The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2

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Every Decision and Consequence 2
By Drake Ravenwolf
Every decision and consequence pulled straight out of the game files.
It should go without saying, but this contains MASSIVE SPOILERS.
I created this guide from the TBS Decompiler; the specific location of conversations are included so you can explore the files and confirm my findings for yourself if so inclined. It is possible that I may have missed obscure side paths. If you find a node I missed just let me know and I'll add it in.

A few general tips:
  • Renown caps at 1000, this wasn't an issue in TBS1 since there simply wasn't enough of it to reach that high, but for TBS2... spend it or you risk losing some if you are at 900+
  • Try to keep your kill counts even across all characters with certain milestones in mind eg. everyone up to 5, then 8, then 11, then 15, then 19, then 24, and finally 30 - anything more than 30 is wasted (at least until TBS3 is released)
  • From a kill count and renown viewpoint increasing the danger stat is a good thing, but it does make fights harder by spawning more and higher level enemies - increasing the difficulty setting is really the only way to affect this stat in TBS2
  • Battles and wars are good things since they give kills and renown, and if you go for a 2nd wave they also give morale and a chance at items; they also help you towards the "Battles fought" achievement
  • Losing a battle is a bad thing; you can lose an achievement and consequences for losing change from event to event, but will not be covered in this guide. If you are about to lose a battle just reload the latest save and try again, and/or reduce the difficulty setting
  • In general level as follows: MAX Break > at least 1 Exertion > MAX Strength > MAX Armor > Willpower
  • Focus on unlocking as many rank 1 talents as possible so you can get the most out of items with +ALL talent rank
  • 1 Exertion + 2 Break is enough to trigger Dredge splinter chain reactions; more exertion can be useful, but only go up to 3 Exertion if you just want to unlock a talent
  • The only character you should max out Willpower on is Eyvind (and Alette if she becomes a mender), that is due to how their hero power works (And maybe Eirik)
  • If you import a save from TBS1, it by default does NOT give you the kills and renown earned from the Bellower fight, and if you try to force it to do so by renaming your "" from just AFTER that last fight to "" TBS2 rejects the save as being from a completed game (bug?)
  • When undertaking training tent missions, try to get all kills on playable characters, and try to line it up so that your last action kills the last men standing
  • In the following guide I will BOLD the options that I felt were the "best" but by all means decide for yourself
  • The tag (unknown flag effects) means that flag is never read in TBS2 so either the consequences were removed by the developers and they just forgot to also remove the flag or you'll only see the consequences in TBS3
  • The tag "Fail Achievement" refers to "Keep Your Wits" so do NOT take options tagged as such if you want the achievement
  • The tag “Clansmen Forage” are set points at which the supplies you receive equals num_peasants / 20. There tends to be two of them in most chapters. Since the amount of supplies you receive depends on how many clansmen you have at the time, you generally want to maximize the number of clansmen you have for the event.

There are a basically 2 "forced choice" decisions in each game (this one and it's prequel) however, once you make the first "forced choice" each subsequent one has a... well... "preferred" choice. Sometimes this takes the form of extra rewards, but more often it is simply the path preferred by the characters. I'd recommend choosing one of the two following paths and sticking with it for the best RP experience, this has the added benefit in that if you ever choose to do a 2nd playthrough you can take all the opposite choices.
(TBS1) -> Save Rook -> Recruit Ekkil ->
(TBS2) -> Keep Ludin Alive -> Side with King
(TBS1) -> Save Alette -> Keep Egil Alive ->
(TBS2) -> Send Ludin to his death -> Side with Rugga

TODO! Need to figure out if there is a sweet spot in training fighters to minimize clansmen loss during war events
TODO! Count the kills from training tent missions and which characters get those kills

Link to new TBS Decompiler created by Gestaltzerfall:
This is a counter that spans the entire game; as such there are certain things you need to know about it.
  • The counter starts at 0
  • It cannot decrease below 0
  • It cannot increase above 5

Below I will list all the places where it's value changes without listing spoilers, to get more details simply ctrl-F search the file name.

I have highlighted what I consider to be the "best choices" here as well, and if you follow my suggestions then you should start ch14 with rugga_decision=3 which is the minimum value it can be and still get the best consequence, for more info on that refer to ch14.



rugga_decision-1 (trust me, you'll want to go against Rugga on this one)

rugga_decision-1 (there is no reason to take this option)

convo\part10\cnv_10_pop_ettingbekr.json.z (actually takes place in ch12)
8 - From Their Homes Must All Flee
"'Tell me: did you just come from Boersgard? We heard rumor the Sundr Bellower was sacking the town.'"
All options lead to the same result

"Leave? Not to sound ungrateful, but this's all we have. It's our home."
All options lead to the same result

"Your humor reminds me of your father's - since we're talking about things we'd rather avoid."
All options lead to the same result, Option 1 gives extra dialogue

"Sorry. I'm sure thinking about losing one parent is hard enough."
All options lead to the same result

Market: 35 supplies @ 5:1

"No, I do. I promised your...your father I'd always protect you."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 4 give extra dialogue

"My shield. I jumped from the ship and...well, it doesn't float. At all."
All options lead to the same result, but I prefer the last one

"=You suddenly realize you've embarrassed him.="
All options lead to the same result

"Alette, they respected Rook and that respect has passed to you, but give them any reason to doubt you, and it'll vanish."
All options lead to the same result, option 3 gives extra dialogue

"She's a little small for such a big role, isn't she?"
All options lead to the same result

"I already know who you are, Chieftain."
All options lead to the same result, option 2 leads to extra dialogue

"And get rid of half these useless people too - they're slowing us down."
All options lead to the same result

"Hakon, a warrior recently acknowledged as king of the varl, paces on the dock. 'Not sure I was made for this,' he says as you approach. 'Commanding in battle is one thing, but deciding how many chickens we need to bring?'"
All options lead to the same result

"Oddleif looks at the group of men before turning to you. She seems interested in hearing your response."
"Ignore them" = peasants-21
"Leave now before I decide not to let you." = peasants-5 & renown+5
"My father was great; I hope to be remembered as fondly." = morale+10

"The hopeful looks from others sway you and you signal for the ships to make land. 'Would you mind telling me why the capital is our destination?'" Aleo asks."
All options lead to the same result; except DO NOT take: "It just is. Now, help row." = morale-5

"It's hard to push a spear through a tree. Easier to turn the tree into another spear."
All options lead to the same result

"Seems I should be asking you that. I'm Rugga, the governor of Boersgard."
All options lead to the same result

=The guard nods his agreement, but says nothing.=
All options lead to the same result; except: "If that's all, I need to tend to other things."+"I'll take my chances another time." = ends conversation
"So far? Should I be expecting trouble?" = a little extra dialogue

"It's the seat of power. Twice as many people as Boersgard, all clawing to get closer to the king. It's a sight, but it'll probably scare you."
"Why did you leave?" = progress
Otherwise, all other options = ends conversation

"You might become a better leader than anyone before you, but no one here besides me knows what you need to survive in Arberrang."
All options lead to the same result, options 2 or 3 give extra dialogue

"The ships will hold. Row!" = return to same options & supplies-15 & rugga_decision-1
"Then we'll cut through with axes." = Battle & day+1 & rugga_decision+1
"Fine. We'll carry the ships." = morale+10 & rugga_decision+1 & day+.75

"You hear the axemen cheer as the blockage of wood breaks up and disappears down the river, but the dredge have regrouped. One of them looks especially menacing. The fighters around you are tired, but could buy everyone else enough time to safely board the ships."
"Continue to stand your ground with those around you" = Battle
"Get to the ships!" = peasants-28 & fighters-12 & varl-2 & supplies-19 & morale-10

"Care to give it a try?"
"Mending? Me? Uh..." = progress
"Sure!" = progress

"Thanks, but I need to see to a few other things." = reject_mending

"It comes naturally to you."
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives a little more dialogue

*Clansmen Forage




*Scroll down to the table to see the effects of the ship_additions counter
"We'll help as many as we can." = progress
"They might resupply us for our trouble." = progress with extra dialogue
"You want me to turn my back on them?" = return to same options

"Ignore the village and head down river" = rugga_decision+1 & dagr dies (bug?)

"'Keep going,' Bolverk growls, 'we'll see what the dead are carrying!' The varl's comment defies tradition, but so do many things about him."
  • "Push on to the village to investigate" = leads to "A barn is the only thing burning. No one is around.'Unusual,' Oddleif says. 'Some kind of trick?'"
  • "Turn back to the ships" = leads to "On the banks, a small force of strangers head towards a supply ship, but stop when they notice your return. A man riddled with desperation steps forward. 'Sorry for the ruse - hunger makes men take risks, you know?'"

"A barn is the only thing burning. No one is around.'Unusual,' Oddleif says. 'Some kind of trick?'"
"Feels that way. Let's get back to the ships!" = supplies-15 & morale-5 & rugga_decision-1 & ship_additions+1
"Not sure, but let's look for supplies while we're here." = day+0.5 & supplies-15 & morale-10 & rugga_decision-1 & ship_additions+1
"Maybe that fire trapped someone else." = day+0.5 & supplies-15 & morale-10 & rugga_decision-1 & ship_additions+1

"On the banks, a small force of strangers head towards a supply ship, but stop when they notice your return. A man riddled with desperation steps forward. 'Sorry for the ruse - hunger makes men take risks, you know?'"
"Walk away. Now." = progress
"What about burning your village?" = progress

"Put an arrow in him" = morale+10 & rugga_decision+1

=You stare at the man and his people.=
"You shouldn't have tried to steal from us. We're leaving." = morale+10 & rugga_decision+1
"If you come with us, you fight alongside us." = fighters+30 & supplies-3 & rugga_decision-1 & ship_additions+1 (If rugga_decision wasn't so important I'd say take this option, but because it is – taking this option would drop the counter too low, resulting in losing FAR more than 30 fighters later on)
"I don't trust you to join us, but we'll leave you with a meal." = supplies-3 & rugga_decision-1
"Iver, what should we do with them?" = return to same options

*Clansmen Forage
8 - Cont'd
"He's watching a lone dredge grunt stalk a squirrel. 'Might be a hundred of them in these woods.' The varl's whisper is still loud enough to scare the squirrel and alert the grunt. It looks at you and the varl before slowly backing up. "
"Get the entire caravan back on the ships" = supplies+18 & morale-5
"Kill it before it alerts other dredge" = supplies+18 & morale-5
"Watch the dredge, track it if possible" = progress
"Back away, leaving the dredge alone" = morale+20 & renown+5 & supplies+40

"The grunt runs away. You silently follow, but stop when you discover a clearing with a few small animal bones laying about - meager meals for one. Near the bones stands a tiny statue of a dragon and terror courses down your spine. You want to get away from it. "
"Fight your fear and take the statue" = morale+20 & renown+5 & supplies+40 & Gormr Statue(lvl 6 item: Knockback on STR attacks of 3+, +2 Will per kill, +1 STR)
"Leave this place and return to the caravan" = morale+20 & supplies+40

"'She is the curves of every river, a guide for those of us traveling unfamiliar lands.' The skald runs a finger over small etchings in the stone. 'Inscriptions from all those who were lost, but found a way back home with her help.'
"Listen to more of Aleo's tale" = progress
"Search around the stone for anything of value" = nothing
"Pay your respects and leave" = Aselei's Trail(lvl 5 item: +2 WILL, +2 STR) later on

"'Some say her stone shows the struggle of leaving the familiar to see what's over the next hill.' Aleo looks at the ropes tied around parts of her and smiles. 'Before the gods died, her stone supposedly stood tall and moved a few steps each year, so people are always trying to make sure she stays put.' Aleo looks at you, grinning. 'Have you the strength to hold her or a gift with which to entice her?'
"Pull on one of the stronger ropes" = morale+15 & Aselei's Trail(lvl 5 item: +2 WILL, +2 STR) later on
"I have no interest in dealing with dead gods." = nothing

"Sven blows out all his air through flapping lips. 'Then let's get it done. How many you want fighting for you?'"
"Can you train two hundred?" = day+3 & peasants-200 & fighters+200
"A hundred new fighters will do fine." = day+1.5 & peasants-100 & fighters+100
"Fifty should be enough to give us an edge." = day+1 & peasants-50 & fighters+50



"The longships are too spread out to command a unified landing. Amid the chaos, you look at those nearby. Griss, a stout varl warrior, and a few others like him look ready to rush the dredge. Bolverk and his company are close to you, hauling their sealed cart off the ship. You consider your options."
"Cover the battlefield with arrows, Oddleif!"/"Oddleif, can you help keep the dredge off us?" = Battle w/ Oddleif auto-laying traps
"We could use some help from the Ravens, Bolverk!" = Battle w/ Folka & renown-10
"Griss, make an opening in their ranks!" = Battle & Griss died?
"Charge!"/"Follow me! We'll push them back!" = Battle

All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 2 give a little extra dialogue

"You consider what to do."
"Sacrifice some supplies for barricades" = supplies-20 (makes getting the Demolisher achievement easier, but is not needed)

"The wounded and elderly struggle to make it onto the floating rocks while fear of the bridge paralyzes the legs of others. The dredge give chase, crossing onto the bridge without hesitation."
(Alette)"Find lines of dredge to dispatch with your arrows" = renown+10
(Rook)"Charge into the dredge" = fighters-3 & renown+2

"Ask varl to carry those struggling" = supplies-9 & morale+10
"Shout at Eyvind to drop the back of the bridge" = peasants-28 & fighters-7 & varl-1

"Eyvind is growing visibly weaker. Meanwhile, many in the caravan are stunned by witnessing family members fall to their deaths. The effect is spreading."
"Everyone look forward! Move!" = varl-4 & peasants-27 & fighters-8
"Rip a weeping man away from the falling edge" = morale+5
"Ask Eyvind how you can help him." = morale-10 & peasants-32 & varl-4 & fighters-14
"Run to the back and push people forward." =
-if shorepickup_klypp = morale+10 & varl-1
-otherwise = morale+5 & peasants-9 & fighters-4

"'We =are= carrying too much,' Iver says. 'We've got to get rid of something before that mender drops us all into the depths.' You look around and see only people, food, and the massive cart the Ravens are hauling. Only two of those are an option."
"Dump more food!" = supplies-25 & morale+5
"Bolverk, throw that cart over the edge!" = peasants-23 & fighters-9 & varl-3 & morale-10

"When Juno looks at you, her lips are trembling. 'This is killing him,' she says. 'and I won't let that happen.' Her tone is dark and cold."
"What's the alternative?" = progress
"We'll dump the rest of the supplies." = supplies-15
"This was your plan!" = progress

"Nod to silently approve dropping the rear of the caravan"/"We don't have enough food to make a difference!"/"You told me the clansmen are important. Eyvind must try." = peasants-20 & fighters-4 & morale-10
"The food, of course!"/"The food. We'll get rid of the rest of it!" = supplies-15
8 - Cont'd again
"'Better let someone like me check out that place,' Ekkill says, grabbing your arm. 'Searching for whatever's left in ruins on the side of a cliff? Could be dangerous.' Though he joined you around Frostvellr, you've never been sure of his motivations."
"What do you mean by 'someone like you'?" = progress
"I can handle it." = progress
"Fine, but take some others with you." = nothing

"'The throw-away type.' Before you can say anything, he holds up a hand. 'There'd be no wet eyes around here if I went missing - that's a faen fact. Can't say the same for you though.'"
"Maybe, but I'm still going to look." = progress
"Take some others with you." = nothing

"The structure groans as you enter and you hear yourself whispering, 'This isn't worth it.' After a quick survey of the room, only two things stand out: a stone with strange etchings resting on the broken mantle and foot prints in the dust near a small door in the wall. A gust of wind blows up from the chasm and the whole building creaks."
"Cross the teetering floor for the stone" = nothing
"I know you're there. I'm here to help." =
-(Alette) supplies+9 & peasants+23 & morale+5 & Jokullhallr(lvl 6 item: +2 all talent ranks)
-(Rook) nothing
"Back out slowly" = nothing

"Good, you're here. It's the Ravens - they're trying to leave and some of our people want to go with them."
All options lead to the same result, but option 3 is missing a link, bug?

"You varl are just too easy."
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives extra dialogue

=A cool anger glistens in Hakon's eyes when he looks at Bolverk.=
"Why does he want to leave?" = progress
"He's free to leave and some of those supplies are rightfully his." = 8_calc_ravens_supplies
"I'd like to know if something like this is going on."/"You should've let me know something was going on." = 8_calc_ravens_supplies

"Hiding food when we've got people starving?" = nothing

"We've done what we can for them."
"Be generous and split your supplies with the Ravens" = 8_calc_ravens_supplies
"Punish them by giving them nothing" = nothing
"Offer the Ravens enough supplies to last a couple of days" = supplies-4

*Bersi, Ekkill, Krumr, and Mogun leave the main caravan
8 - Random Events
4 of the following 5 events will proc in a given playthrough

"A crowd begins to cheer from one of the longships as a man struggles with his fishing net. As his catch nears the surface, some voice concerns. You're close enough to make out a large shape and what looks like fur - or hair - in the net."
"Fire an arrow into the mass" = renown+2 & morale-10
"Keep watching as the man hauls it out" = morale-10
"Release your net!" = nothing

"Time on the cramped longships is proving too much for the children. They're climbing ropes, interrupting rowers, and constantly leaning over the sides to touch the water. Some varl and clansmen look annoyed."
"Remind everyone that this will soon be over" = morale+5 (take this option if you get this random event last, because there will not be a follow up event in that case)
"Say nothing" = nothing
"Keep your kids by your side. We're at war until Arberrang." = automatic GOOD outcome in next event = morale+10
"Move families to specific longships" = day+0.5

"While bracing for more collisions, you hear a mother's shout. 'Faksi! Danr! My sons! There!' The two rowdy boys have fallen overboard and slip under the turbulent waters quickly. You're longship is too far ahead for you to jump in to save them."
"Throw ropes to them!" = peasants-1 & morale-5
"Shout for someone to tie off and jump in" = peasants-1 & morale-5

"Wait to see where the boys resurface" = peasants-2 (bug?) & morale-5 & renown-4
"Slow the ships! Everyone search for them!" = supplies-5 & morale-10 & peasants-2 & renown-2

"A desperate-looking lot of adults and a varl stand on the shoreline, waving you down. You probably look similar going anywhere with Iver. They look hungry, but can they be trusted?"
"Toss supplies to them as you pass, but don't stop" = supplies-10 & morale+10
"Slow the boats and ask their needs" = progress
"Ignore them" = nothing

"'The basics,' the varl says. 'Food, safety. Trade routes are empty.' Of the two dozen humans, half look like they've seen battle."
"Here's food; you'll have to find safety elsewhere." = supplies-10 & morale+10
"Come aboard. You'll have food and safety." = morale+10 & peasants+12 & fighters+12 & varl+1 & shorepickup_klypp & ship_additions+1
"We've got too many to care for as is." = morale-10

"Shouts from one of the rear longships grab everyone's attention. The quick construction is proving faulty and the ship is taking on water fast. With dredge on the bank and all other ships almost at capacity, you consider your options."
"Bank the longship for repairs" = morale-5 & day+1
"Have the clansmen board other ships" = morale+10 & ship_additions+1(If Nid is alive you can take this option, otherwise take the one below)
"Dump supplies to make room on other longships" = supplies-20 & ship_additions-1

"Ask shipwrights for advice" = peasants-4 & fighters-3 & varl-1 & morale-10 & ship_additions+1
9 - Cast the Bone into the Air
"We could've at least waited to hear their plans first, then decided."
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 2 give extra dialogue

"Haven't you said enough?"
All options lead to the same result, option 3 is my favorite

"You would turn down the mender Council's coin?"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives a little extra dialogue


"Felt like a good time to introduce myself. Mogun."
All options lead to the same result

=He ignores her. He's only interested in what you have to say.=
"Get past me and it's all yours." = Fight and achievement
"The cart stays closed." = leads to =The man's words are fading behind the growl in your chest.=
"Back away or I kill you in front of your friends." = leads to "Pathetic. But not a bad test to see what your new recruits are made of, right?"
"Let's take a look." = nothing

"Pathetic. But not a bad test to see what your new recruits are made of, right?"
"Challenge me again and you're dead." = nothing
"Letting you live would set a bad example." = Mogun dies

=The man's words are fading behind the growl in your chest.=
"That was your only warning." = same as "Get past me and it's all yours."
"Take one more faen step forward and you die." = leads to "Pathetic. But not a bad test to see what your new recruits are made of, right?"

"You thumb the edge of one axe while staring down at the man."
"Kill Mogun to set an example" = Mogun dies & renown+10
"Let him live. Barely." = Mogun injured

"The tattooed fighter is noticeably drunk, but he lobs two black axes in quick succession at an approaching scourge. The axes find their mark, shattering stone armor."
"Continue watching the man's performance" = Battle w/o Oli & Oli imjured
"Help him fight" = Battle w/ Oli & Oli's Lucky Flask(lvl 3 item: 10% Dodge STR Attacks, +10% Crit, 10% Divert ARM Attacks)

All options lead to the same result

"Your caravan moves closer but stays out of arrow range. 'Whoever's in there wants to be left alone,' Folka says, 'but it could be our best chance for supplies around here.'"
"Not worth it. We keep moving." = morale-10 & fail achievement
"Approach the village stating your needs" = progress
"Split and attack." = morale+10 & Battle

"You grab the Raven banner and advance on the town, dodging a warning arrow. 'We need supplies,' you shout. 'You know who we are, who I am!' A few moments pass before several more arrows zip past you, one grazing your shoulder near an old scar."
"Begin the Raven's song and charge" = morale+10 & Battle
"Let these bastards rot out here alone!" = morale-10 & fail achievement

"Folka pulls you aside and says, 'They know how to fight, so we'd be stronger if they joined us.' You pull at your beard. 'Or I could make them gather food for us,' you say."
"You've got this one chance to join the Ravens." = fighters+14 & supplies+10 & fridrik_joins (unknown flag effects)
"You're coming with us...without your blades and bows." = supplies+10
"We're not going to kill you, but we're taking what we need." = renown+5 & morale+10 & supplies+8
"Given the chance, they'll kill us. They die." = renown+5 & supplies+10

*Market: 20 supplies @ 1:1


"Sparr starts coughing, but recovers. \"Nearly killed us all, but ol' Irynx took a hit like no other and there you have it.\" The excited Ravens start asking you questions, but Sparr is all too happy to answer."
"Study the bird-shaped stone" = Pipe Plant(lvl 6 item: +3 Will on rest, +1 Armor on rest, +1 Will)
"Inspect the damage you once caused" = Pipe Plant(lvl 6 item: +3 Will on rest, +1 Armor on rest, +1 Will)
"I told you to shut up, old man!" = morale-5

"'...around to hear you yelling.' A harsh voice reaches your ears, followed by the laughter of several others. Your abrupt halt alerts Folka who immediately signals the Ravens to fan out and draw their weapons. "
"Investigate" = leads to: Over the next rise, a group of ten haggard fighters and a few varl surround half a dozen peasants and a broken wagon. A woman spots you and shouts, 'Help us!' but a punch to the stomach drops her to the snow. The fighters turn, ready to fight."
"Don't get involved" = progress

"You look at Folka and shake your head. A woman says, 'Then take the food and leave us!' Again, the men laugh and the harsh voice says, 'We'll be taking more than that.' Folka's eyes silently question your decision."
"Wave the Ravens away and depart" = day+0.5 & morale+5 later on
"Inspect the situation" = same as "Investigate" above

"Over the next rise, a group of ten haggard fighters and a few varl surround half a dozen peasants and a broken wagon. A woman spots you and shouts, 'Help us!' but a punch to the stomach drops her to the snow. The fighters turn, ready to fight."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives the most dialogue

"'Ha!' one man says. 'We were going to eat what's in that wagon when we finished with these folks. We're starving.'
All options lead to the same result

"'Thank you,' the woman who was punched earlier says. 'I'm Sefa. I know you don't want us around, but if you're heading toward Bindal, we'll follow your path.'" = Sefa flag set which leads to a "bad" event later on but is worth it as long as you do not kill Bak
"Fine, but your food is ours." = supplies+1
"Keep your food and your distance, understood?" = nothing

=You are confused as much by his question as by the fact that no one is with the man.=
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 2 give extra dialogue

"No! I want you to take over. Lead us some place we can live. Lofn and I weren't meant for keeping others alive."
"Not interested." = leads to: "We are people who will do whatever it takes to survive."
"What do I get in return?" = leads to: "Spoiling you, Lofn is. We'll even spread the word of how great the Ravens are."
"We're heading past Bindal, but we'll take you there." = peasants+83 & fighters+80 & supplies+24 & Bak joins

"We are people who will do whatever it takes to survive."
"You can join us to Bindal." = peasants+83 & fighters+80 & supplies+24 & Bak joins
"The answer's still no." = Battle & Bak dies

"Spoiling you, Lofn is. We'll even spread the word of how great the Ravens are."
"It's not worth my time." = progress
"We'll take you as far as Bindal." = peasants+83 & fighters+80 & supplies+24 & Bak joins

"You won't reconsider?"
"The answer's no." = Battle & Bak dies
"We'll take you to Bindal, but that's it." = peasants+83 & fighters+80 & supplies+24 & Bak joins
"Kill him without warning" = Bak dies & progress

"They're scared. And just saw their leader killed. We could take them out or possibly recruit them."
"Kill them. We've got a name to uphold." = Battle
"This is your only chance to join us." = peasants+65 & supplies+61 & fighters+60
"Offer them a chance to run" = supplies+30 & renown+5 & morale+10
9 - Cont'd
RANDOM EVENT (this one does not trigger because the placement of the "9_post_refs" flag teleports you past the random event - instead of being located at 4900, "9_post_refs" should have been placed at 3900, bug)

NO Sefa = morale+5
NO supplies = nothing
Sefa & Bak dead = fighters-3 & peasants-8 & morale-15 & supplies/2 (aka lose half your supplies)
Sefa & Bak alive = fighters-5 & Battle & renown+10


"The old wanderer fights his way up next to you. 'Can't see a damn thing in this mess - guess ol' Irynx hasn't forgiven you yet after all!'"
"Shouldn't you have died already?" = progress
"I don't remember there being much to see here." = nothing
"Keep bringing up Irynx and you'll cough up more than phlegm." = nothing

"'There's bound to be more people from Ormsdalr trying to find a new home in Bindal,' Sparr says. 'Crowded towns haven't always been good for us.'"
All options lead to the same result

"Folka steps to your side. 'Not alone,' she says."
"Get back with the others." = 9_folka_nogo
"She comes with me." = nothing (unlocks morale+15 later)

"Hold your tongue, Nikels."
"What do you know about me, boy?" = nikels_fanboy (unlocks morale+15 later)
"Or I'll cut it out." = progress

"Mercenaries will only panic the people. With everyone from Ormsdalr, it's all I can do to keep them from stampeding like wild yox."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue

"And separate me from my Ravens? No." = Battle later on
"Good, but try anything and my Ravens will level this place." = fighters-9 later on
9 - Random Events
2 or 3 of the following 5 events will proc in a given playthrough (but 4 were supposed to, bug)

"Folka looks at you with amusement and confusion. None of the other Ravens seem to know how to react either."
All options lead to the same result

"Jut looks genuinely confused. 'I've never said goodbye before hello, Nokke.' Most of the Ravens are now suppressing chuckles at the absurdity."
"I'm not sure what you're after, but we're not sharing food." = progress
"Kill them" = fighters-2 & Solvi's Method(lvl 9 item: +2 range, -2 Armor, Knockback on STR attacks of 3+) (this is an amazing item for archers)

"Jut looks annoyed. 'Nokke, we'd fight =for= food, but we'd fight =with= this lot.'"
"You can join if you'll shut up." = varl+2
"Get out of here or I'll kill you both." = fighters-5 & Solvi's Method(lvl 9 item: +2 range, -2 Armor, Knockback on STR attacks of 3+)

"'Sure could use some more supplies in our cart,' a Raven says, tightening his belt. 'Kind of miss having those other folks around. They might not have been worth a damn in a fight, but they knew how to track animals and spot berries just about anywhere.' Others agree."
"Sounds like you need practice. Start hunting." = supplies+3
"I can track better than any of them." = renown+4 & morale+10 & supplies+10
"Quit complaining or you're on half rations." = nothing

"'I noticed the others aren't so good at spotting food,' Oli slurs. 'It's a good thing I spent some time with that Tryggvi fellow - taught me what's what. But I nearly killed myself on those jagger bushes over there trying to get these.' He steps aside to reveal a large basket full of mushrooms. You look at Folka who shrugs. 'We =need= food,' she says."
"Sure these are okay to eat?" = return to same options
"Fine. Put them in the cart."/"Then take them with us." = supplies+8 & 9_oli_ate_shrooms
(unknown flag effects)
"I don't trust them. Throw them out!"/"I'm not trusting a drunk's gut. Toss them!" = morale-5

*The line “He seems oblivious to the trouble he caused with the mushrooms.” seems to indicate that there was supposed to be some additional outcome from the previous event (likely tied to the flag 9_oli_ate_shrooms) since this hints at design elements not in the release version... bug?
"'Good news, you dullards!' Oli shouts. 'I've been collecting these little clusters of berries.' He holds up a short stem with three leaves and three berries each. 'Problem is, I can't remember if the leaves are poison or the berries.' He seems oblivious to the trouble he caused with the mushrooms."
"Eat the berries, Oli, and we'll see what happens."+"The rest of you can do what you want." = supplies+9
"Try the leaves and we'll see if you get sick."+"The rest of you can do what you want." = morale+20 & supplies+15 (It should not affect the player, but I do get a console error here due to the o1 flag not being initialized, bug?)
"Threaten him for being a fool" = nothing
"Throw the basket out" = nothing

"'Tracks up ahead,' a scout reports. 'Followed them a ways. Small camp, a few blades. Meat and mead, maybe more.'"
"Take what they have. If they resist, kill them." = renown+5 & supplies+10
"Kill them and take everything." = morale+10 & supplies+12
"Leave them." = progress

"Surprise registers on everyone's face. 'So bears =do= know how to joke!' Folka says. A few of the men chuckle and she whispers, 'Tell them you're joking. Tell =me= you're joking!'"
"You heard me: leave them." = morale-15 & fail achievement
"Idiots. Of course I was joking!" = morale+10 & renown+5 & supplies+10
10 - To Speak in All Tongues
"Not everyone would've stopped for so long, especially with the ground rumbling like it has."
All options lead to the same result, options 3 or 4 seem longer

=You consider his offer. =
"Sure. It might really help someday."/"I'll learn what I can. It could be really useful." = 10_alette_mender
*With the 10_alette_mender flag Alette's bow will display mender carvings and in ch14 she will gain the Mend Armor ability (same as Eyvind's)
"What's this going to require of me?" = return to same options

"I'm going to stick with improving my skills as a hunter."/"I appreciate it, Eyvind, but I'm a hunter like my father."/"My answer is still no. Please stop asking." = +1 Range later on


"Heading south is...questionable. Those people."
All options lead to the same result, option 2 seems the most understandable

=You consider your options.=
"Camp and train"= camp and train
"I don't want to risk running out of food." = return to same options
"Let's just camp. We'll consider training clansmen later." = camp
"We need to keep the few remaining clansmen moving." = nothing

"Even after that chasm, would it surprise you if I said no?"
All options lead to the same result

"But that's just it. Among these clansmen, I've seen the differences. I think I understand them a bit more."
All options lead to the same result, options 2 or 3 give extra dialogue

=Ludin glares at her, but the archer only smirks.=
All options lead to the same result, options 1 or 2 give extra dialogue


*Clansmen Forage

"The lowing of the usually quiet yox indicates the beasts' difficulty pulling the carts. You're up to your knees in it when a scout comes to you. 'Found some stone markers that led us to a few paths of solid ground over there,' he points while shouting over the yox. 'Uneven and bumpy, but easier than this.'"
"Lead the way." = Faster travel speed & Battle later on & rugga_decision-1 (morale-15 if Rook)(required for an achievement)
"Stone markers?" = return to same options

"We'll stick to the muddy path we're on."/"Could be more trouble than it's worth. We'll push on." = morale-10 & rugga_decision+1 & unlocks next event

*This event only occurs if you did NOT cross through the hallowed ground
"'Someone's son is missing,' Iver says, motioning to a crowd shouting a boy's name. A man with bleary eyes looks at you and says, 'He's my only son. He treats his white goat like his best friend. It must've wandered off, and he's out there looking for it.' The man looks across the rainy bog. 'I've got to find my boy.'
"Wait here. Iver and I will find him." = day+.5 & progress
"We can't stop, but take some gear and get your son." = supplies-2 & peasants-8

"Tears roll down the boy's face as he sinks up to his neck in the mud. You are ahead of Iver, but already waist-deep and a few yards away. Iver is up to his knees."
"Iver, can you reach them?" = morale+20
"Extend your bow to the boy" = nothing
"Let go of your goat and move this way!" = peasants-1 & morale-5

"'They're all around us," shouts a man near the edge of the caravan. "And we're stuck in this mud!" Kragsmen have encircled you. Their leader steps forth and shouts, "There's no price but blood for crossing through the land of our dead." Shouts ring out. They're preparing to attack.'"
"Form a perimeter" = varl-8, peasants-33, fighters-21, & battle
"Try to talk the kragsmen down" = morale+20 & battle
"Send Tryggvi forward to parley" =
-"Do what you can so we can ready an attack." = Tryggvi dead & battle
-"Forget it. It's not worth the risk." = same as "Form a perimeter"

=You consider what to do.=
"Okay, Eirik, but this better be worth it." = Battle & New summon ability for Eirk (required for an achievement)
"We're at war! This isn't the time!" = Battle

"Placed upside down in the ground, the petrified roots of a giant tree reach towards the sky. All the varl, including Iver and Hakon, have separated from the caravan temporarily, giving Baldringr's godstone a wide berth. The giants' presence is missed as you continue to feel watched."
"Aleo, what do you know about Baldringr?" = progress
"Search the godstone for any items" = nothing
"Call for a rest nearby" = day+.2 & Battle & Fallows Rebirth(lvl 7 item: Protects from death, -3 Armor, 35% Dodge STR Attacks)

"Hearing nothing, Aleo resumes, holding the gaze of his audience. 'Humans praised Baldringr for the gift of fire, but the god only desired more war.' He points toward the distant shapes of the varl. 'When the giants and humans found peace, this godstone fell from grace. It looks to continue keeping the land scorched. Perhaps its shadow can still kill.'"
"Step into the godstone's shadow" = morale-10 & Battle & Fallows Rebirth(lvl 7 item: Protects from death, -3 Armor, 35% Dodge STR Attacks)
"Leave this place" = nothing
"Grab some fighters and patrol the area" = Battle & Fallows Rebirth(lvl 7 item: Protects from death, -3 Armor, 35% Dodge STR Attacks)

"I have to get a closer look."
All options lead to the same result, take "Me too." for extra dialogue

"Damn. The caravan is scaring them!"
All options lead to the same result, "Go tell the archers to put down their bows." is the nicer option

*Market: 141 supplies @ 3:1

"I thought I was doing it to protect them, but if they think I'm a monster, what's the point?"
All options lead to the same result
"Encourage him to keep fighting" = nothing
"Be with your family." = peasants+1 & Hogun no longer in roster & 10_hogun_leaves (unknown flag effects)
"Keep chopping that log - the answer will come to you." = nothing

"I haven't seen horseborn in centuries. Last they knew, humans and varl were at each other's throats."
All options lead to the same result

"Scathach, Ro'Ech, Derdriu stay. This herd help. We help this herd."
All options lead to the same result

"With the world falling apart around us, there may not be another chance to trek down south."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives more dialogue

"Quit fooling yourself, girl. The capital's going to be a different battlefield, but a battlefield nonetheless."
"Quit calling me 'girl'." = ends conversation
"We'll see when we get there." = progress
"Then I'll fight whoever gets in our way." = ends conversation

"That's a reaction. If you wait for people to attack before acting, you'll wind up with a blade in your gut."
All options lead to the same result

"This is a reenactment of the Battle of Boersgard."
"Continue watching"/"Nod for him to continue" = progress
"Grab Aleo's attention and have him end it" = return to same options

"Turn and walk away" = morale+10 & renown+2
"Stand and watch the ending" = morale+30 & renown+10


*Clansmen Forage

"Partially. But mostly because of a coming darkness that is pushing the dredge."
All options lead to the same result

"If you didn't appear worthy, you would be replaced."
All options lead to the same result

10 - Cont'd
=You consider your options.=
"Let's stop the horseborn and deal with the dredge later." = burnt_houses & burnt_market (aka worst choice)
"Defend the town from the dredge" = progress (Oddleif and the horseborn do not die regardless)
"Scathach, why did they take off like that?" = return to same options

"We'll split up and meet back in town."+"I've made my decision." = progress & rugga_decision-1

*According to the files there is an opportunity during the fight to get an extra 5 renown by completing ch10_lundar_dagr_joins
"'Listen to me,' Governor Rugga says. 'My man, Dagr, can get behind these dredge and make short work of them, but he'll need some help.' Aleo spins around and says, 'I will assist. I insist.' You look at Hakon who just shrugs."
"Send Dagr and Ludin to dispatch dredge from behind" = Battle & Ludin dies(always) & Ormhildr's Bangle(lvl 8 item: 20% Divert ARM Attacks, 10% Dodge STR Attacks, 1 STR Resist, 1 Armor)(if with Alette)
"We'll stick together and rout them." = Battle & fighters-5 later
"Send Dagr and Aleo to dispatch the dredge from behind" = Battle (no one ever dies, but only available if Ludin is already dead)
*The decision above basically determines how the game ends; if you want to side with Rugga against King Meinolf in ch14 at Arberrang, then you should make Ludin die here so as to keep the Varl on your side. If Ludin is already dead then you are basically forced into this ending, unless you want to see the Varl race exterminated (you monster!)
*Alternatively, if you want to side with King Meinolf, you'll want want to make sure Ludin survives to again make sure the Varl are on your side.
*The tally (assuming you keep the Varl alive on both paths) is as follows:
Side with Rugga = Yrsa dies & gain the item mentioned above if Ludin was alive before this choice
Side with King Meinolf = peasants-12 & fighters-22 & varl-3 (in the best case scenario)

"Oddleif is hemmed in near two horseborn you assume are Ro'Ech and Derdriu, but the kicked-up dust cloud blurs your sight. 'We can drive a wedge straight for her,' Iver says, 'but these horseborn are fast. If they flank us, we'll take heavy losses.'"
"We have to save Oddleif and the others."= Battle w/ Ro'Ech, Derdriu, Oddleif
"Shield wall. Advance slowly and keep them from flanking us!" = Battle & Ro'Ech and Derdriu are wounded

=You consider what to do.=
"We can't afford to split up." = save one location
"We'll save as many as we can. Split up!" = save two locations

Only Market saved = 112 Supplies later on
Only Homes saved + "You're welcome to join us, but it's not an easy trek." = renown+5, peasants+181, supplies+120, Solvi's Method(lvl 9 item: +2 range, -2 Armor, Knockback on STR attacks of 3+) (this is an amazing item for archers) & 203 Clansmen later on
Only Greathall saved = peasants+10, fighters+33, & 51 Fighters later on
Homes & Greathall saved = 51 Fighters & 203 Clansmen later on
Homes & Market saved = 112 Supplies & 203 Clansmen later on
Market & Greathall = 112 Supplies & 51 Fighters later on
*The sections marked as "later on" happen at the start of ch12, the way this section is handled seems... odd, bug?

=Iver looks at you and grumbles.=
All options lead to the same result, options 1 and 2 give extra dialogue
10 - Random Events
4 of the following 9 events will proc In a given playthrough

*Takes place over the course of two events
=You consider what to do.=
"How do you know she's a witch?" = return to same options
"Let her go. She can join us." = supplies+75 later

"Let her go and everyone go their own way." = supplies-25 later on
"I don't like it, but this isn't our concern." = morale-5
"Yrsa, any thoughts?" = return to same options

"A group of two dozen humans, thin and dirty, step off the rough path to let the caravan pass. 'Please,' a young girl says, 'anything to eat?' Her mother, eyes averted, pulls the girl by the arm to silence her."
"Of course. Have some of our food."/"Sorry to hear that. Have some food." = supplies-15 & morale+10
"Why are you all out here?" = return to same options
"You can join us if you'd like." = peasants+24 & unlock follow up event

"Look away from the girl and keep moving"/"Similar to us, but we can't spare anything." = supplies-3

"A woman hauls a young girl in front of you and a crowd of others. 'Caught her stealing enough food to feed a starving varl,' the woman says. 'Not the first time I've seen her at it either.' The girl looks familiar. She's part of the thin group of humans you picked up on the trail."
"Why were you stealing?" = peasants-24
"I won't have thieves with us. You and your family have to leave." = peasants-24
"Just return the food. Her people will punish her." = nothing

"Scouts report subtle movements around you. 'We're being followed. Studied, maybe,' she says. 'Can't tell how many. It's like they disappear if you look directly at them.'"
"Let me know when you actually see something." = nothing
"Grab some fighters to join you in a patrol" = krag_counter+1

"You decide what to do."
"Slow down and tighten the caravan ranks" = krag_counter+1 (morale-10 if Mogr is dead)
"Focus on the attackers in front" = Battle
"Focus on the attackers behind you" = Battle
"Send fighters to both ends and repel the attacks" = morale-10 & peasants-10 & fighters-15 & varl-4 & Battle

"The caravan comes to a halt. In front of you stands a single kragsman. 'We've watched you. You figured that, right?' he says. Every clansman is wide-eyed and looking around for an attack."
  • if krag_counter=0 = leads to: "Instead, help us live. Some of your food and fighters, ones with no families. Fifty will do, and the food they can carry. Don't say no."
  • if krag_counter=1 = morale+10
  • if krag_counter=2 = leads to: "'Well done,' the kragsman says. 'You listen to your scouts and know how to defend yourself.' He claps a few times. 'A good number of fighters are with me. We'd like to join you, right? Wherever you're going's better than returning home for us.'"

"Instead, help us live. Some of your food and fighters, ones with no families. Fifty will do, and the food they can carry. Don't say no."
"Never."/"That's too much." = Battle & peasants-10 & fighters-8 & varl-1
"We'll give you the food, but not the fighters."+"Fine." = supplies-40
"We can't afford to fight you. Take the food and fighters." = supplies-20 & fighters-50 & morale-20

"'Well done,' the kragsman says. 'You listen to your scouts and know how to defend yourself.' He claps a few times. 'A good number of fighters are with me. We'd like to join you, right? Wherever you're going's better than returning home for us.'"
"You're welcome to join, but there better be no trouble."/"Fine, but there better be no trouble." = fighters+100 & supplies+40
"And if I say no?" = return to same options

"It's best if you move on." = Battle & peasants-10 & fighters-8 & varl-1

"A metal clanking is heard in the distance and grows louder. You see a yox cart surrounded by four varl and an older woman hitting a ladle against a pan. 'All sorts of things for sale,' she says, but her eyes go wide when she looks at you. 'It's you! Special deals when it comes to you.'"
"How do you know me?" = return to same options
"Who are you?" = return to same options
"Let me see what you have." = shop

"We don't need anything, thanks." = progress, without extra dialogue

"The woman's eyes go wide. 'Really?' she says. 'Madir can't believe it. Out here with so many and you don't need a single thing?'"
"That's right. Goodbye." = nothing
"Might as well take a look at what you have." = shop

"'Game trail,' one of a few gathered hunters says, looking at a beaten path of grass. 'No telling what we might find down it, but it'll fill some stomachs.'"
"Let the hunters hunt" = nothing (bug?)
"Make a wager for who brings back the biggest kill" = progress
"We need to keep moving." = nothing

=You consider what to do.=
"Search the ground for any clues" = return to same options
"Follow the hunters to the left" = morale+15 & supplies+10
"Follow the hunters down the center trail" = morale+15 & supplies+10
"Take off to the right on your own" = renown+5 & morale+15 & supplies+25
11 - Where a Foe May Lurk
=The fighter nods and takes off to find everyone.=
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives a little extra dialogue

"But the Ravens could take on all these dredge, especially with a Valka's help. Like that time in River Rake when you helped Valka Fjorinn!"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives a little extra dialogue

=Folka gets quiet and looks at you.=
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives a little extra dialogue

*Market: 113 supplies @ 1:1

"'Bolverk, hey!" Folka's voice draws you from the dream and she's shaking you by the straps of your cloak. Everyone is watching. "Another dream?" she asks. Your eyes finally focus on hers.'"
All options lead to the same result, option 2 = fail achievement

=Zefr nods but looks lost in thought.=
All options lead to the same result, I like option 2 myself

"The Valka have pathways there that will grant us escape, but with all of these people, it will be difficult."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue and option 3 = fail achievement

"Of course, a town in chaos is tempting. Makes you wonder what we might find in the great hall."
"I'm not playing nursemaid to these people. Let's go." = skip over next section
"We stick with the Valka for now." = progress

*You may only pick one of the following, I'll list the best results from each here
  • Try to Bail = Battle, fighters-2 (only available if you took option 1 above)
  • Gate = renown+5 & supplies+100
  • Greathall = choice between Green Eykr(lvl 7 item: +2 Ranged Distance; +2 Break Talent Ranks) -OR- Gormr Statue(lvl 6 item: Knockback on STR attacks of 3+, +2 Will per kill, +1 STR)
  • Houses = morale+20
*Despite what the text says you leave with the same number of clansmen regardless of choices, bug?

"'Faen idiots!" she screams. "Wrong time for any of that!" Your thoughts exactly. She looks at you. "What do you want to do?'"
"Stick with the plan of leaving and find who you can" = Battle, fighters-2, & progress
"Give up on leaving" = same as "We stick with the Valka for now."

"'Found a few of your birds trying to help themselves to things that weren't theirs," the captain says. "Killed two before these submitted. In different times, I'd have killed them all on the spot.'"
"Kill them and I kill you."/"I'd kill them myself if we weren't low on fighters." = nothing
"What stopped you?" = return to the same options

"Ravens don't get caught. Do what you need to." = fighters-5

'Before long, shouting and shoving breaks out between some men. A few of your Ravens are pulled into the middle of it and soon weapons are drawn. "Auri's men are back to taking things that aren't theirs!" a wiry man shouts. "And now he's got the mercenaries helping him steal." A large man steps forward and says, "Don't need the mercenaries to cut out your lying tongue, Jokell.'"
"Keep the Ravens out of it, but don't interfere" = supplies+30
"Pull out your axes and threaten them all" = renown+5 & supplies+100
"What was stolen?" = supplies+30

=You give it some thought.=
"We don't sneak around like rats. Front door." = progress
"Didn't realize you were the thieving type." = return to the same options
"We'll try it your way. Mogun, you're up."/"We'll try it your way. Ekkill, you're up."/"We'll try it your way. Oli, you're up." = Green Eykr(lvl 7 item: +2 Ranged Distance; +2 Break Talent Ranks)

'The large doors to the great hall barely accommodate your frame as you and the others enter quietly. Half-full baskets of cups and plates, hay-padded crates with armor and weapons, and rolls of furs and tapestries are everywhere. Just when you think no one is around, you hear voices upstairs.'"
"Signal for the others to stop and listen" = progress
"Quickly search the bottom floor and leave" = nothing
"Forget this plan and leave" = nothing

'Everyone gets quiet and the voices become clear. Gudmundr is talking to some of your Ravens. "I knew we'd have problems with your kind,\" he says. A Raven responds, "Bolverk'll kill you for tying us up!'"
All options lead to the same result, progress

"Making sure everyone is heading to the mines."/"We were making sure everyone was heading to the mine." = Gormr Statue(lvl 6 item: Knockback on STR attacks of 3+, +2 Will per kill, +1 STR)
"Why are my Ravens tied up?"/"Cut them loose. I'll handle them." = morale-10

'After a few paths are cleared, Oli whistles to get your attention. "Big house over here," he says, grinning. "Might be worth checking out.'"
"Look through the house for any valuables" = morale+20
"See anything through the windows?" = same as "Look through the house for any valuables" but with extra dialogue
"Forget it. Keep moving." = nothing

"'Dredge!" The gates and the town did nothing to halt their advance. "Gudmundr and his men will slow them," Zefr says, "but it may not be enough. They have orders to collapse the opening if they're overwhelmed...will you keep them from being overwhelmed?'"
"Ravens - back to the top!" = Battle
"We're mercenaries, not volunteers." = progress
"Your captain can handle it or die trying." = progress

"Quit trying to scare me. Go fight or keep moving." = gudmundr dies
"We'll do it, but we'll talk price later." = Battle

=Zefr becomes quiet, awaiting a question.=
"So where are we headed?" = progress, ask the other two questions first or miss out on them

"Where would you go, knowing you possess the sleeping body of the immortal Sundr general?"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue



=You consider your options.=
"No, we need to keep moving." = nothing
"We're over here!" = Battle
"You find them." = day+0.75 & peasants+28
"This is the only time." = progress

"'I appreciate the help," she says, and splits everyone into search groups. As you search, you realize it's just as hard to track time down here as it is above with a sun that never moves. Some time later, you think you hear voices to the left.'
Call out to the left = return to the same options
Search to the left + Return to camp = day+0.25 & peasants+38
Keep moving along the path/Keep searching down the path = peasants+44

*Clansmen Forage

'You wake up with a shout and Folka joins you. "What was it this time?" she asks, concerned.'
"I dreamt I was a Sundr." = peasants-3 & fighters-3
"Instruct her on finding water" = morale+15 & renown+5
"Say nothing" = peasants-3 & fighters-3

'A rope bridge with wooden planking crosses an open span in the cavern formations. "Looks old," Folka says. "Narrow and not meant for carts.'"
"Just keep going." = peasants-28, fighters-18, supplies-22, & day+0.5
"Get the menders to reinforce it" = day+0.25
"Then cross one cart at a time." = morale+5 & day+0.75
11 - Cont'd
'Gems of various size and shape are found embedded in the surrounding stones. The clansmen are soon hammering away in an attempt to pry a particularly large gem loose. The ringing of hammers echoes through the deep.'
"Stop. You're making too much noise." = nothing
Try your luck at prying one out = morale-15
Say nothing and watch them work = Gem of Vez'nan(lvl 8 item: +3 Strength Talent Ranks; +20% chance of Critical)

"'Do you know the worst part about it all?'"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives the most dialogue

=Nikels frowns at her.=
Say nothing = progress
"Would you kill someone for coin?" = nikels_raven=0
"The answer to whatever you're asking is no." = nothing

"What do you think about him?"
"I'll decide in Manaharr." = 11_nikels_raven=1
"No." = nothing
* The 11_nikels_raven flag appears to only affect one line of dialogue later on and the change is cosmetic only, but the line to set it to 0 seems to be lacking the "11_" which makes it do nothing, bug?

"'I just realized I'm somewhere I've never been before. I can't remember the last time that happened.'"
All options lead to the same result, option 3 gives the most dialogue

"'This was a sacred sanctuary for those who built it," the Valka says, walking around the perfectly round, rippling pools. "At least, from what we have uncovered. The top pool was for reflecting on one's deeds, the middle to ask for strength from the world, and the bottom pool was for insight into one's future." She hesitates before saying, "I've never done anything but study their inscriptions.'"
"Reflect on your past at the top pool" = morale+50 & supplies+35
"Ask for strength from the middle pool" = increase kill count on heros
"Look ahead with the bottom pool" = Bolverk injured
"Leave the pools alone" = nothing


*Clansmen Forage

'Sorrow and uncertainty swirl across the Valka's face until she finally stands still. "What?" you ask. "Things have changed down here," she says. "Rocks have shifted, rifts have opened. I doubt Eyeless did all of this, but regardless, I'm not entirely sure which path to take.'"
"We're lost?!" = morale-15, peasants-11, fighters-10, & fail achievement
"Just choose one before everyone panics." = peasants-2
"Then get us to the surface." = peasants-2 & 11_surface_choice
(unknown flag effects)
"Send scouts ahead in several directions" = fighters-15 & peasants-2

"She's talking to it. She's faen talking to it!"
"Get away from it, Valka." = leads to "If you take that thing with us, we'll lose Ravens and clansmen as soon as we clear this cave. You know this."
"Ask it what those things were." = progress
"Kill it" = leads to "Please. Don't."

=Folka turns and stares at you.=
"Not a chance. We're leaving." = progress
"I want to hear more. Let's get him in a cart." = stonesinger_state=1

"If you take that thing with us, we'll lose Ravens and clansmen as soon as we clear this cave. You know this."
"We're leaving, Valka. Without that thing." = progress
"The Ravens can get over it. We're taking the dredge with us." = stonesinger_state=1

"I know dredge have been the enemy for centuries, but this is bigger than the hatred of man, varl, and dredge."
"I said we're leaving." = nothing
"Bring him. Find out what he knows." = stonesinger_state=1

"Please. Don't."
"Swing your axe" = nothing
"Step back" = nothing? bug?

*If stonesinger_state=1 then you will lose 20% of your clansmen, fighters, and supplies as soon as you leave the cave, but it may have positive effects in TBS3

*If you took the stonesinger then your caravan exits the cave immediately otherwise...
'Zefr holds up a hand. "I don't mind choosing a path, but it will be pure luck if it leads us anywhere good." She then stares at you. "That stonesinger may have helped us.'"
"Travel upwards at every opportunity" = morale+10 & renown+5
"Randomly choose paths with confidence" = Battle
"Send out more scouts" = Battle & fighters-11
11 - Random Events
3 of the following 5 events will proc in a given playthrough

'A scout rushes back to the caravan. "There's gold down here!" You feel the surge of excitement like everyone else. "A vein as thick as my leg just over...well, just around..." The man looks left and right, confused. "Damn it! I'm all turned around.'"
"Threaten him" = day+0.5, peasants-6, fighters-2, & renown+2
"Idiot. You're on yox duty." = morale-5
"Send out a search party" = day+0.5 & morale-5
"Gold does us no good right now anyway." = peasants-3

'In the light of torches, everyone is covered in soot and dirt. They smell bad too. It comes as no surprise when the sound of running water excites the caravan. "It has to be some underground river or something!" a woman says, and all the villagers start moving that direction.'
"Everyone stop! Scouts will check it out." = peasants-8 & morale-10
"Push ahead of everyone" = peasants-4 & morale-10
"Stand back and see what they find" = peasants-8 & morale-10
"I'll kill anyone who leaves the path." = morale-5

"'What's going on here?" you hear Folka ask a group of Ravens. They're standing around a whimpering man on his knees. "He kept whining about being hungry," one of your fighters says. "We found these little glowing berries for him, but suddenly, he's not so hungry." The others chuckle.'"
"Let Folka handle this" = supplies+15 & morale+15 w/ extra dialogue
"Knock the berries out of his hand"
"Make your fighters eat them" = supplies+15 & morale+15
"Force the man to eat them" = supplies+15 & morale+15

'Dytch is walking alongside a woman you have never seen before. He seems captivated by her, but her unfamiliarity nags at you.'
All options lead to the same result

'The shieldmaiden clangs her spear against her shield, trying to grab the attention of the two men who are clearly not themselves. "She doesn't belong to anyone, you thick-skulled morons." Another woman shouts, "Well, she doesn't belong near my husband either. If she gets near me, I'll kill her.'"
"The next to say something will regret it!" = progress
"Who is she?" = morale-25
"Bring her to me." = progress, but without the option to headbutt

"Who are you?" = morale-25
Headbutt her = morale+10 & renown+5
Laugh in her face = Bolverk injured
12 - The Destined Day Shall Come
*Market: 70 supplies @ 2:1 if not burnt

"But why? Why are they after Lundar?"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue

=You think about what he's asking.=
"Are you ready to sew your banner into ours?" = 203 Clansmen if the houses were saved, 112 Supplies if market was saved, 51 Fighters if the greathall was saved
"We can't support this many people." = return to the same options
"All of you? How many are there?" = return to the same options

"Sorry, Josurr, but the answer is no." = lose out on all rewards, don't do this


*Clansmen Forage



=You consider what to do.=
"We can't save everyone." = rugga_decision-1 & unlock the next event
"What are the horseborn doing?" = return to the same options
"Let's see if we can help." = Battle, renown+8, rugga_decision+2 & Gold Bridle(lvl 10 item: +3 ALL Talent Ranks; +1 Strength Damage; +1 Break)

*Market: 39 supplies @ 3:1 if saved

*This event only occurs if you did NOT save Ettingbekr
"Have the varl lead a charge away from the fire" = peasants-63, fighters-17, varl-9, morale-20 & mogr_dead
"Stay calm and follow me!" = morale+10, renown+5, peasants-2 & fighters-2
"Send scouts to find the direction of the fire's movement" = morale-5, peasants-8 & fighters-3

All options lead to the same result, these options give the most dialogue: "Attack Rugga"/"I feel bad enough without talking about it."
*Typo/bug: =Clansmen start mumbling, and you are not certain their on your side.=


*Clansmen Forage

"Welcome, friends. We don't get many visitors here, but welcome. Welcome."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 seems to have a bit extra dialogue

*Do not rest here, resting twice = morale-15 & peasants-20
*Market: 72 supplies @ 2:1


=You consider what to do.=
"Clear away some ivy and inspect the stone" = Brenna's Lock(lvl 8 item: +1 ALL Talent Ranks; +2 Willpower; +1 Willpower On Rest)
"Discuss the broken ground with Juno and Eyvind" = return to the same options

"Join the caravan in setting up camp" = nothing

=The mender nods, but watches you silently.=
All options lead to the same result, I like option 3

All options lead to the same result, it is always a monologue

/=A memory enters your mind: You've spoken with this Serpent once before.=
All options lead to the same result, options 1 and 4 give extra dialogue

"Have I become so pathetic I cannot even consume =you=?"
All options lead to the same result, options 1 and 2 give extra dialogue

"He must have wounded that thing a hundred times before it stopped, then blasted open its side to save her."
All options lead to the same result, option 2 gives the most dialogue

'The two menders are given privacy, but out of fear more than respect. Iver shakes his horned head. "I'm not sure where all this is leading, but these clansmen - what's left of them - aren't doing so good.'"
"They'll be fine. We all will." = nothing
"I'll speak to the bigger families and try to calm them." = morale+5
"Train more fighters. That should keep them distracted." = progress
"We won't get any answers until Juno is ready to talk." = nothing

"'Sure," Iver says, "but I'm going to find out what I can from those menders first." He starts walking but turns around. \"How many more fighters do you think we need anyway?'"
"Train as many as you can in three days." = day+3 & all? clansmen converted to fighters
"A hundred new fighters will give us all a bit of courage." = day+1.5 & 100 clansmen converted to fighters
"A fair point. Forget it." = nothing

"They haven't filled me in on most of the plans, but they said I'm needed and that we're leaving the caravan."
All options lead to the same result, I like option 1

*There is an extra slide that is not needed in this conv, bug?
=You consider what to say.=
"There are so few of us because of you two!" = _anger (unknown flag effects)
All other options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue

"It's the same resolve you use daily, and you will have Hakon and the remaining varl with you for strength."
"But Iver's my friend." is the only real option here, pick it!

*Iver and Eyvind leave the caravan
12 - Random Events
5 of the following 12 events will proc In a given playthrough

*All of Chapter 10's random events with the addition of the following...

=You consider what to do.=
"Join them" = progress
"Call everyone back" = morale-5
"Keep moving, allowing the others to rejoin later" = peasants-15 & fighters-8 & morale-10
"Yrsa, have you ever seen anything like this?" = return to same options

"A rather large group of you move toward the blue fire, keeping an eye out for any possible danger. Nothing and no one is there. Other than the crackling fire, the site is abandoned. A clansman calls out, 'There's another one!' Another blue fire has cropped up in the woods."
"Turn back to the caravan" = morale+15
"Approach the next flame" = peasants-4 & fighters-2 & progress

"A few more people are discovered missing as well when someone says, 'Wait. There's a third fire right over there.'"
"Call out to whoever might be around" = peasants-3 & fighters-3 & morale-10
"Search for the missing clansmen" = morale-10 & peasants+1
"Risk searching the third flame" = peasants+4 & fighters+2 & Hunnfang(lvl 5 item: +2 Break; +1 Move; +1 Armor On Rest) (morale does not change despite cheering, bug?)

"Before you answer, a girl brings a young man forward. 'Kaif was with us when we saw blue flames in the woods,' she says. 'He seems like he wants to talk, but can't!' You remember the young man, now debilitated and constantly jerking his chin to the right. He says nothing."
"Everyone go left!" = peasants-12 & fighters-12 & varl-7
"I want everyone to move to the right!" = morale+30
"This isn't real. Everyone calm down." = peasants-4 & fighters-4 & varl-4 & morale+15

=You are not sure what to do.=
"Inspect the flower" = day+1 & supplies-20 & morale-10 (if you have 0 supplies then 40 fighters are converted to clansmen)
"Why is it perfect?" = return to same options
"Enough. Keep moving." = peasants-6
13 - The Fetters Will Burst
"She'll have plenty to say there. And besides, who else knows anything about that...that darkness about to swallow us?"
"You're right. I'll talk to her about the dreams." = 13_zefr_dreams (unknown flag effects)
Otherwise, all options lead to the same result

"=Like= a son. He was not my child by birth."
All options lead to the same result; option 2 gives MUCH more dialogue

"I mean, honestly. What's the plan rattling around in that head of yours?"
"To get paid, like always." = progress
"I'm trying to keep us all alive." = Unlock next event
"To beat you senseless if you keep drinking all the mead." = leads to "You going soft towards our enemy concerns me. Concerns all of us."

"Have you ever enjoyed any of this?"
"Seeing a job through has always felt good."
"Maybe a long time ago, but this is all I know."
"Teach him a lesson about asking stupid questions" = Unlock next event

"You going soft towards our enemy concerns me. Concerns all of us."
"Walk away"
"Teach Sigbjorn a lesson" = Unlock next event

"Charge Sigbjorn with your head lowered" = morale+10
"Try to wrap him up and slam him into the ground" = sigbjorn dies
"Hurl a barrel at his head" = supplies-5 & morale+10

*Market: 72 supplies @ 2:1

"'These woodcutters were no slouches in a fight with those prisoners," Sparr says, coughing. "I've seen weaker men in Wordan. And I think this group realizes their idea of staying here is a pretty bad one. You want me to recruit them?'"
"I bet we'll need all the fighters we can get." / "We'll risk it; recruit them." = fighters+35
"I don't want any others to look after." / "They can find their own safety." = nothing
"More fighters are always good, but what's the downside?" = return to the same options


*Clansmen Forage


"The sound of snickering draws your attention and you see some kids grabbing stones from other cairns to build a new one of their own."
"Shout for them to knock it off" = nothing
"Knock theirs over and run them off" = Tool of Scyldings(lvl 9 item: +2 Break Talent Ranks; +30% chance of Critical damage; +1 Ranged-attack Distance)
"Grab a stone and toss it to them to add" = morale+15

*Clansmen Forage


"Join the old varl, though it could be suicide" / "If they've made it this far, we could use them." = Battle & varl+26 & supplies+7
"Let the old varl kill himself if he wants, but he'll die alone." / "They either failed at Einartoft or deserted. They're not worth it." = remove_krumr (he returns later) & varl+14 later

*Market: 312 supplies @ 2:1

"'But what if we're attacked?" the Valka asks. "The wounded will need rest." You shake your head. "We =will= be attacked," you say. "The wounded die or make it to Manaharr. That's as simple as it gets." But her words make you consider your caravan.'
"Anyone who can't fight stays behind." = progress
"Move out! And leave the fighting to those who know how." = morale+10

"They'll die either way, but they won't slow us down anymore." = remove_gudmundr (he returns later) & peasants=0 & 13_left_clansmen & peasants+63 later
"I'm always the one who survives. Now, move!" = peasants=0, 13_left_clansmen, morale+10
"Then you're in charge of them, guard captain." = 13_gud_punishment (unknown flag effects)

'From over a hill, dredge emerge, armed. "Let me and a few others handle this lot," Sparr says before coughing violently. "Keep going; we know where to find you. And we all know the danger we're in, so don't go getting soft and sentimental on me.'"
"Do what you can, old man." = fighters-12 & remove_sparr (he returns later)
"Send a dozen fighters to keep the dredge at bay" = morale+5 & fighters-12 & fail achievement
"Charge the dredge!" = renown+5 & Battle
"Keep the caravan together, fending off attacks where you can" =
-If 13_left_clansmen then; morale+10
-Otherwise; fighters-5 & peasants-16 & Battle
"Fasolt said they might not care to fight. Keep moving." = morale+10 & renown+10

'A deep vibration feels the air, unsettling you. It's coming from within your ranks. The stonesinger! Folka shouts, "Shut him up!'"
"What's it's doing, Valka?" = progress
"Slam the stonesinger's head into the cart" = nothing
"He...he might be helping." = progress

"Silence the stonesinger" = nothing
"Silence Folka" / "Let his song play out"= Battle (enemies have -2 armor) & 13_stonesinger_singing (unknown flag effects)

"Send a dozen fighters with him" = fighters-12 & remove_ekkill (does not return)
"Nod and send a dozen fighters with him." = fighters-7 & remove_oli (he returns later)
"Follow his charge" / "We're all going to see to that." = fighters-10 & Battle
"Attempt to skirt the dredge" = morale+5 & remove_ekkill (does not return)
"No, stay with us. We'll be fine." = nothing

'Krumr, the old varl war leader speaks up. "This reminds me of the ambush I sprung on Talyn, the craziest chieftain of men I ever fought. His fighters were all strung out and tired like us. One small trick would've ruined our ambush, but lucky for us, they never figured it out.'"
"What are you getting at?" = progress
"I'm not risking more fighters on one of your death wishes." = remove_krumr (does not return) & Battle & fighters-1 later
"Keep quiet. Talk like that only spreads fear." = progress & fail achievement

"Bah! Never mind the details," the old varl says. "Let me take some fighters to handle this situation."
"There is no situation." / "We'll make it without one of your suicide runs." = remove_krumr (does not return) & Battle & fighters-1 later
"Don't make me regret this." / "Take some faen fighters. but don't make me regret it!" = remove_krumr (he returns later)

'Walking among the buildings, a few Ravens introduce you to a carpenter from the town. "Easy enough to bring a few of these homes and barns down,\" he says, pointing with a hammer. "If you and your Ravens help me cart some of the materials from them, we'll make it so any force coming across that bridge will pay dearly.'"
"Get started. We don't have much time." = 13_battle_eyeless_barricades (best option if 13_left_clansmen)
"We don't have any archers to take advantage of that." = return to the same options

"I'll spend my time doing something else." = nothing

*WARNING!!! If you click on the volunteers you will be committed to this path with no way to go back to the Houses option above, bug?
-If NOT 13_left_clansmen then; peasants-100 & fighters+100 & 13_battle_eyeless_trained
-Otherwise nothing

*Market: 30 supplies @ 2:1

"And go where?" = fail achievement
-Otherwise all options lead to the same result

"What would you do if the person you've followed for years was no longer the same?"
All options lead to the same result, options 1 and 3 give extra dialogue

"So, what does all of this mean?"
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives extra dialogue
13 - Cont'd
'There is a chance to finish Eyeless if you and a few others are willing to risk charging the dredge. There's no telling what will happen if she's allowed to recover...but, you feel a pang of sadness at the thought of killing her.'
"On me! Today, we kill a Sundr!" = Battle & achievement
"While they're stunned, move! To Man = nothing
13 - Random Events
*All three of the following 3 events should proc in a given playthrough

"'It's a curse, an omen," an old man says. "The child's been replaced. Changed! Never seen anything like it. You wouldn't know a thing about this, varl, but they do!" He points at the couple and others nod, a few women holding their children tighter. "Maybe the darkness did it, maybe they have dark secrets. It's a sad, hard thing to accept, but either the babe dies, or we all suffer fiercely.'"
"Then kill it or I will. I'm not taking any chances." = peasants-3
"Show me the kid." = progress
"Faen nonsense. Get moving or I'll make you suffer." = 13_baby_irynx(unknown flag effects)

'The father hesitates before pulling the swaddling open. Your experience with human children is minimal but this looks just like any other baby. "Look at the head!" someone shouts. You lean down and see...feathers? Over the ears, small tufts of pale, down feathers, the kind you remember seeing on the neck and under the wings of Irynx.'
"If it's an omen, it's a good one. No one harms the child." = morale+5 & 13_baby_irynx(unknown flag effects)
"You humans do what you want, but we're not stopping." = 13_baby_irynx(unknown flag effects)

'Several Ravens report a large hole in the ground nearby. "There's strange marks all around it," one says. "Some look fresh, others...well, others look like they've been there as long as the mountains." Sparr looks up. "This hole have smooth sides? About as deep as a varl?" he asks. The men nod and Sparr grunts.'
"What's in the hole?" = progress & unlocks an additional option
"Don't make me beat some answers out of you, old man." = progress
"Stay away from anything that leads back into the ground." = nothing (cheering but no morale boost, bug?)

"Let's have a look, you craven."/"Let's check it out." = progress
"Forget it. Not interested in any more surprises."/"No more surprises. Let's move!" = morale+10

It's as described: big, deep, surrounded by scrawlings in the surrounding rock, and...disturbing.
"Toss the scout in to see what he finds" = morale+20
"Let's move on. No more surprises." = nothing
"Someone get in there. Now!" = Clasp of Kyn(lvl 10 item: +3 ALL Talent Ranks; +1 Willpower Per Turn; +1 Armor Per Turn; +1 Break)

'The fighters at the front of the company begin hacking away at dense underbrush. "We'll be here all day if the rest of you don't grab your axes and start chopping," one of them growls before wincing at a pain in his hand.'
"As he says - everyone grab an axe!"/"Everyone, get to work. Move!" = progress
"Your hand going lame on you?" = return to the same options
"Forget this path. We'll find another way."/"There's got to be a faster way around. We're leaving." = day+1 & morale+10

"'I think that's...think the plant is...poison," Oli says before taking another drink. He feels around in his pouch and holds out some brown, wet leaves. "Here. These are, counts. These counters! These make the poison go away." The pain ripples through you again, making you want to vomit.'
All options lead to the same result, day+2
14 - Brothers Fight and Kinship Stain
"I wonder what the old kings, like Throstr and Skrymir, would do in my place."
All options lead to the same result, option 1 gives a bit more dialogue

"What do you think?"
All options lead to the same result

*Market: 30 supplies @ 2:1

*PLEASE NOTE! Yak's mod removes the extra clansmen/fighters/varl
If rugga_decision>2 then; peasants+200 & fighters+80 & varl+30 & day+1(day only increments if playing as Alette, bug?) & Achievement & regain ALL of the clansmen/fighters/varl you lost after the serpent attack
Else if rugga_decision<3 then; Battle & regain HALF of the clansmen/fighters/varl you lost after the serpent attack

"'He's gone," Hakon says. "Early in the fighting, he slipped away, but we caught his man, Dagr." Two varl lead the bound, silent assassin into the middle of everyone. Rocks and yox dung are hurled at him. Hakon looks at you. "Either you handle this or I do.'"
"Kill Dagr" = renown+5
"Step aside and let Hakon handle this" = morale-20
"Show Dagr mercy" = morale-10 & progress

'Hakon growls. "This is a stupid mistake," he says. "He tried to kill you and he'll keep trying until you - and probably the rest of us - are dead." The families of the dead and wounded are screaming for Dagr's head.'
"Fine. Kill him. But make it quick." = morale-20
"You're right - I'll do it." = renown+5
"He could prove useful later. He lives." = morale-20 & peasants-40 & fighters-14 & supplies-10


*Clansmen Forage

*According to the files there is an opportunity during the fight to get an extra 10 renown by completing ch14_hunting_fast
'As the dredge fall, others from your clan arrive. "Not bad," a woman says, booting one of the dredge bodies. A child runs up and does the same.'
"That's enough! Leave them alone." = supplies+5
"Let's see if there are any more of these slags to kill." = progress
"Say nothing and return to the carts" = supplies+5 & morale+10

'Fighters and varl fan out, and you slip through the woods, searching. Word reaches you quickly of a discovered host of dredge. When you arrive, the dredge look cowed, though slingers and stoneguards stand protectively around some supplies and young.'
"They're a threat to us all. Kill them." = Battle
"Charge them, but let them escape." = supplies+12
"Leave them alone" = fighters-1 & Battle


RANDOM EVENT (Unless the developers add in more events, this call will not trigger anything)

=She points to the horseborn in your ranks.=
All options lead to the same result; options 1 and 3 give extra dialogue

=Canary looks at you with a steady gaze instead of the constant movement you experience with Derdriu.=
All options lead to the same result; option 3 implies a gain of supplies but none are added, bug?


*Clansmen Forage

RANDOM EVENT (Unless the developers add in more events, this call will not trigger anything)

"Alette, it's a miracle that I'm still alive, so I've got to tell you something before my luck fades."
"Don't say that. We'll keep each other alive." = progress
"Lean forward and smile" = progress

"Maybe now's not the time." = leads to "I...I didn't want to force it out like that, but I needed you to hear it from me."

=He exhales, relieved of a great burden.=
"I...I don't know what to say." = 14_egil_love=1 (unknown flag effects)
"I was hoping you'd say that." = 14_egil_love=2 (unknown flag effects)
"Thank you, Gil, but I don't feel the same way." = nothing

"I...I didn't want to force it out like that, but I needed you to hear it from me."
"We can talk about this again in Arberrang." = 14_egil_love=1 (unknown flag effects)
"I wish you hadn't have said that." = 14_egil_love=0 (unknown flag effects)
"Say nothing" = nothing

"Job well done, Rook. You deserve a reward."
"Seeing everyone here is reward enough." = progress
"It's not over until we're inside Arberrang's walls." = progress with extra dialogue
"Did you have a reward in mind?" = leads to =Her grin is telling.=

"But we're here now, after everything, under Lauga's godstone. We shouldn't have to be lonely."
"You're right." = 14_oddleif_love (unknown flag effects)
"I...I'm not sure what to say." = progress
"This isn't a good time, Odd." = leads to "Did I not grieve long enough for my late husband? Are you just not attracted to me?"

=She glances up at the godstone, then turns to go.=
"Wait. Oddleif, I want you." = 14_oddleif_love (unknown flag effects)
"Let her go" = 14_oddleif_snubbed (unknown flag effects)

"Did I not grieve long enough for my late husband? Are you just not attracted to me?"
"It's just bad timing." = 14_oddleif_snubbed (unknown flag effects)
"I don't look at you like that." = 14_oddleif_snubbed (unknown flag effects)

=Her grin is telling.=
"I'm absolutely sure." = 14_oddleif_love (unknown flag effects)
"On second thought, this isn't a good idea." = 14_oddleif_snubbed (unknown flag effects)

"'Old Adakan's people are here!" you hear a woman from your caravan shout. "I have to check on him!" Others are finding familiar clans and kin as well, slowly drifting from your banner.'
"We stay together until we're behind Arberrang's walls!" = renown+20
"Bring them here. Bring Adakan and the others to us." = morale+10 & peasants+141 & fighters+22 & varl+8 & renown+10
"Say nothing, letting them choose" = peasants-112 & fighters-13 & supplies-23
"If you leave us, you are banished." = peasants-63 & fighters-22 & morale-10

=You decide what to do.=
"Join Hakon in establishing defenses" = fighters-18 & varl-2
-Later on, if you side with the King: peasants-12 & fighters-4 & varl-1
-If you side with the King even tho Ludin is dead then: peasants-27 & fighters-21 & varl=0
"Investigate the standoff between the king and clans" = fighters-18 & varl-2 & morale-20
-Later on, if you side with the King: peasants-108 & fighters-74 & varl-33
"Go with Yrsa to stop the troublemakers" / "Go with Oddleif to stop the troublemakers" = progress (best option if you plan to side with Rugga)
-Later on, if you side with the King: peasants-108 & fighters-74 & varl-33

'Scathach has his weapon drawn and a few varl are standing near him with shields up. Humans, in growing numbers, are hurling every sort of curse at them.'
"What's the problem here?" Battle(Alete) -or- progress(Rook)
"Walk back to your fires or we'll make you wish you had." = Battle

"Instruct Scathach and the varl to back away slowly" = morale+10

The man glances at you, uneasy about the look in your eyes.
"Back away or we won't stop until each of you are dead." = morale+15 & renown+5
"Yrsa, let's teach them some respect." = Battle
"I'm offering you some mead and food to leave right now." = morale-5 & supplies-8
"Instruct Scathach and the varl to back away slowly" = morale+10
"Well, Odd, it's time to teach them some respect." = Battle

*Market: 30 supplies @ 2:1
14 - Cont'd & 15 - In Fear Quake All
All options lead to the same result; I prefer "I won't turn my back on the varl over Ludin's death."

"Don't make us breach your walls. We'll just have to repair them once we're inside."
All options lead to the same result

=All parties look angry and tense...and then they look at you.=
"My banner, my people, are my only concern." = Side with King
*Losses are detailed in cnv_14_pop_arberrang above; best case you only lose a total of peasants-12 & fighters-22 & varl-3
"Rugga's right: too many will die out here for so few inside."= Side with Rugga; you will be forced to kill Yrsa and Ludin if he is alive
-If you side with Rugga even when Ludin is alive then; varl=0 & peasants-9
*Again, the "right" choice here is to side with the varl imo - which ever side they end up on depends on the state of Ludin (alive = side with the King, dead = side with Rugga). If you side against the Varl you will have to commit genocide

"Get inside those gates or we're finished!" Rugga shouts over the maddening roar of the rushing army."
"You heard him! Charge the gates!\" = Battle
"Oddleif, I need you to take out those archers!" = 14_arberrang_battle_choice=1
*Archers are forced out from behind the barriers and Oddleif takes their place (she acts independantly as an extra fighter)

"Separate the king from his guards, Canary!" = 14_arberrang_battle_choice=2
*Canary starts the fight by pinning one of the king's guards
"Hakon, that barrier will choke us off!" = 14_arberrang_battle_choice=3
*Hakon destroys one barrier in the center of the battlefield

"Cut them off or they'll overrun us!" shouts King Meinolf, before wincing and grabbing his side where Rugga stabbed him."
"You heard him! Charge!" = Battle
"I want archers behind those barricades!" = 14_arberrang_battle_choice=1
*Oddleif and Nid join the battle and act independantly as extra fighters

"Horseborn! Run in and take out that bear master!" = 14_arberrang_battle_choice=2
*Scathach starts combat by trampling the bearlord causing him to be concussed
"Hakon, can you stop them at the gate?" = Battle (bug?)

=You look at Juno, unsure of what to say.=
All options lead to the same result; options 1 and 2 give extra dialogue

"We know you murdered Raze. And her child."
All options lead to the same result; I like option 4
14 - Random Events
*There are a total of FIVE calls to 14_rnd_quests, which is more than the number of random events in this chapter (bug?) so everyone should see all of them

*Please note, you may require Yak's mod in order to see this event

"'I say we keep those horseborn behind us," a man says. "They'll steal anything not tied to you, they kick up more dust than the rest of us combined, and..." he looks around before continuing. "They're exposed! When their tails move, we're forced to look at everything their twisted god gave them!" A few around you concur.'
"Grow up! I'm not forcing them to stay behind us." = morale-5 & 14_horsies_mature (unknown flag effects)
"I'll see about getting them to cover up." = 14_horsies_mature (unknown flag effects)
"You're right - no one should have to see that." = nothing
"What have they stolen?" = nothing

'When a few varl spot a section of clear water, the entire caravan gets excited, but the giants hold them back, and tell everyone to listen. A faint tune is drifting across the water - no, =from= the water. Worried whispers ask, "What's it mean?" or "Is it safe?" or "I don't care; I'm thirsty!'"
"Let the caravan drink their fill" = day+.5 & morale+20
"Step forward and drink it first" = renown+15 & day+.5 & morale+20
"Fill a few barrels. We'll boil it first." = day+1
"Get away from it. We'll have water in Arberrang." = peasants-51 & fighters-15 & morale-10

'Strumming from Aleo and song from a large number of your clansmen surprises you. A varl stands in the center of them, blushing. "It's Skari's two-hundredth year!" a varl beside you shouts. The rest of the caravan is slowing to check out the commotion.'
"Break out the mead and celebrate" = morale+30 & day+1
"Make a toast to the varl" = morale+15 & renown+10
"Congratulations, Skari, but we should keep moving." = morale-10
Achievement Renown Rewards
Each achievement gives renown the first time it is completed, here is a list of how much renown.
See this guide for more info:
Godstone Aselei
Godstone Irynx
Godstone Baldringr
Godstone Vez'nan
Godstone Geirradr
Godstone Bygglaerer
Godstone Lauga
High Spirits
Against All Odds
Alette's Journey
Culling Frenzy
Rook's Journey
Alliance of Convenience
Fightering Force
Forced March
Intense Repossession
Keep Your Wits
Leader of Clans
Master Tactician
Sundr Slayer
Sven's Training
Holfi's Training
The Saga Continues
Treasure Hunter
Varl Dregs
Axe Thrower
War Bear
All of the bugs mentioned above are being fixed in Yak's Fixpack, which you can download here:

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Drake Ravenwolf  [author] May 26, 2021 @ 7:51am 
Hmm perhaps it was changed in a patch, I'll make the change in the guide
Alvin the Elf May 26, 2021 @ 1:51am 
Hey, I found a small error. In Chapter 11 under convo\part11\cnv_11_convo_bindal_needs.json.z the results of the two options "I'm not playing nursemaid..." and "We stick with the Valka..." are opposite of what the results we get in game.
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Dec 31, 2020 @ 12:32pm 
Its been a while but I thought the two caravans merged at some point...
Ryoga- Dec 31, 2020 @ 12:06pm 
Ok, I'll install it. Thanks

A question regardin my following BS2 run and BS3, are reputation, items and resources from Bolverk caravan kept or are they lost? I just noticed that every unit is upgraded to level 8, good I kept them as low as possible.

I think I'll blindly finish BS3 first and then do the Alette run. I'm to hooked with the game I want to keep on playing BS3.
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Dec 31, 2020 @ 11:32am 
iirc Yak's fixpack allows you to gain achieve exp on subsequent runs
Ryoga- Dec 31, 2020 @ 9:25am 
@Drake Ravenwolf thanks for the guide. I currently have 2 runs.

I've ended a Banner Saga 2 blind run with my better second run from BS1 were Rook lives.

Now I've to replay this with a shitty savegame from my first blin run in Banner Saga 1 with very low renown, resources and my best and highest leveled char (Rook) dead. I'd love to take advantage of achievement 's renown.

Do you know if playing the game again on a second account with shared library will do the trick?
Ardenwolfe Aug 29, 2020 @ 10:09pm 
These guides have been beyond helpful. Awarded!
Svetik Jul 20, 2020 @ 3:01pm 
Is it possible to achieve Krumr's mentor achievement in survival mode via save file editing? 'cause I heard they made up some defense against editing saga2s's content. The only way to unlock achievements is overwrite it with save file, who unlocked the achievement rightfully. Is there somebody who unlocked Krumr's mentor achievement?
Drake Ravenwolf  [author] Jul 20, 2020 @ 4:55am 
Added a 2nd place it is available from to the guide, I'd def use it in your playthrough unless you are already finished
Jocha Jul 20, 2020 @ 4:36am 
im getting a "503 service temporarily unavailable" page when I try to click on Tak's Fixpack link. In any case, does it matter that much? If that answer is subjective I'll add that I agreed with all of your "best" decisions in the first game