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Basic Guide to Serious Roleplay
By noahtheboah36
This guide is intended for players seeking to learn about the true serious roleplay, the kind that uses scripts such as ClockWork, NutScript, and BlackBox, written by an experienced roleplayer familiar with many of the roleplay terms and communities out there, and with experience at every level of a community from a simple user all the way up to a Server Manager at some point in time or another.
As of recently, I have had some time to reflect upon things, and have come to some conclusions, mainly concerning Serious RP. It is my opinion that, while it can be entertaining, this gamemode in particular is designed to create drama and problems, and what's more the kinds of personalities that involve themselves in it tend to lean a bit on the crazy side, myself included. Therefore, I say this to anybody reading this guide: if you decide to get into Serious RP, I advise being wary at all times, and keeping in mind that it is very easy to get sucked in too much. If you allow this to happen, you can lose friends, and potentially face real-world consequences due to obsession with the game and attitude changes associated with it. You have been warned.
Because Steam is being a but, I can't manage to get some of my guide sections to stop being walls of text, despite my best efforts. Therefore, I've copy pasted the guide and put it into a google doc, as well as made it more aesthetically pleasing, so if you'd prefer, you can access that guide using the link below.
About the Author
Hello there new player! I am NoahtheBoah36, or Noah for short. I am a Super Administrator for Generation Roleplay's FORP, TWDRP, HL2RP, and ex-Server Manager for Dishonest Gamers NS:HL2RP, and I have taken it upon myself to write this guide on basic roleplay skills and commands, which you will need if you want to play on any of the fine serious roleplay servers out there. Whatever your reasons for reading this guide may be, the hope is that you will take what is being said in this guide to heart, and hopefully use it to play on the server properly. Now, without further ado, let's get started. Note that, while reading, you can hit Ctrl+F and type in any of the following chapter names to skip to that section.
Intro to Serious RP
A lot of people join Serious RP servers thinking that they are joining a DarkRP server, or not knowing what RP is at all. Don't worry though, this here should explain it pretty well. Serious Roleplay is a gamemode where you assume an alternate personality. This could be a soldier, a policeman, a firefighter, or just an ordinary guy. The possibilities are limitless. Essentially, what you do is get to live an alternate life in a different universe (which is, of course, the setting of the individual server that you are joining). The idea is to get to know people, make connections, and live a life that isn't yours, but is hopefully the one you want it to be. Whatever the reason you enjoy this may be, the point is to develop your character. As the saying goes, your goal should be to give your character a story to tell. Now, what does this mean? For most, it's simple: have an adventure. For others it's more complex. However, one thing to note is that it's not a good thing to be pursuing items and upgrades for your character. Character development is more mental than it is physical and skill-based. That being said, however, your character would probably want to gain skills and items, so try to balance that desire of a character with the fact that you should focus on making social connections.
Basic RP Commands
Please note that the following section is based on the BlackBox script, which is to my knowledge used exclusively by Generation Roleplay. Mosts of these commands are the same, but some may be different. If a command doesn't work, just ask in LOOC or OOC how to do it and somebody will likely respond.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the goal is to make your character developed. However, the question remains how does one do that? Also, how do you live a life when you can't eat or drink (after all, the animations and scripting powers can only go so far). The answer is simple. Serious Roleplay is, you see, a text-based format, in which 90% of all the action goes on in the chatbox. For that reason, it is very important to distinguish in-character events and speech (what your character says and does) with out-of-character chat (what you are saying to other players, not what your character is doing). The main thing to know is to use these two commands: the LOOC and OOC commands, when you are trying to talk out of character. LOOC, or Local Out of Character, can be accessed by putting ".//" or "[[" before your message in the chatbox. OOC or Out of Character, which is a global chatbox can be accessed by putting "//" before your chat message. These two commands are used for different things. The former is used for having conversations out of character with players whose characters are in your vicinity. You might just be chatting about life, which is fine. However, it's also used to explain what's going on IC and resolve disputes, as well as make corrections to IC chat. Furthermore, this is the chat that will be used in admin sits. OOC is used to send messages to the entire server. For example, you might be linking a forum thread, perhaps telling a joke, or whatever else. Some also use this for contacting the staff team, but we'd prefer that you use the admin chat, which can be talked in by putting "@" before your message. Note that Admin Chat will not appear on your screen when sent. Don't worry though; we can see it and are working to fix any issues you raised.

Then, there are the in-character commands, of which there are many more. There is, firstly, the regular speech command. To talk in character, just type in your message. The default is that if you say anything in the chat box, it is your character speaking aloud. Next up is the "/w" or whisper command. Put this in front of your message to reduce the area in which people must be standing in order to see your message in the chatbox. This command is used, of course, to whisper to those around you, to keep private things private and keep people from overhearing things, and also to be subtle. Then there's the opposite, "/y" or the yell command. The yell command is the opposite in that it drastically increases the range in which people can see your chat message, as it represents your character yelling at the top of their lungs. There is also another chat command. If your character has a radio, and you have used "/setfreq" to set a radio frequency, consisting of numbers 1XX.X, then you can use "/radio" to speak over the radio to anybody else on that frequency. Note that, when you use the "/radio" command, anybody within normal speaking range will also hear your message.

Next is the magical command. This command I am about to explain is used to signify player actions. If your character wants to do something in the physical world, such as punching somebody, picking something up, or even doing a funky dance, you use the "/me" command. This command, when used, will appear like this in your chat.

** Your Name does an action.

Specifically, if I typed in "/me does a funky dance." and my character was named John Doe, then it would look like this.

** John Doe does a funky dance.

Now, you can do anything with a /me, within reason. Naturally, if your character has been pinned down by another character, then don't just suddenly do "/me stands up." and then expect to just carry on with your day. You should write your /me's in context of the situation created by other /me's. Furthermore, it is important to be as detailed as possible when writing a /me. Just doing "/me stands up." when you're pinned down won't work, but if you did "/me places their hands on the chest of the person who is pinning them, shoving them off." then you have proper RP. There's also another thing to note about the /me command. Note that most servers are P2L (Play to Lose), and almost always have a rule against powergaming. What this means is you can't do things like "/me dodges bullets." or "/me punches the man in the head, breaking his jaw and knocking him out." These are not acceptable /me's. However, here is an acceptable /me that has a similar effect "/me swings a punch at the man in front of them, with enough force that he might break the man's jaw, perhaps even knock him out, if successful in hitting him." This is better for two reasons. One, you are simply stating the force involved and allowing the other person to RP their injuries in a /me of their own. Two, you also aren't forcing them to be hit. You are swinging a punch at them, which is all you can really do. At the end of the day, you can't truly force somebody to be hit, but you swing at them and odds are they will be hit.

There is also another command of note, which is /it. This command is used to make contextual lines of RP, without using your character's name in front of it. Here's an example of how it would be used. I would type in the following.

"/me pulls out a knife."
"/it The knife would glisten in the sunlight, with a few drops of dried blood being on the blade."

Then, it would appear in the chat box like this.

** John Doe pulls out a knife.
** The knife would glisten in the sunlight, with a few drops of dried blood being on the blade.

Another command you should know is "/charphysdesc" which allows you to change your character's description. You see, while your name may appear in your chatbox, it doesn't show up in everybody else's unless they know you. If they don't, your character description appears instead. However, if you tell somebody your name, hit F2 and select the range of the chat you told them your name in. After that, everybody in that range will be able to see your character name from then on, as well as see your name rather than description while looking at you. Below are a couple of examples of proper physical descriptions to close out this chapter.

"A 5'11 male, weighing in at 160 pounds. They would be caucasian and wear typical street clothes."
"5'11/Male/Caucasian/160lbs/Street Clothes."
Character Do's and Don'ts
Now that you know your commands to RP, we should go over the rules for the kinds of characters you are allowed to play. When you first join the server, you are just an ordinary guy trying to get by in whatever world they may live in. Don't worry though! This kind of character is what most people play, and can be the most fun of all! However, you don't have professional training and probably can't just pick up a sniper rifle and start racking up kills. To have those kinds of skills, you either need to obtain them by being trained in-character throughout the course of your development, or apply for them on the forums of whatever server you are a part of (note that this may not apply to all servers).

This also applies to characters with special backgrounds such as military and police. Your character generally can't be an ex-military member of any kind without permission, which again requires an application in most cases. However, reasonable exceptions are often made. Still, if you're in doubt, you should write an application.

However, for now you are not any of these things. You are an ordinary guy. You are only special in that you are a human being, and as such perhaps have a background. This backstory, as well as your personality, are what make your character unique, and should shape your interactions with others. The key point, however, is to not say your character is any main characters, or any characters, for that matter, from any games, TV shows, books, movies, etc., or a relative of theirs of any kind (note that this is something on all servers I have encountered thus far, but some may allow you to apply for canon characters, but I've yet to see such a thing). Your character should be special because you make them that way over time, not because of some heritage.

The key thing to remember with characters is that they need a proper name (meaning a first and last name) and they need a proper physical description. Even if you have already made your character and messed up either of these elements, it's okay! Just ask in admin chat (@ before your message on most servers) for staff to change your name, and you can use /charphysdesc to edit your character description by yourself at any time (please note however that this is the command used in BlackBox).
Advanced Information
In this section, I will include some advanced information that you may find useful. It took me awhile to gather a lot of the knowledge that I have today, so if you're reading this section, cherish the information that I have included as a lot of this stuff is hidden from most players to avoid minging/trolling. However, if you're a responsible roleplayer, this sort of stuff can be quite useful in your RP experience to make things better. If you become staff some day, it may even help you make better events.

For starters, there's the anonymous element. Whenever you are performing a command (such as /me), you can put a question mark (?) at a certain point in the command to make it say "Somebody" instead of your character name/description. This can be extremely useful when trying to avoid metagame, such as if you're yelling in a crowd, or are talking over the radio and don't want people to metagame your character description.

To use it in a command such as /me, /y, or /w, do the following.

"/y ? ♥♥♥♥ THE POLICE!"

Somebody yells, "♥♥♥♥ THE POLICE!"

"/me ? closes the door while remaining hidden and out of sight."

** Somebody closes the door while remaining hidden and out of sight.

"? My name is not important."

Somebody says, "My name is not important."
Groups & People to Look Out For
Now, as I mentioned, there are some people that think Serious RP is DarkRP. Other people just hate the gamemode for whatever reason, and then some people are just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s. The general term for somebody who doesn't know how to RP, or otherwise intentionally tries to mess with the game and cause mischief and mayhem, is known as a minge.

Minges come in various types and forms, from those that join an RP server just to try and cause drama and stir up trouble to those that don't know how to RP and run around punching everybody they see with their fists. However, it's important to note that some minges just don't know what they're doing (and didn't have the good fortune of reading this guide), while others are intentionally dicking around and trying to cause trouble. Hopefully, this guide will explain how to tell the difference, and what you should do to deal with them as an ordinary player until admins arrive.

Now, for starters, let's go over the two types of minges. The less deadly one is the idiot. They are players who don't know what they're doing, and thus the name. This is not to say that they're stupid, but rather that they just don't know how to play and thusly will likely appear to be complete and utter morons. There are a few things to look for to tell a moron.
  • Look at their description. Is their name in it? Does it simply have a description of their background? Is it lacking in detail?
  • Ask them a question in LOOC, do they respond to it IC?
  • Are they capitalizing their sentences and putting proper punctuation and spelling in?
  • Do they use emoticons like :D and ;) in their IC speech?
If you answered yes to any of these, they are likely an idiot. The best thing you can do is teach them to use LOOC then link them to this guide, teach them yourself, or call an admin to come teach them. By doing these things, you will be adding to the RP community and helping grow it, which ensures its' continuation. You'll also maybe even make a new friend OOCly!

Then there are the malicious minges, or just the minges. These guys are harder to tell apart from regular roleplayers, as they know the commands, and they know how to do stuff. They also will actually 'RP' what they do, but not the same way. These guys are extremely dangerous. Your best bet if you run into one, especially if they're armed, is to lolrun and call an admin immediately. Here are some ways to tell them apart.
  • Do they do really short RP lines like /me walks or /me shoots or /me beats?
  • Do they walk around with their fists raised?
  • Do they have a description, but is it really short or fail RP like? (For example, putting in 'cool jacket' on a HL2RP where everybody has a uniform.)
  • Is their name Bob Good, or any variations of that?
If any of these are the case, get your♥♥♥♥♥out of there. Also, you should, if interested, look up Bob Good on the internet. The videos he makes are of him minging, but are also good for a laugh if you're a veteran roleplayer. However, as a newer player, you should take this more as an example of what not to do, and also to get an idea of the things to look out for.
Restricted/Controversial Types of RP
For those of you who already know about Serious RP, you may know what's coming. As for the rest of you, I leave this to you to learn about and gain your own opinions. This section, while referring to 'Types' of RP, is actually dedicated to one specific type of RP, because it is so controversial in nature. This type of RP is known as ERP, or Erotic Role Play.

To put it simply, ERP is sexual roleplay, where one or more characters engages in sexual acts via the usage of standard RP commands such as /me and such. It is extremely controversial due to what it consists of, and as such, you should know at least the basics about it before continuing. However, before I go any further, to make sure my biases are known, I myself am something of a fan of ERP. However, despite this, I'll do my best to be fair and just in my evaluation of the subject matter.

Some servers have taken to outright banning ERP, telling people that if they really want to do that sort of stuff, they should take it to something more private, such as Steam Chat. When on one of these servers, the best thing you can do is respect the judgement of the server owners, regardless of what your opinions may be, and do as they ask; keep it in Steam, don't do it at all, or go to another server.

Some servers, on the other hand, such as Generation Roleplay, have simply restricted ERP. We have set rules about what chats you can use to do it. Such servers generally require you to restrict your RP to /w RP, or /pm or even Steam Chat. The idea is that it reduces the range of such chat distances. Some may be more strict than others. For example, if you are far from civilization (on the outskirts of the map or far away from any non-participating players), then it may be deemed acceptable to RP this regularly.

Finally, there are some servers that just don't care. They see it as Roleplay like any other, and as such have no real restrictions as to how and where you can conduct said RP. I've yet to see a truly open server in regards to ERP, but some are close enough that you can generally regard them as being open.

Now that I've explained the types of servers out there, I'll mention the arguments of both sides, as I have heard them, in regards to the ERP question.

For ERP: ERP has a key part to it: RP. It is RP like any other, and as such should be treated like RP as any other kind of RP. It's a valid and justified type of RP and as such is worthy of just as much consideration as combat RP or anything else for that matter. Additionally, if RP is supposed to be a simulation of life, well, guess what, Sex is part of life. Enough said.

Against ERP: ERP has a key part to it: Erotic. It's sex RP. It's used to bring out people's craziest and sickest fetishes, and makes servers inappropriate for children. It also leads to unnecessary drama on servers and can cause serious cluster♥♥♥♥s. It also makes players less likely to be interactive and more likely to circlejerk, as they'd much rather pursue getting laid than making new acquaintances.

While I've done my best to be unbiased thus far, as the author I do believe I should weigh in my personal opinions on the matter before closing up this section and moving onto the index.

I personally stand with the ERP'ers. It's RP just like any other. Sex is part of life, and that's how it is. As for the argument that it leads to drama, guess what, drama is part of life. Sure, it can cause some OOC tensions, but at the same time, life isn't easy. It's hard at times. As for ERP being the cause of circlejerking, well, guess what, people DO spend a lot of time trying to get laid.
Index of Terms
  • OOC - Out of Character - Accessed with //
  • LOOC - Local Out of Character - Accessed with .// or [[
  • IC - In Character - /me, /y, /w, /it, and regular chat all are IC
  • Metagame - The usage of OOC information IC
  • Powergame - The forcing of actions on others IC - Forcing them to take a specific injury or take a hit, or be forced into a position
  • Fear RP - Fearing a character IC, often because they have you at gunpoint and/or can end your life in an instant
  • ERP - Erotic Role Play, any RP encounter where there is sexual activity going on
  • Circlejerk - A phenomena where players stick to a small group of two to ten players who avoid interactions with anybody not inside of the group, and spend extensive time with other members of said group
  • Robocop - A term reserved primarily for City RP and HL2RP, referring to a police character that shows little to no emotion, with a tendency to Powergame, show no emotions/mercy, and not Fear RP
  • Edgy - A term used to describe players who are overly aggressive and rude in-character, often times unprovoked
  • ROOC - A term used to refer to a message over a Radio chat that is out of character, generally indicated by putting // at the beginning of the message, after entering in the radio command
  • Minge - A player who refuses to roleplay properly, either by not using /me's at all, or intentionally not letting players react to a /me (doing "/me shoots" then shooting a person, then running off before they can respond with a /me)
  • Script♥♥♥♥♥ - A player who spends all their time seeking out "scripts," the various inventory items of a game
  • lolxxxx - A player who does something just to get guns, or just for the heck of doing it, and not for any real RP reasons, such as a lolrebel in HL2RP, a lolraider in FORP, etc.
Get Involved!
If you see anything in this guide that's wrong, or that needs correcting, or maybe something that I missed that you think should be added, please put it in the comments and I'll add it as soon as I get some time to do so. Your support will hopefully improve upon this guide, which will in turn hopefully improve and maybe even revive the Serious RP community. Thanks for reading!
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I was reading the whole thing it was worth it ( already knew but I did learn 1 to 2 new stuff)
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i love roleplay it my fav to do on the weekend
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Daryl Dixon Jul 4, 2016 @ 4:11pm 
Also my stance on ERP as a serious roleplayer and server owner for many, many years (more than I'm comfortable saying since I'm in my 20's) I have found that the best servers are the ones with a perfect balance that never focus too much on one facet of storytelling IE: erotic fiction, action fiction, violent fiction, comedy fiction but rather blurs them into one like it is in life. The fact is sex is apart of life just like violence and if you are going to graphically roleplay someone getting their head crushed in and you have a problem with equally roleplaying sex between two people then you're likely either very immature or have very little life experience and objectivity. Also the DCMA at no point states that all servers must be "all-ages", the context of each server is specified by the creator and that is why Garry's Mod has no age rating. As "Online interactions are not rated".
Daryl Dixon Jul 4, 2016 @ 4:06pm 
@Lambda ☾★
The suppression field only prevents pregnancy, maybe in some augmented lore does it prevent lust but people are shown in open relationships expressing affection within the HL2 games so you're completely wrong. Source: - It prevents eggs and sperm from having enough protien to form as disgustingly scientific as that is. People can still have sex but nobody can get pregnant. It is also against the Universal Union's law to have intercourse, which might be where you're getting confused. Though in a lot of oppressive and evil Governments things are repressed and punished and people still do it, since the Government is just that: Evil and oppressive.
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I dont support HL2RP ERP because in the HL2 Universe the Supression field stops people from Having sex and stops the urge to have sex, but since no one else cares im still doing it