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Europa Universalis IV

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Stellaris UI Font
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Jun 15, 2016 @ 10:46am
Mar 21 @ 3:59pm
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Stellaris UI Font

Just using a set of cleaner, more readable fonts across the UI.
The font style is the same as used in Stellaris, I created a bunch of variants with minor adjustments to fit into the EU4 interface.

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This originally started out as a tooltip mod attempting to make them more easily readable than with the default font. It now covers most of the UI and will be updated to cover expansions or anything I've missed.

Feel free to point out problems/suggestions in the comments below or on the Paradox forums[].

Updated for 1.25
Larger tooltips
Standalone mods for old versions (unzip into the EUIV mods folder)
Ironman compatible for achievements

If you're looking for a similar mod for Crusader Kings II then I can recommend ...
Interface: Century Gothic
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ross-g  [author] 19 hours ago 
@swrd484 - It already is updated to the current version, for quite some time.
@Pendragon - I'm not planning to no, those bits are quite readable and give the UI some flavour.
swrd484 Aug 18 @ 2:06am 
This mod is awesome! But it needs to be updated to the current version
∞ Pendragon ∞ Aug 17 @ 2:52am 
There are still some texts that use the original font (country name, tab names in country view). Are you planning to replace these ?
Aug 9 @ 10:55am 
Thanks, thisfont looks much better! :)
Rutherford B. Hayes Jul 9 @ 6:56pm 
Great mod btw
Shadowcast Jun 14 @ 10:04am 

Can i know how to change the building shown in the interface? I am trying to make it work with the buildings from THe idea variation MOd.
Anonymous Awesomeness Jun 4 @ 11:26am 
Not compatible with ET- game crashes when opening Ages screen from Mandate of Heaven in early start dates
Kawa7CR Jun 2 @ 6:03am 
Can someone give me the full-UI version without mapfont and the smallest Arial? I'm bad at modding font.
Dr. Scrubsy Apr 20 @ 8:40pm 
Does this mod work with other UI mods like the Better UI? Also, does it work with 1.25.1?
ross-g  [author] Apr 14 @ 10:40am 
@lucky__jango - name a specific mod and I can tell you. It won't include for example Cyrillic or Arabic characters. So any translation mod that use their own custom font, will obviously be incompatible with this one.