GoldenEye: X (Perfect Dark to GoldenEye 007 Conversion) Egyptian Preview
"(GOLDENEYE: X IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! We're aware of the fact that there are still a lot of visual oddities, especially related to the muzzle flashes and tracers. They will be fixed in future versions - this is more of a proof-of-concept release.)

GoldenEye: X is a port of GoldenEye 007's characters, weapons, and maps to Perfect Dark. Perfect Dark runs on an upgraded GoldenEye engine and the games use very similar data formats as a result, meaning a direct port is possible for many things. Since it's running on essentially the same engine the game will still be true to the original, while allowing us to do many things that had to be hackishly simulated in GoldenEye, such as co-operative missions. The plan is to port over as many things as possible, including the entire single player portion of the game in addition to multiplayer. Fans of the solo missions will not be disappointed with this project.

A quick feature list of what is available in the current patch:

-James Bond (Tuxedo), Natalya (Russia), Trevelyan (Janus), and Moonraker Elite body models
-James Bond (Tuxedo), Natalya (Russia), Trevelyan (Janus), Joe 2, and Terrorist head models
-Phantom and Golden Gun weapon models (first and third person)
-Timed, Proximity, and Remote Mine and Hand Grenade third person models
-Body armor model, replaces shield
-Temple, Library, Caves, and Egyptian multiplayer arenas.

All of Perfect Dark's combat simulator scenarios are still available, along with the ability to play with simulants. Currently the sims will not work in Temple, Library, or Caves because these stages lack the path network needed for them to navigate the arena, but those will be available in a future update.

Credit goes to Wreck for most of what is seen in this video. He's the one who undertook the massive task of porting the character and weapon models, plus making sure the converted stage backgrounds and setups worked properly. In the future more of us will likely have contributions in this project, but for now he's the one who deserves all of the praise.

If you want to give the current version a try, it's available here:"