Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS20 | SCAR-20 | Thunder Dragon
Weapon: SCAR-20
Finish Style: Gunsmith
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Jun 15, 2016 @ 6:04am
Sep 27, 2017 @ 6:06am
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Version 2 changes:
Some feedback I got was that it was too purple without much variation. So I've added minor variation, the scope now is gradiented, the dragon has finer scales, and the receiver has more contast with a buildup of blue shades in specific areas. I've also added some wear detail to the scope. If thats not enough change, I've also made a slightly more radical variant colourscheme below!

This project started very differently: I was excited about a new design I had that featured specific graphical elements on the scope and stock cheek pad. However in early testing I had to boycott the design for this particular model because the UV mesh areas for these components was so small that any graphics I placed on these parts was heavily pixelated… I had a similar problem with the ‘AUG stymphalian birds’.This issue essentially cancelled out two of the three main areas of model real estate in POV view - leaving just the main body for detailed illustration.

I really wanted to make a design for this model as there is a deficit of finishes, so I decided to develop a ‘dragon’ finish. I started with the SG 553 vector work and slowly but surely amended it to work around the surface buttons and dials. The reverse side has a different set of obstacles so at the same time I drew another dragon in a slightly different pose.

For further Japanese influence I incorporated a pattern inspired by a jewelry making technique known as ‘mokume gane’ which is a variant of damascus steel (about 18 or so months ago I made some quick experiments for an anodised-airbrushed repeating pattern, but then an actual damascus steel made it into the game making the idea somewhat redundant - so I shelved it). The end result being a wood-like texture made through metal. I realise that the pattern is applied to the low-exponent areas - however I loved the harmony with the purple - which itself was a carry-over from the earlier rejected design scheme.

I did concede to place some detail over the 2 problem areas, but in a reserved fashion. The scope mesh pattern I’ve used has been applied with such a low contrast the pixelation is barely noticeable, and the cheek pad was only really bad near the peak - as a repeating pattern you don’t notice the pixellation much either.

That covers the main design, however I went through the usual motions of trying things out every few days then going back to how it was before - which is incredibly painful but for the greater good. Also my iMac logic board died during the last project - so I’ve been coming to grips with shortcuts on a PC which means pressing the windows key 50% of the time!

Let me know what you think below!