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Breaking Point
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Oct 9, 2016 @ 6:38am
May 18, 2017 @ 11:55pm
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Kickstarter is Live
More Gameplay Mechanic Details
Weapons and Equipment

Firearms condition
The condition of your weaponry can deteriorate, either by continual use or taking damage in combat. A weapon in a good state will function normally, but the gun of a careless player will become less accurate and more likely to jam over time - or worse! Don't despair though, all weapons can be cleaned and/or disassembled into parts to fix your preferred firearm. You can even go as far as to removing vital parts from weapons, leaving them for an unsuspecting survivor to pick up and try to use!

Bullet Ballistics and weapon handling
The firearms in Breaking Point have been designed with entertaining realism as the primary focus. Weapons and projectiles will behave realistically with all environmental factors having the real world impact one would expect from a sophisticated simulator.
Firearms will feature realistic recoil and sway while scopes will feature new, real world elevation and windage adjustments. This means that the player will have to learn their weapon and chart their own ranges making long range sniping more difficult but also more rewarding. A shooter will have to account for range, elevation, wind, and temperature when making a long range shot.

Standard weapon attachments will be available to all classes, these include (but are not limited to) optics, suppressors, various grips and camouflage. All of which will be modular so that they can be attached to a separate weapon with the correct hard points. The Mercenary faction will be able to modify weapons further, to enhance performance in various areas. For example, optic calibration, and ammo modifications such as hollow point bullets and hot loading ammunition.

There are various items in game that the player is able to create from materials found in the world. Opening your game journal you will be able to access the crafting menu, offering you a range of weapons, tools, storage objects and building reinforcements. Securing buildings will play a big part in the way an individual or team stores equipment and defends their turf.

Each faction will have a fortified, AI controlled base located in the world. This will be a hub for character interaction and faction specific quests, as well as a spawn point for players with a high enough standing within that faction. While AI will defend the Stronghold against attacks, ANY faction can approach any Stronghold as long as their weapon remains holstered. Quests can be taken from otherwise rival factions to unlock unique rewards.

When it comes to your character’s health and abilities, everything revolves around Stamina. Each and every movement will impact this precious resource just as it would in real life. How much stamina you have determines how quickly you recover from injury and regain valuable health, how quickly and accurately you can aim a weapon, and how you are affected by things like melee strikes and gunshots.

Medical System
Our Medical System is the culmination of several years of design, trial and error, and in depth conversations with professionals trained in field medicine. The concept is simple, but the integration is complex. As a player in our world, you will be susceptible to a variety of injuries from firearms, melee weapons of the blunt or bladed variety, and the hands of whatever horrors roam the wasteland. Treatment of these wounds is vital to your continued survival and is handled via a sleek UI containing all of your character’s wound and treatment information. Stop the bleeding, treat the wound, and keep your Stamina up so the wound can heal quickly. But be warned, the pain of your wounds will cause all movement actions to use more Stamina, the very thing you need to heal. A variety of medical items will be available to help expedite the healing process but there will be no instant heals in our world.

Sound Design
Breaking Point will feature an immersive auditory experience with everything from in depth, realistic environmental effects to high quality weapon sounds and an original soundtrack composed exclusively for Breaking Point. A dynamic audio system will react to the player’s actions and situations creating a unique and rich experience whether you’re engaging in intense combat or trekking across the vast Breaking Point World.


Breaking Point is a post-civilization survival game set in the decades following the downfall of modern society to a deadly outbreak. Gameplay is a balanced mixture of hardcore realism and first and third person modern military shooter. Your primary goal is to navigate the ruined world and decide whether or not to take part in a war that is raging between the rival factions that have taken over the land. You must always remain on guard from both your enemies and the mutations that the outbreak created. Should you die, only your character’s progress remains and your journey begins again.

Realistic Gun Play
Everything from accurate, real world ballistics to realistic weapon maintenance and modification, we have taken great care in blending the elements of classic first person shooter and hardcore weapon simulator to be accessible to the more casual gamer while having the depth the enthrall the most demanding enthusiast.

200km2 Map
A lush, sprawling world overtaken by nature. Lexington will offer the player an immense variety of terrain to interact with and many hidden secrets to discover.

Large Multiplayer Servers
100+ player servers with the ability for players to host their own multiplayer environments.

Persistent player profile

All of your character’s gear and stat progression is saved across all servers that you join.

Faction System

Choose your side (or don’t!). 7 playable factions all tuned to different styles of play. Dedicate yourself to one faction or play them all on one account, the choice is yours! You can also choose to remain outside the Factions by staying with your default “Survivor” character or to be outside of humanity entirely by playing as one of the infected AI.

Ranger: Former law enforcement, military, and/or EMTs. The Ranger is the classic good guy/hero character that is dedicated to upholding order and aiding those in need. Well versed in field medicine and proficient with firearms.

Nomad: Backpackers, naturists, and modern bedouins. The Nomad is knowledgeable of their surroundings, having the necessary skills to survive and even thrive in the harshest of environments. Nomads are generally moral characters that are aligned with the Rangers.

Survivalist: Former special forces and avid outdoorsman. Survivalists use stealth and guile to stay alive and prefer to stay hidden to avoid any possible conflict. Their slightly While not technically aligned with any other faction, the Survivalists recognize the virtue of the Rangers/Nomads and will occasionally work together against their common enemies.

Outlaw: Gangsters, criminals, and thugs. Outlaws thrive on destruction and general anarchy working together to steal what they can and kill anything and anyone that stands in their way. Their former life of crime and general lawlessness has left them hardened and resourceful making them a serious threat to anyone seeking to create order. Improvised weaponry, particularly traps and explosives are their specialty.

Hunter: No one really knows where the Hunters came from, but the significant threat they pose makes this unimportant. The Hunters are the zealots who are religiously dedicated to wiping out what remains of civilization, believing it to be necessary to rid the world of the Outbreak that continues to evolve. The Hunters are truly ruthless killers who specialize in melee combat. They recognize that the destructive capability of the Outlaws is useful to them and thus have a tentative alliance.

Mercenary: Former private military and general guns for hire. The Mercenaries are the conceptual opposite to the Rangers seeking to use their skills and experience to further their own causes and agendas. Extremely skilled with weaponry and firearm modification. While not technically aligned with any other faction, the Mercenaries recognize the usefulness of the Hunter/Outlaw alliance and will occasionally use this to achieve their goals.

Engineer: Mechanics and Engineers from both military and civilian life. The Engineer’s primary purpose in this new world is to keep things running. A truly neutral class with no allegiance to any group or cause. Highly skilled in all manners of metalwork and machining.

Background / environment

The fires that raged during and after the fall of humanity have long since burned out, leaving cities in a state that is far from their former glory. Nature has started to claim back what used to be hers, leaving a surreal but familiar mix of concrete and vegetation. The remnants of the outbreak can be found everywhere, from the twisted bodies it left in the streets to the crazed, virulent mutations that refused to stay down. There is very little in this world that can be considered safe or familiar.

You will arrive into this world unaware of your location and with only the clothes on your back. From that moment on, you will be forced to find what you need to survive and to choose whether or not you go it alone and align yourself with the factions fighting over whether to take back civilization or destroy it once and for all.

The player will have to defend themselves from both highly intelligent AI and the other players in the world. The primary AI in Breaking Point are based around the concept of what would happen if the outbreak crippled mankind and began evolving within those that survived it, creating a variety of human mutations. Some become violent and reclusive while retaining all their original human instincts, intelligence, and coordination, lashing out and attacking anyone that disturbs them. Others form a hive mind and roam in large hordes slaughtering everything in their way. Some mutations are even more dangerous and will be incredibly rare sightings for even the most dedicated player.

Breaking Point has always had strong PvP elements and we have expanded on them even further. From the map design to the weapon variations to our in depth medical system, players of all types are sure to have a thrilling combat experience. A grouping system lets you easily distinguish your friends from potential foes and the returning legion mechanic will let you form your own persistent groups across all servers.

Our international team is small but very loyal and has shown years of dedication to our projects. Breaking Point started off as a mod and grew to serve a community of hundreds of thousands of players. Beginning in 2012, Breaking Point was a simple addon modification that grew to become a fully featured total conversion mod that gained worldwide popularity. Many of our game’s core concepts and designs began to take shape in this second phase, however it became clear that these ideas would never be fully realized without a dedicated game engine.
Enter the Unreal Engine, a platform that will allow us the freedom to take Breaking Point where it needs to go.

Full Mod Support
As fans of the brilliant work done by various modders, we understand the importance of an active modding community. We feel it is vital to the success of a game like Breaking Point and have developed the game with mod support in mind. Download Unreal Engine 4 from Epic games and make any changes you like to the content and infrastructure. Publish your own mods or download and install other creators content through steam workshop. Full steam integration means required mods enabled on your server will automatically be downloaded by users who connect.
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Hopefully we will see something soon. The Breaking Point Arma III mod that DeathlyRage developed was probably the best survival/zombie mod made! From what I understand that is still going as well. If you are interested in a taste of breaking point, I would check out the Arma III mod!
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i hope this game is still being made! really looking forward to it....
Illiminator31 Feb 3, 2018 @ 12:52pm 
Well there are no Updates on the Game since almost 8 Months now and the Devs said, they continue the Development etc regardless of the Kickstarter.
The Co-Founder and Twtich Streamer Sacriel ( mentioned in a recent Stream (2 or 3 Weeks ago) that the Development is still running and up. So i belive the Development is still up and running, considering the newst Hype around Escape from Tarkov, which goes in a Similar Direction and will reach Open Beta this Year maybe
Freeman Jan 3, 2018 @ 2:58pm 
game is dead?
Kyonn Nov 28, 2017 @ 10:29am 
What is the status of BP dev at this time after the failed Kickstarter?
Lemings_ Oct 21, 2017 @ 6:55am 
Since the Kickstarter failed, the devs are currently looking for other ways of funding. There is currently no ETA on any other news.
𝓢𝓷𝓸𝔀 ℬ𝓪𝓵𝓵 Oct 18, 2017 @ 1:12pm 
did this die?
Friendly_Susann Jun 25, 2017 @ 3:30am 
Ohh das ist PRIMA freue mich mega drauf wenn das Spiel erscheint juhu :steamhappy:
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Just saw the Uncut gameplay footage of the BP youtube channel. Game looks decent for very early alpha. Looking foward for this. See you next year