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Persia Rising
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Persia Rising


This mod creates a completly new and unique focus tree for Iran (Persia) that features about 74 decisions. It also includes unique events and news events, starting changes and balance as well as visual changes to the map.



  • Updated for 1.5.3

Languages Supported & Contributions & Recommendations:

Gameplay Changes:

  • Added two negative starting national spirits: "Anglo-Iranian Oil Company" & "Corrupt Bureaucracy & Judiciary"
  • Changed starting conscription law to "Limited Conscription".
  • Added a brand new and custom made National Focus tree with 74 focus's. All with custom descriptions and names.
  • Added 13 unique advisors & 10 National Spirits that unlock from focus tree decisions.
  • Added 7 Iranian companies to replace some of the generic starting companies.
  • Increased Iran's population from 12.6 Million (vanilla) to 17.3 Million (historically accurate).
  • Added 2 Infantry Divisions, 7 Infantry Divisions (reserves), 3 Mountaineer Divisions, 4 civilian factories & 3 military factories, and 1 STARTING unique advisor, 10 starting convoys and +5% base national unity to the 1936 start.
  • Added 3 starting technologies: Great War Tank | Early Bombers | Mountaineers I

Map and VP Changes:

  • Added the Strait of Hormuz connecting the state of Fars to Abu Dhabi.
  • Changed the starting classifications of some regions to be more realistic: Tehran (town->city) Tabriz (town->large town) Isfahan (town->large town) and 3 other regions from rural to town. All this does is increase the starting available building slots in these states by 1-2 depending on the size.
  • Added 9 new cities in Iran, 6 in Iraq, 5 in Uzbekistan, 4 in Syria, 3 in Turkmenistan, 2 in Afghanistan, 2 in Cyprus, 2 in Tajikstan, 1 city (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia, 1 city (Ganja) in Azerbaijan, which also count as Victory Points, added Urban Center terrain and night lights to all added cities/VP's.
  • Overhauled the Victory Point value of all VP's in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, & Syria.
  • Overhauled the distribution and addition of new resources in Iran and a minor amount in neighboring countries based off of this [Wiki Entry][en.wikipedia.org]

Political Changes & Events Added:

  • Changed the Democratic party to "Jebhei".
  • Changed the Fascist party to "SUMKA".
  • Changed the extended name of the "Tudeh Party" to "Hezb-e Tudeh Iran"
  • Changed the starting political system, communists, fascists and democrats now all have a small portion of government influence, the majority still is with the monarchy however.
  • Changed the Fascist leader to Davud Monshizadeh (Slightly anachronistic)
  • Added 16 new country events (see the "events" discussion for specific details)
  • Added 17 news events (see the "events" discussion for specific details)

Cosmetic Changes:

  • I meticulously hand placed every single state/provincial based development (Radar, dockyards, factories etc...) so that they would look aesthetically pleasing. It was quite obvious when they made most of the "generic" countries they allowed a computer to auto-locate the visual sprites, most of the factories where stuck on top of each other or inside mountains and couldn't even be seen. Same went for rocket sites, and just about every sprite, they where all poorly placed. I can see why they skipped this, this part took forever.
  • Added the Hawizeh Marshes[imgur.com] | [Wiki Entry][en.wikipedia.org]
  • Modified the map visuals and terrain classifications for various parts of Iran to match reality. Added the forests of northern Iran which where completely missing from the game, as well as more accurately representing biotopic features of Iran based off of this map[en.wikipedia.org]
  • Added Urban Center terrain to all areas that had "victory points" including but not limited to: Shiraz | Isfahan | Bandar-e Abbas | Ahvaz | Mosul | Basrah | Kuwait city | Mashhad | and more. This is mostly just cosmetic, the only gameplay change is for battles taking place in the city, the terrain is considered "urban" as opposed to whatever it was before.
  • Added city lights to all newly added urban centers in Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as some other areas of importance.
  • Re-did the name pool for randomly generated leaders. The in-game name pool was identical to all other generic Middle Eastern countries causing Iranians to have the same names as Arabs which is not accurate at all. Added over 100 first and last name options.


  • Added a new starting Elite Infantry Division template called: Sepaah Brigade
  • Added a new starting Reserve Infantry Division template called: Shebhe Nezami
  • Changed the name of the Infantry Division template to: Sarbaz Divison.
  • Changed the name of the Mountaineer Division template to: Sarbaz-e Kooh Divison .
  • Changed the name of the Cavalry Division template to: Asbaran Divison.

Future Plans:

  • Adding custom art/portraits for the new advisors, as well as a new "Iranian" category this way generic and randomly created leaders do not borrow images from the "Arabs" folder. Also apply the new portraits to all existing "vanilla" leaders that still use generic portraits from other categories.
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Big Mac Aug 17 @ 6:12am 
Big Mac Aug 17 @ 6:12am 
1.5.3 oesn't have any difference with .4, so you shouldn't have trouble playing it without the update...
Lithium Aug 15 @ 6:08pm 
you really need to update this mod.
Einherjars_Honor Aug 13 @ 5:46pm 
I'd love to see this mod updated sometime soon. This is an amazing mod, and I love playing as the New Persian Empire. Update it to the new version!
Manspider63 Aug 11 @ 1:54pm 
Can you please update the mod
Mussolini Aug 4 @ 4:03pm 
My enemy number 2! (After Churchill)
Papa Joe Stalin Aug 1 @ 8:40pm 
Thank you so very much.
Master Splinter  [author] Aug 1 @ 8:30pm 
@Papa Joe: Feel free to include my mod, just give credit! Good luck with your mod.
Papa Joe Stalin Aug 1 @ 8:16pm 
Master Splinter...........I am an administrator with The WWII Simulation Mod. We would like to use this mod in our major mod, with apprpoiate Credit given to yourself and a direct link from our workshop to yours. Please let me know if this interests you, or, if you have no interest. Thank you for your time. You can see about us here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326740798
Mussolini Jul 30 @ 8:53am 
This is the mod in road to 56...
Okay now I got it.