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Japan Content Pack
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Jun 9, 2016 @ 11:54am
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Japan Content Pack

In 1 collection by Knight Siverius Slλyer 🇻🇪
KSS Props and Maps Collection.
16 items
Legend has it, a few hundred kilometers over the Thunder Mountains, there is a place known as the Land of the Rising Sun. Some say it's the location of a top secret headquarters, some say it's the secret homeland of the ellusive samur-eye demoman. All we know is that they have pretty landscapes and even prettier architecture, so we contracted Mann Co. to ship some of Nippon back here, for you to use in your custom team fortress 2 maps and/or SFM or Garry's Mod videos!

The Japanese Content pack is a pack of custom assets for all your TF2 needs made by Freyja and E-Arkham. It contains models, textures, overlays and particles, everything you need to make a peaceful, tranquil environment to frame the decapitation of anyone who insulted your honor.


-Sakura Trees
Super Kawaii - 5 sizes, 3 skins.

-Usa Torii
The gateway to enlightenment - 3 skins. Torii2

-Inari Torii
A fancy gateway to enlightenment - 3 skins. Torii3

-Ryobu Torii
The gateway to enlightenment with supporting pillars - 3 skins. Bridge 1

-Bridge 1
For crossing troubled waters. Bridge 2

-Bridge 2
For crossing troubled waters and staying out of the rain. Bamboo Wall

-Bamboo Wall
For blocking things al naturale style. Bamboo Cluster

-Bamboo Cluster
Good for panda food if you end up going to China. Bamboo Card

-Bamboo Card
For when you want bamboo but don't have the tris to spare. Banner

For hanging and looking pretty - 8 skins. Privacy Screen

-Privacy Screen
For changing hats in privacy. 3 skins. Paper Door

-Paper Door
For breaking through heroicly. 2 lengths. Garden lantern

-Garden Lantern
In case you want to light up something outdoors - 2 skins. Pole lantern

-Pole Lantern
Lighting things up at a slighty higher location. 2 Skins. Rope lantern

-Rope Lantern
Hang up when time to party. 2 Skins. Lantern

For hanging and looking prettier. - 6 skins. Obon Lantern

-Obon Lantern
A floating, glowing lantern to light up your night maps. 3 sizes. Hanging Lantern 2

-Lantern 2
For hanging and looking pretty in a different way - 2 sizes. Wall Lantern

-Wall lantern
Attaches to walls and proves traniquility.

-Deer Scare
For that peaceful tap tap that scares scouts away

Reccomended to shoot often for maximum annoyance.

-Calligraphy Set
The warrior practices a variety of arts to keep his mind sharp and fluid.

-Katana Stand
Your half-zatoichi needs to rest somewhere.

For topping cobblestone walls.

-Resupply Locker
For resupplying, Nippon style.

-Wall Roofing
For topping the walls in style. 4 parts, 3 skins.

-Upgrade Station
For better killing robots, Nippon style.

No inappropriate jokes!

-Temple Column
For holding things up in a slightly more ornate way - 2 skins.

Thematic Signage - 4 skins Temple

The spytech door of the feudal era.

-Temple Buttress
Named by immature architects - 2 skins.

Download link for Hammer Editor:

Enjoy it!
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