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How to use Retalyx's Galaxy Generator
By KaiserKatze and 1 collaborators
This is a guide to teach you how to use Retalyx's Galaxy Generator.
(Under construction...)


Download link:
  • Generate random galaxy (with Perlin Noise support)
  • Generate galaxy based on PNG image files (1 black pixel = 1 system)
  • You can edit systems, nebulas, and hyperlanes
Introduction to the GUI
There are two built-in editors:
  • Galaxy Editor
  • System Editor

Galaxy Editor
The following image is a screenshot of Retalyx's Galaxy Generator, and let's start from the left.

This wonderful software is created by Retalyx. Please support him by clicking that tiny DONATE button, fellow galactic emperors :D
  • Text field Galaxy Name
    Specifies the name of your galaxy.
  • Text field Seed
    Seed used to generate random galaxy.
  • Checkbox Auto Generate Hyperlanes
    If this checkbox is not chosen, you have to link systems with hyperlanes manually, otherwise hyperlane FTL will be impossible.
  • Checkbox Import from file
    Click the checkbox to bring up PNG Import section.

    If the checkbox is not chosen,
    • Text field Galaxy Size
      Specifies both width and height of your galaxy, which cannot be bigger than 1,000.
    • Text field System Count
      Specifies the count of system that will be generated, which can reach 50,000 at maximum.
    • Button Generate
      Click to generate a galaxy with the Galaxy Size and System Count that you just entered.

    • Text field Scale
      Resize the imported picture as you see fit.
    • Text field Randomizer
      Add offset to systems.
    • Text field Reducer
      Remove random systems
    • Button Generate From PNG
      Please note that the editor only import galaxy.png when it starts:

  • Checkbox Perlin Noise
    If Perlin Noise is picked, a few more options will pop up:

    • Button Save Mod
      Click to save your mod to directory YourMod
    • Button Save/Load Project

    System Editor
    Select a system in Galaxy Editor, and then click button Edit in System Editor to the right:

    then you can see System Editor

    Example mod
    The following mods are created with Retalyx's Galaxy Generator:
    How to add a system
    There is a button called Create System to the right.

    Click it and Current Mode will toggle from (No Mode) to (Create System)

    (Last created system will be selected by default)
    How to use system editor
    A Planet, by Paradox's definition is, any celestial body that is not a moon, which means stars are also categorized as planets.
    In the System Editor there is a button Create Planet to the right. Click the button to enter Create Planet Mode.

    Click anywhere in the system to place a planet.

    You can adjust its orbit radius by change the value in text field Orbit Radius.

    Let's create another planet and then press ESC to exit Create Planet Mode.

    Let's create a little moon for the second planet, by clicking button Create Moon :D

    (You can create multiples moons)

    There is a text field Center Star Size to the left, where you can change the size of your central star.

    Next to the text field Center Star Size, there is a checkbox named Asteroid Belt, which, after being chosen, will bring up a text field Radius where you can change the orbit radius of the asteroid belt.

    How to import your map into the game
    There a button Save Mod to the left in Galaxy Editor View. Click it and you will see a few lines pop up, saying
    Saved galaxy in
    Then go to the root directory the software and open directory YourMod

    You'll see these folders

    Copy all of them into the folder of your mod
    (for example here, my mod folder is reta)

    Then you should be able to use your galaxy with your mod

    How does Perlin noise work
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    BobGrey Aug 17, 2018 @ 3:24pm 
    I take it this is a dead program?
    I was trying to mess around with it, but it seems that they removed the system editor. Shame.
    When I select "Create System" and place one, it is not selected, and there is no way to select it to enter the system editor.
    So much for this.
    Foxtrot39 Dec 20, 2017 @ 5:19am 
    2 thing :

    Created map does NOT appear in the game when the mod is activated and files are in the right place

    All links are dead aside of the reddit one using outdated version
    Tuxu -=JeepC=- Sep 30, 2017 @ 5:59pm 
    link doesn't work for me -

    Paradox Interactive Forums - Error

    You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

    I have an account and it's logged in while I try to access the file. :)
    Comrade Béla Jul 24, 2017 @ 10:59am 
    Doesn't work with 1.6 :(
    Edit: I can't even find anything of a fix on the Paradoy Forums
    tommythunderbolt Jul 23, 2017 @ 10:17am 
    I made a fix for it in the paradox forums.
    Kyrah Jun 30, 2017 @ 11:17pm 
    Seems not to work anymore
    Grana Nov 29, 2016 @ 12:00pm 
    Does crisis work on the maps you generate?
    Iv been playing on a generated galaxy for 200 years with all the dangeous techs researched and yet no crisis has has occured. I also tried another galaxy to see if that changed anything but still no AI rebellion, Prethoryen scourge, Unbidden etc.
    TsuChi Oct 15, 2016 @ 2:09am 
    is it possible to load a galaxy (star positions and count) from file and generate/create hyperlanes for it? it would be super handy
    drblallo Sep 19, 2016 @ 5:03am 
    thank you for the info