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Raft Extender
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Jun 19, 2016 @ 6:22pm
Oct 8, 2017 @ 9:03am
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Raft Extender

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Build Bigger!

This mod adds a new item called "Extended Raft" which looks and acts exactly the same as a wooden raft, but allows for larger builds.

Here is how it differs from the standard wooden raft:
- Max Build Distance: 3000 (approximately a 10 block radius from the center), up from 1400
- Max Build Height: 3000 (approximately 16 blocks high), up from 1100
- Max Supported Structures: 2000, up from 70
- Max Health: 50000, up from 20000
- Can travel in reverse (at half speed). Helps with parking!
- Can zoom camera out much farther. Multiple zoom levels - scroll mouse wheel one tick at a time to choose a level that works for your build.

The extended raft can be learned at level 21 for 1 engram point, and requires the wooden raft as a prerequisite. The building cost is 400 wood, 200 thatch, 100 hide.

See the mod in action:
(Thanks to Firespark81 for making the video!)

Here is the full path to the extended raft item, in case you want to cheat spawn it:


Here is the engram name, if you want to modify it in your server settings:


Mod ID: 707081776

Want to build a farm on your raft? Check out my Raft Pipes mod!

Note: To build beyond the initial 3x3 foundations, you will need to build a thatch roof, then attach a foundation under it. You can then remove the thatch roof and the foundation will remain. This is the same thing that has to be done with the wooden raft. (Foundations will not snap to the side of other foundations when there is nothing under/over them to cling to.)

Note: The above thatch roof building method does work, and has consistently worked for me every time I have tried it over the past few months. If it does not work for you, try moving the raft to slightly deeper water. If the water is too shallow, it can sometimes prevent the foundation placement.

Warning: Excessive building of large moving structures can degrade server performance. That is why WildCard has not already made a raft like this. (They tune things for official servers which have many players and shared hardware.) If you are on a heavily populated server where many people want to build large rafts, you may start to get server lag. How much has to be built before it becomes noticeable depends on how powerful the server hardware is.
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does this make it possible to protect the bottom like you normally can?
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Does this mod work with no more moby dick?
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Outlavv Dec 23, 2017 @ 7:40am 
This mod is inferior to the advanced rafts mod. Only thing better is that this doesn't come with all the plates and bowls and stuff. In all other ways this is hard to handle in game, wierd camera views and we couldn't figure out how to access the ship carge, if there even was one.
Nightwing Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:44pm 
I figure out that this mod disabled the raft foundation glitch because i've installed it and now when I try to get the foundation to be level with the raft as in just inside the raft it doesn't let me and says it's obstructed, I can get the foundation down as far as just on top of the raft but no lower and i didn't have this problem before putting it on.

The vreator might want to looking into that because being able to put a foundation level with the raft is good because it allows for a large varity of raft designs.
Nightwing Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:38pm 
This Mode disables the foundation glithch for the raft where you can lower it level with the raft which sucks