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Colourblindness Mod
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Jun 7, 2016 @ 9:53am
Mar 9 @ 3:08pm
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Colourblindness Mod

An ironman-compatible mod that makes important colours in Hearts of Iron IV easier to see.

There are a lot of red and green bars in this game that are very small and unsaturated. This makes them hard for colourblind people to see and sometimes means I have to mouseover them every time I want to read them. This mod is designed for deutans (red-green colourblindness) although it should help anybody struggling to see the colours.

Current alterations:
- Strength and Organisation bars (not perfect, still tweaking it)
- Capitulation progress
- Front strength meter (below general's portrait)
- Air superiority meter
- Naval invasion plan preparedness
- Division hardness/softness bar in division designer
- Factory icons on production tab
- Battleplan order icons (fixed the unassign button)
- Production bars
- Deployment and stalled deployment bars

If you have any suggestions for things I should change please let me know.

Compatible with 1.5 Cornflakes.
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SoulDotNecron 12 hours ago 
@J'ai-niqué-ta-mère what? you know they can't
hoiblobvis Jul 15 @ 1:59pm 
hey cen you make amod just for the ongoing war colour so the blue and the red part bc i just like that of the mod
darkrider_95 Jul 13 @ 4:15am 
nice idea
J'ai-niqué-ta-mère Jul 12 @ 9:36am 
why don't they just see normaly then, like wear glasses or rub ur eyes?
ムひ尺ひᄊ Jul 10 @ 2:16pm 
lol to me it's just brighter XD
BadPunzLord Jul 5 @ 1:49pm 
Thank you so much! I didn't even know that there was a naval invasion bar...
Tsar Nicholas ii Jul 2 @ 4:39am 
whats it like? does red just look like another shade of green?
Novus Jun 27 @ 1:10pm 
Thank you. Holy shit.
Colonial Commander Jun 4 @ 11:06am 
I quite literally cannot play Hearts of Iron without this mod so thank you.
BobbyGamez Jun 1 @ 6:10pm 
Ironman compatible?