'm going to use All Hail to replace the Main Menu theme.
So now I will rename my All Hail.WEM to 799659999.WEM, then I will take that .WEM file and Cut/Copy & Paste it into \Steam\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\KFGame\BrewedPC\WwiseAudio\Windows.

Rename your .WEM depending on what you want to replace, and then put it into the that location.
Now, you'll get a notice asking if you want to replace the file. Confirm that you do.

We are finished. You should now be able to hear your song playing in-game.
When I start up KF2, All Hail now plays at the Main Menu. Excellent.

Now before you go, please read the Important Notes below.
Number Code list (Combat and Trader Waves)
The following is a full list of all Number Codes, as well as their corresponding tracks, found in WwiseDefaultBank_WW_MACT_Default.txt and WwiseDefaultBank_WW_MAMB_Default.txt, ordered by Number Code:

MACT (Combat):
2804434 = Demon Hunter - Not I (Instr)
13429030 = Fit For A King - Bitter End (Vocal)
19144916 = zYnthetic - Death Marches
34624129 = zYnthetic - Plague Unit
36420045 = Living Sacrifice - Flatline (Vocal)
52726504 = zYnthetic - Bloodlust
55010382 = Demon Hunter - Lifewar (Instr)
55960868 = Demon Hunter - Fire To My Soul (Instr)
80301865 = Living Sacrifice - Your War (Instr)
91404098 = BF & JS - Defend The Crown (Instr) [AKA - Zed Time Thrash]
130693836 = Demon Hunter - Turn Your Back And Run (Vocal)
131033496 = zYnthetic - Incarnate
145948109 = zYnthetic - Hydra
173127909 = Impending Doom - Death Will Reign (Vocal)
173574803 = Demon Hunter - I Have Seen Where It Grows (Vocal)
175062997 = Demon Hunter - I Have Seen Where It Grows (Instr)
180341320 = zYnthetic - Image Corruptor
203364808 = Living Sacrifice - Something More (Vocal)
208008864 = Becoming The Archetype - Mountain Of Souls (Instr)
214950414 = Living Sacrifice - Hand Of The Dead (Vocal)
216812998 = Living Sacrifice - The Reaping (Vocal)
224999787 = Demon Hunter - Cross To Bear (Instr)
233235147 = Demon Hunter - Collapsing (Vocal)
248136263 = Demon Hunter - Death (Instr)
251322738 = Living Sacrifice - Death Machine (Instr)
253249981 = Demon Hunter - Death (Vocal)
258775615 = Living Sacrifice - Your War (Vocal)
261396539 = Impending Doom - Ravenous Disease (Vocal)
266996076 = Becoming The Archetype - Mountain Of Souls (Vocal)
269533657 = Living Sacrifice - Death Machine (Vocal)
294661981 = zYnthetic - By The Throat
308661427 = Rocky Gray - Kill Or Be Killed (Instr)
312960212 = Impending Doom - Ravenous Disease (Instr)
334070552 = BF & JS - Made For War (Vocal)
347135049 = zYnthetic - Relentless [AKA - Z_Action_115]
364805875 = Living Sacrifice - Something More (Instr)
367363167 = Living Sacrifice - Despair (Instr)
380056903 = Living Sacrifice - Bloodwork (Instr)
385941448 = Demon Hunter - Infected (Vocal)
397012885 = Impending Doom - Death Will Reign (Instr)
429277412 = Living Sacrifice - Not My Own (Vocal)
429600732 = Rocky Gray - Clone Mutation
432993134 = zYnthetic - Harbinger Of Destruction
452933142 = Demon Hunter - This I Know (Vocal)
458177891 = Demon Hunter - We Don't Care (Vocal)
499508076 = Impending Doom - Murderer (Instr)
506615545 = Rocky Gray - Creeping Zed
519506136 = Impending Doom - Murderer (Vocal)
600236485 = Demon Hunter - Ribcage (Instr)
625191858 = Living Sacrifice - Bloodwork (Vocal)
626555168 = Demon Hunter - Life War (Vocal)
650319090 = Demon Hunter - Not I (Vocal)
655856778 = Patriarch_Theme - Patriarch Music
666327332 = Hans_Theme - Die Volter
684760652 = Demon Hunter - Infected (Instr)
694542208 = Demon Hunter - This I Know (Instr)
703171051 = BF & JS - Made For War (Instr)
705601758 = Demon Hunter - Fire To My Soul (Vocal)
727223910 = Fit For A King - Bitter End (Instr)
744802984 = zYnthetic - To The Slaughter
753137995 = Demon Hunter - Turn Your Back And Run (Instr)
774576841 = Demon Hunter - Someone To Hate (Vocal)
777333871 = Demon Hunter - Ribcage (Vocal)
790848346 = Demon Hunter - We Don't Care (Instr)
794797214 = Dirge - Disunion (Vocal)
816101927 = Living Sacrifice - Flatline (Instr)
816474391 = Living Sacrifice - The Reaping (Instr)
819756736 = Demon Hunter - Cross To Bear (Vocal)
824809299 = BF & JS - Defend The Crown (Vocal) [AKA - Zed Time Thrash]
826181804 = Living Sacrifice - Despair (Vocal)
831448325 = zYnthetic - Tyrant
866911584 = zYnthetic - Target Priority
875245223 = Dirge - Disunion (Instr)
887928631 = zYnthetic - Slither
903188724 = Demon Hunter - Someone To Hate (Instr)
932505984 = Living Sacrifice - Hand Of The Dead (Instr)
957139672 = zYnthetic - Recombinant
965102729 = Living Sacrifice - Not My Own (Instr)
981835725 = zYnthetic - Redwash
994889024 = zYnthetic - Devour
999858308 = zYnthetic - Horrorshow
1068004181 = Demon Hunter - Collapsing (Instr)

MAMB (Trader):
65679231 = Bone Shards
91775572 = Assembly Lab
110592195 = Foreign Bodies
118765967 = Latent Traces
156495284 = Aftermath
231000480 = Momentary Reprieve
327061799 = Malformitate
469078662 = Treading Ashes
872775510 = Rendezvous Point
942727632 = Phantom Security
977682838 = Post Force Trauma
1039391895 = In the Darkness
1053015750 = Prey For The Wicked

Also, from WwiseDefaultBank_WW_MMNU_Login:
799659999 = Pandemic Outbreak / Main_Menu_Theme

The following number codes are used for the tracks from Summer Sideshow 2017.
From WwiseDefaultBank_WW_Music_SS_2017:
185986973 = We All Float
579584069 = No Winners
786161505 = The Greatest Hell On Earth
926992439 = Step Right Up

Take note that 'We All Float' is an AMB track, while 'No Winners' and 'The Greatest Hell On Earth' are ACT tracks. 'Step Right Up' is both an ACT and MMNU track.

The following number codes are used for the tracks from Christmas 2017.
They are as follows:
65364565 = Fury Of The Bells
628378323 = No Rest For Anyone
835800377 = Wreck Em All
1067909591 = Winterland

Take note that 'Winterland' is an AMB track, while 'No Rest For Anyone' and 'Wreck Them All' are ACT tracks. 'Fury of the Bells' is both an ACT and MMNU track.

The following number codes are used for the tracks from Infinite Onslaught 2018.
They are as follows:
55897455 = King_Fleshpound_Theme - Spike Grinder
636333252 = Abomination_Theme - Hack Attack

The following number codes are used for the tracks from Summer Sideshow 2018.
They are as folows:
492841800 = Monstrosity
522013317 = Red Mist
539245522 = Brass and Steam
961900673 = The Craft
1047901176 = Zed Destroyer
1050921829 = Fight in Fright

Take note that Brass and Steam as well as The Craft are AMB tracks. Red Mist, Zed Destroyer as well as Fight in the Fright are ACT tracks. Monstrosity is a MMNU track. Monstrosity was previously listed as 359616347.

The following number codes are used for the tracks from Halloween 2018.
They are as follows:
105273182 = A Samhain Celebration (Main Menu)
463876307 = A Samhain Celebration (Ambient Theme)
578844553 = Castle Freaks
928261410 = Fright Knight
688810552 = Funhouse Bloodbath
263974942 = Jack O Lantern Grin
828805192 = Shapeshifter Serenade
444687812 = The Evil Zed

Take note that A Samhain Celebration is a new default MMNU theme. Jack O' Lantern, Shapeshifter Serenade are AMB tracks. Fright Knight, The Evil Zed, Castle Freaks and Funhouse Bloodbath are ACT tracks.
Furthermore, for those of you who may have noticed, the two KF1 tracks playing on the dance floor on occasion are Connections and Soldier. Takes me back, considering that Monster Ball is pretty much Bedlam V2.

Oh and furthermore, here are the other tracks featured in Dancing Floor 2 Halloween 2018:
B. Siddall - Grid
Club Ultraphonic feat. Chris Dececio - Ripsaw
Picture Puncture - Caught In The Black Hole
B. Gilbey - Slip of the Needle
Special Thanks to RecreMusic >;3

Additional Tracks:
221668755 = Matriarch Theme
Important Notes
+ DO NOT ATTEMPT to make these changes while KF2 is running. However, it is alright if your Steam application is running.

+ You can convert multiple songs at once. You'll just need to select each one under the Default Work Unit* section, and correct each of their required General and Source Settings individually. Once you've checked all those things, you should be able to convert all of them all at once.

+ There is currently no way to change the track length of a song without disabling your ability to play online. So unless you want to enjoy KF2 in nothing but Solo, don't bother trying.
This may result in your custom tracks being cut off if they are too long, or if they are too short they may cause a short period of silence before the next track changes.
If TW ever allow track durations to be changed, I will update this guide appropriately.

+ There is currently no way to change the name of a song in the player announcer without disabling your ability to play online. So unless you want to enjoy KF2 in nothing but Solo, don't bother trying.
This will result in the name of the vanilla track you replaced appearing instead of the custom track's name.
If TW ever allow track announcers to be changed, I will update this guide appropriately.

+ Please do not be afraid to ask me any questions you may have about the process. If there's something about all this you don't really understand, or, maybe you'd like some extra clarification on something, go ahead and ask. I'm not looking for people to insult.
If you ask me a question because there's something you'd like to know more about, I will help you if I can, because there's nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about something.

+ However, if you ask me a question that's obviously stupid like (WATS WRONG WITH THE VANILLA MUSIC???) or (WOW THIS IS REALLY HARD CAN YOU MAKE IT SIMPLER???), I will respond to you appropriately for wasting my time.
Also, please refrain from asking questions along the line of "I did something in WWise that didn't correspond to your instructions and it didn't work???". If I didn't write it in this guide, you didn't need to do it.

+ In addition, I am not an expert in WWise. I am not a master of WWise and all of its functions and I'm not a KF2 Dev. Please refrain from asking me highly technical questions about the mechanisms and functions of WWise and WWise's implementation in KF2.

+ TWI like to update their game, as good Devs do, and since updates can often wipe all custom tracks you've added into the game files, I strongly advise you to keep backup copies of all your custom .WEM files.

+ In some rare, but unfortunate cases, certain people have reported crashes occuring after attempting to mod sounds in KF2. The causes for this are currently unknown, but are strongly suspected to be due to currently inadequate optimisation of KF2 by TWI. The process above has been tested and scrutinised more than once by me personally as well as soundmodders other than myself. I have personally created dozens of custom tracks as well as custom OSTs for use in KF2 using this exact process. I have shared entire OSTs with other people in the past and have received zero reports of crashing occuring from anything I have produced. Using DRM-protected music files has also been investigated as a possible cause for crashing, but is not confirmed to be a constant cause of this. I personally have always used DRM-free music files. Users incorrectly installing WWise may be a factor as well, but is not considered to be the likely cause.

+ If you suffer the rare but frustrating misfortune of a crash, wherein KF2 crashes after you attempt to mod your own custom music, do not panic. Just go into KF2's properties (In your Library) and verify the integrity of the game cache. Doing so will cause Steam to delete the modded audio files and replace it with the vanilla audio files, returning your game to the state it was in before you began modding.

+ As of Christmas 2017, TW appear to have removed all text files relating to vanilla tracks from the game files.

+ As of Christmas 2018, Tripwire has included the Shopping Spree map, which to the irritation of many, has an ambient "mall music" effect in the background. If you wish to get rid of it, go to here:
And delete the Shopping Spree.UPK within that folder. Bear in mind that deleting this item will also remove the map's Patriarch mall announcements as well as the external weather effects.
Thanks to Little Foot & TigerKirby.
Well, that is that.
You should now be able to hear your own selection of custom tracks while you play.
I hope you will be able to enjoy the music you love while you blast grubs all over the world of KF2.
Have a good time now.

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Skrata Aug 22 @ 10:11pm 
When changing factory conversion settings you don't need to use Vorbis Quality High. You can leave it on default and just make sure the default settings match the settings the game needs (Stereo, 48000, Vorbis, 8/128kbs, 16384) . It's really helpful if you need to convert in bulk, cuts down on a lot of clicking.
Witch's Colonel  [author] Aug 22 @ 12:35am 
I'm not sure what's gone wrong but something clearly has.
Verify your game files to reset everything to vanilla.
Aka Aug 21 @ 8:57pm 
hey guys.i aready make some my own music with wwise.and then i rename them in the code number.when i replaced in the game it's doesn't work.
i can't hear any voice in the game.maybe i missed something .what should i do next?plz help me :lunar2019crylaughingpig: Aug 11 @ 7:05am 
Guide is well described and simple. Added a few tracks. One track palyed nicly, another crashed my game. Still thanks for your work.
Witch's Colonel  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:31pm 
Glad to hear it helped. I've not really played KF2 for a while, but I keep this guide up just in case.
Dragon Jul 5 @ 1:05pm 
gotta say, i thought changing the in game songs was gonna be difficult
after the first song though it took me a minute? to actually get 2 more ready, certainly helped this guide is at least rather comprehensive than others, i should also save this for another time just in case
Witch's Colonel  [author] May 10 @ 12:43am 
I doubt it would work with online servers, at least not easily. Tripwire may have changed things since way back when.
Stealthonite May 9 @ 5:15pm 
Question, would a mutator for a custom music pack be able to work for online servers, or is this completely incompatible with online servers?
Witch's Colonel  [author] Mar 25 @ 2:47pm 
@TPF | Armanis
Yes, but the sound effect for that isn't in the same category as BGMs, obviously.
Armanis Mar 25 @ 10:13am 
Is it possible to change the sound effect for the Wave Ending and Wave starting? It's not exactly a soundtrack, so I was curious. Thanks!