Princess Lena the Little Mermaid V1
"Taken from Golden Films' Little Mermaid 1992

NOTE: Lena has Blonde hair, Blue eyes, a Kelp-like top, blue tail, Pearl-like Crown/Headband & a Green Neck Lea as a Mermaid. As a human girl, Lena has her hair in a ponytail."
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•••••••••••••••••• P e r s o n a l part 2-2
Weaknesses: Since Lena is new to the Human World, she has so much to see & learn about it. She's very curious about how they live and how they do things such as getting an education by attending school.

Strengths: Lena sports an extreme level of concentration when she studies at a human school. Although she wishes to make friends, she is sometimes full of herself because of her fascination of the Human World.
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Personality: Princess Lena is a Carefree, Energetic, Gentle, Friendly, Fun-loving and a Good-natured Mermaid. She also has a Wonderful Singing Voice.

History: A young, carefree mermaid Princess named Lena lives a happy life in her home along with her mom, dad & 5 sisters in a kingdom neighboring Atlantica, she is the youngest of the 6 sisters until one day she awoke on the beach only to find that she has human legs. Realizing she's become human, she uses this chance to see the human world as it is her dream to become a human girl.
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Name: Princess Lena/Lena Archer

☆ 15
☆ Female
☆ Mermaid
☆ Atlantic Ocean

♡ Being Playful, The Human World
♡ Happy Things In Life, Music
♡ Inviting her Friends
♡ Her Family & Friends

♡ The boy she saved: When she turned 15, she saved a boy from drowning during a storm (Stephan) & fell in love with him. She hopes to see him again & tells him how she feels.

☠ Pirates
☠ Strict Rules, Being alone
☠ People Getting Hurt
☠ Algebra (Least Favorite Subject)

☠ Losing Stephan: Stephan is the boy she saved from drowning & although she's fallen in love with, she wants to be with him & see that he's happy. She'd be heartbroken if something happened to him or ended up with someone else