Running (benchmark) Battlefield 3 final on Alienware m14x (with commentary)
Battlefield 3
"I'm running Battlefield 3 on Alienware m14x to show off its performance and why you should get Alienware laptop instead of console such as Xbox 360 and PS3.

My specs for this laptop:
Intel core i7 2630qm
GeForce GT 555m 1.5GB VRAM
6 GB ddr3 ram.

To anyone whose having problem running Battlefield 3 on Alienware m11x or m14x, try this step to solve this problem. To fix this, right click on the empty desktop and then click NVIDIA Control Panel. Next, go to manage 3D settings and from Preferred graphics processor, select High-performance NVIDIA processor. After that, try running this game again. I hope this info helps for you guys."