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Adiya's Historical Flag Pack
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Jun 7, 2016 @ 11:00am
Jul 1 @ 9:53am
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Adiya's Historical Flag Pack

ver 3.8

As a flag enthusiast with an obsession pursuiting historical accuracy, I have created this mod with close attention to details. It should please most people who wants flags in HOI4 to be perfect, just like myself.

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    A few requests & suggestions, if I may
    -sb- achtung, pizza!
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    garvey1557 Oct 12 @ 9:57pm 
    There are mods that add centered nazi flags.
    Rubber Duck Oct 10 @ 1:26pm 
    Can you center the Nazi flag, I know it's supposed to be uncentered on purpose but it is very annoying. Sorry if this request is annoying or pointless
    ZDYDZ  [author] Oct 9 @ 10:58am 
    @Fertile1131 Yes, it's ironman compatible.
    Fertile1131 Oct 8 @ 3:05pm 
    Hey, is this Ironman?
    ZDYDZ  [author] Sep 29 @ 6:02pm 
    @^7 [Tomo-D]^6 Nikurasu Weimar German Flag/Bundesflagge of the Federal Republic of Germany for Democratic Germany; Bundesdienstflagge of the Federal Republic of Germany for both Democratic and Non-Aligned West Germany, and the unofficial "Bundeswappenflagge" for Fascist West Germany.
    ^7 [Tomo-D]^6 Nikurasu Sep 29 @ 9:27am 
    Does this mod make the Demoratic German Flag the Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany? If so, this is amazing!
    Adiya  [author] Sep 25 @ 6:24pm 
    @[BIG D.O.G] Papa Joe Stalin sure. Permission granted
    [BIG D.O.G] Papa Joe Stalin Sep 22 @ 6:56am 
    Adiya / ZDYDZ, I am with WWII Simulations Mod. Wondering if we can include your mod into ours with us giving you credit of course, and a link from your work shop to ours.
    BaronZ Sep 14 @ 10:47am 
    Is it me or does it make the swastika a bit pixelated?
    Saul Tigh (Sammygm) Jul 28 @ 11:23am 
    Thank you so much for this mod! I was really bothered by the lack of historical flags in HoI4. I remember when Paradox used to use the modern Canadian flag instead of the Red Ensign.

    I love the attention to detail of this mod with the off centre Swastika, and the Hinomaru for the Empire of Japan instead of the Rising Sun flag, which people often mistake for the actual Imperial Japanese flag.