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Angel Arena Black Star
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Jun 7, 2016 @ 2:41pm
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Angel Arena Black Star

Angel Arena Black Star is a gamemode which is based on farm, ganks and fights. First team that reaches kill goal wins.
Most abilities can be learned up to 7 level. All heroes can progress up to 600 level. Some abilities are reworked and have new effects. Also, there are some absolutely new heroes with their own unique abilities.
There are many new items and upgrades to standart Dota items. In late game you can buy shards that you can consume to get permanent bonuses.
Each 5 minutes there is Duel, winners will get some gold.
Some game HUD parts were fully reworked: hero selection menu, team's panel, game clock.
Neutral creeps are getting stronger with time.
There are 8 bosses on the map. 6 bossses drops essences that can be used to make new items, two other bosses drops scrolls, using that you can change your hero (Metamorphosis Elixir) or to change it to one of the god heroes.
Even it's still Angel Arena it wasn't based on any Warcraft map. Everything were created by ourselves or based community ideas (Dota Concepts subreddit,, PlayDota Forums, etc.).

Upcoming features:
-Rewrite all dota hud elements (shop, ability panel, etc.)
-Upgrade all heroes (Complete upgrade, such as Warlock or Dragon Knight)
-More Alternative Heroes
-Create in-game manual

If you have found a bug, have suggestions or you can translate this gamemode to other languages you can contact us:
-Official VKontakte group:

Used images by:
-Freepik (item icons)
-majan22 (item icons)
-Dark Mizuki (item icons)
-chroneco (Pocket Riki icon)
*If you is an owner of any image used here and want to be in credits please contact me.

If you want to support Angel Arena Black Star creators, you can donate using: Donation Alerts (UnitPay) [], WebMoney - [Z570080214023, E387127281447, R292037164411]
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Dahurian Feb 16 @ 11:36am 
ark120202 Fix saber you mentally retarded piece of shit.
▓NezerLore▓ Feb 12 @ 11:12am 
апокалипсис снижает армор на всю игру....
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Я не могу перейти в команду противоположную даже если они все ливнули, это происходит только после обновы
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Го фикс шторма это такая имба просто подлетел к боссу и босса как не бывало
XAZOR Feb 6 @ 10:06pm 
щас катать буду
TDA|Marksman Feb 5 @ 6:42am 
I just had a server crash as I used Dark Seer's wall.
Possible bug.
国士無双 Feb 5 @ 3:44am 
retarded that you can pick bosses from beginning ruin the whole map.
Scarlett Jan 31 @ 4:26am 
Why does everyone have 75% magic resistance?