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Island Panthera 3.9
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Jun 21, 2016 @ 7:20pm
Jan 12 @ 10:21am
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Island Panthera 3.9

Name Panthera itself comes from Slovenian history of "black panther" crest. Map itself is based on the real height data of Slovenia's Northwest part in Europe - named Gorenjska Region.

"Gora" in Slovenian means mountain and Gorenjska region (represented in Panthera) certainly lives up to its name being home to most of Slovenia's biggest mountains, including the highest of them all – Triglav (three heads) standing at an impressive 2,865 metres. The Julian Alps and the beautiful Triglav National Park are the main features of the region – offering not just outstanding scenery, but a wealth of plant and animal life and an abundance of outdoor activities. It is also home to the unforgettable lakes Bled and Bohinj. It is almost impossible to decide which one you prefer – Serene Bohinj and its majestic mountain setting or fairytale Bled with its seventeenth century church on an island overlooked by a castle perched on a rocky outcrop.

Panthera is considered to be one of the most played maps for A2 and hopefully for A3, too.

Required addons: CUP Terrains Core
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Jan 11 @ 5:26pm
What's changed in 3.7?
Kapt. Alva
< >
Jonny Aug 21 @ 8:11am 
What about all of slovenia...JK that would be hard af to make
Xlegend20 Jul 15 @ 8:27pm 
hey icebreaker 2 things 1st love the map its probably one of my favorites. second thing im not sure what happened but all of the sudden when i load in it says that it cannot load a specific runway texture and now all the airports have giant white spots on parts of the runway any ideas ?
IceBreakr  [author] Jun 8 @ 4:13pm 
Exop007: 10,240m x 10,240m.
Bridges (long A1 ones) need to be revisited by CUP team or replaced entirely...
Ivnat Jun 8 @ 1:52pm 
Hello! Love IceBreakr's maps since arma 2. Great job.

There is something I'm having trouble with. Also in all your maps, not just this one. AI infantry can't cross any bridge. Squad leader crosses ok, sometimes prone, sometimes walking slow. Rest of squad members swim along the sides of the bridges. Tracked and wheeled vehicles do it just ok, but sometimes they need a few tries.

Not using any AI related mod. Just CBA, CUP and RHS Units (happens with vanilla units too though).

Question is. Is this problem related to the terrain, unit mods or just an exciting new ArmA engine problem?
Shotgun Ramadan Apr 16 @ 1:24am 
Great map as always! FYI: On Winthera, in the town of "Ratece CP" there is a very green tree just north of one of the gas station. X4400, Y6600.
The ☯ Zombie Apr 6 @ 8:01pm 
Great map.
But, in the winter version AI vehicles refuse to drive close to the bridges, and not at all want to cross them. Is there a workaround for that?
Exop007 Apr 1 @ 9:23am 
What is the map size of this? Like in square kilometers
BlenderDick ChickenStrips Mar 31 @ 9:16am 
This. Is. B e a u t i f u l. Great map for my unit. Much respec, much love
A.C.A.B Mar 26 @ 9:42am 
bro i have a problem my game crash when i try to use de map, ( lighting,grass ) fail , can you tell me why ?
IceBreakr  [author] Mar 1 @ 7:10pm 
Not connected to the map itself nor the CUP Terrains - Core. Must be some other addons you were running while making a mission?