Minecraft Normandy SR2
"I built the entire Normandy SR2 by hand. I had no plans going into this project and just made most of it up as I went. I started by making the basic interior design out of dirt, and I replaced them with the proper materials after. Once the interior was done, I built the exterior shell around it. I spawned most of the materials because it would've been nearly impossible to collect tens of thousands of iron and wool blocks. Even though materials were spawned, I placed every single block myself. The entire project took more than a hundred hours over the course of a couple months.

Note: Through this project, I found the Mass Effect Normandy interior isn't really to proper scale with the exterior. As a result, this isn't a perfect recreation. The most notable difference is that the entrance is towards the middle of the ship rather than the front.

Update: The map file has been uploaded to http://minecraft.myservr.com

Thanks to:
Alex (who hosted the SMP server)
Bongo the Dramallama (for building almost everything else on the server)
Muckspreads (for burning everything but the Normandy)
(and thanks to all three for inspecting my work)

Proper music credits:
Normandy Reborn - Jack Wall & Jimmy Hinson
New Worlds - Jack Wall & Sam Hulick
Illusive Man - Jack Wall"