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Stellar Energy (Utopia 1.5)
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Jun 14, 2016 @ 9:31am
Apr 6 @ 4:40pm
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Stellar Energy (Utopia 1.5)

Did you ever find it annoying how stars and gas giants give you a pittance of energy, if that?

I did. Stars are giant balls of fusion, and gas giants are humongous sources of energy in their own right. That's why I made this mod (with a lot of help from AlphaAsh on the Stellaris forums who explained the deposits syntax to me.)

This mod makes stars and gas giants HUMONGOUS sources of energy! Stars will range from 5 energy (common drop for a Red Dwarf) to 14 (Rarest high drop for a B-type.) Gas giants (which the game does not give me sufficient granularity to seperate into Sub-Jovian, Jovian, and Superjovian,) will yield between 2 and 6 energy, heavily weighted towards 4.

This mod does not replace any files! As such, it should be fully compatible with anything else. However, because it does not replace 00_deposits.txt, there is a chance that the original deposits will come up instead of a Stellar Energy deposit. Just assume in such cases that environmental factors unique to the star in question either prevented energy harvesting, greatly cut down on energy harvesting, or made the science too good to pass up for mere energy harvesting.

Do beware: especially in the early game, it will be very easy to ignore ground-based energy collectors in favor of entirely relying on stellar energy. This is perfectly valid, right up until some mean old mother-hubbard sails into your space with a raiding fleet and starts blowing your massive solar panel networks out of stars' orbits. I leave it to you to decide how (or if) to protect your stellar energy resources.

In general:
EVERY Gas Giant now yields 1 Terraforming Gas.
Gas Giants which yield Lythuric gas are 1/2 as likely as a regular Stellar Energy Deposit, if you're in the Lythuric Cluster. Otherwise you won't get any.
Satramene deposits are 1/10th as likely as a normal gas giant if they're orbiting a Class G, K, or F star; otherwise, they are 1/40th as likely.
Zro deposits are 1//2 as likely as a regular Stellar Energy deposit, if you're in a Nebula. Otherwise, you won't get any.

Every Pulsar and Neutron Star yields Neutronium. Every Black Hole yields Dark Matter. (Pulsars are Neutron Stars that are just spinning with exceptional rapidity.)

I will not be entertaining any suggestions to "tone down" or nerf this mod. I'm getting sick of seeing them, and sick of responding to them.

Such comments are subject to summary deletion without warning or explaination. This goes double for rude comments that just say "it's unbalanced" or "overpowered," or those which mention the thief's mod. If you think it's too much, feel free not to use it, or to come up with your own solution. I mod to please myself first and foremost. If you like my mod, well and good. If you don't, I'm sorry, but I made it for me, not you.

If you want to make your own along these lines, feel free to poke around in the mod file and figure out how I did what I did, but do not steal my mod to do so.

If you want a mod that works like Stellar Energy but has smaller numbers, subscribe to docflamingo's Resources Redux.

If you liked this mod, or even if you didn't, check my workshop to see my others.

[NOTICE:] No permissions, real or implied, exist for anybody to copy and paste my work and reupload it to the Workshop or to other modding sites under their name, without my explicit prior approval. If you want to modify my mod for your personal use and/or the use of your friends only, you are heartily welcome to do so. If you wish to open up my mod to see how I made my mod to get an idea for how to make yours, you are more than welcome to do so; reverse-engineering is a right enshrined in law.
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dank n' donuts Jun 30 @ 8:18pm 
ShadowDragon8685  [author] Jun 30 @ 7:22pm 
It should go without saying, but no, you may not.
dank n' donuts Jun 30 @ 6:57pm 
hey can i grab ur mod, bastardize it in some way, put my name on it, and slap it on the front page of the workshop?
ShadowDragon8685  [author] Jun 27 @ 7:02pm 
The only thing "broken" about this one is the line in the .mod file that says "1.5.*" instead of "1.6.*". Since everything about the mod actually works, it's not broken.
Sharoth Jun 27 @ 1:25pm 
So when are you going to fix this mod so it doesn't give me an error message? If you are going to fuss about other people using the idea, then please fix this one so we don't have to use another mod.
ShadowDragon8685  [author] Jun 27 @ 12:17pm 
Thank you for your apology. A lot of people fail to realize just how touchy a thing it is to make a thing, put it out there, only for someone to grab it, bastardize it in some way, put their name on it, and then slap it over the internet. With or without accreditation, that is Not Cool. Having been burnt by seeking remedy through "polite" channels in the past, I have resolved not to tolerate such in the future.

This could all have been avoided if Annatar had simply contacted me beforehand to seek my permission. I would have gladly granted him permission to make a compatibility patch for his mod, the way I did with Zinogre, under the condition that he not in any way, shape, or form tweak the numbers of Stellar Energy.
eldiabs Jun 27 @ 7:04am 
I want to apologize. It seems I called you a moron in that other mod, when in fact I am the moron. You are obviously a rational and intelligent person. Had no idea things were so sinister with the other guy. Lesson learned. Again. Apologies.
ButtJunkie Jun 26 @ 6:36pm 
Fair enough. I'm aware the examples are allegedly copies of your own, which is quite unfortunate.
ShadowDragon8685  [author] Jun 26 @ 4:03pm 
Which leads to our current Charlie Foxtrot:

4] Annatar did not seek my permission. The first I learned of "08 Real Space - Stellar Energy" was when a friend drew my attention to it. His mod is explicitly a compatibility patch between his mod and mine. I would have been upset if that were all it was, but I would have opened a dialogue before I proceeded straight to the DMCA takedown, had he not also felt the need to pervert the intention behind Stellar Energy by "reducing the amount of energy compared to the original by 40%." That changes it from a straight compatibility patch to a plagarized, bastardized ripoff, and led to the full-bore no-warning-shots response.
ShadowDragon8685  [author] Jun 26 @ 4:03pm 
2] docflamingo's Resources Redux was made in a complete vacuum of ignorance of Stellar Energy. He had no awareness of Stellar Energy when he made Resources Redux, it is entirely original work, and while it does have a similar, albiet lesser, effect, to similar intent, I have no quarrel at all with him, because he did not rip off my mod. Indeed, I even call his mod out as the mod to subscribe to if you "want a mod 'which is like Stellar Energy but with smaller numbers.'"

3] Zinogre wanted to make a compatibility patch between Stellar Energy and another mod. He asked for permission, and I gave it provided that he A] Sought and recieved permission from the other mod's authors, and B] did not pervert the intent behind Stellar Energy by altering any of the numbers. He found those conditions agreeable, and I have no quarrel with him.