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Greek and Korean Wonder Pack
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Greek and Korean Wonder Pack

Adds a mix of 14 Wonders into the game.

The Greek Wonders
Dodone - Requires Pottery and costs 185 Production. +3 Global Happiness, +2 Faith, and +1 Culture. Grants a free shrine in all cities. 1 Great Writer Point.

Taphoi Basileon Makedonon en tais Aigais (The Royal Tombs of Aigai, modern Vergina) - Requires Drama and Poetry and costs 250 Production. Built with 1 Great Work of Art allocated to its slot. Default national wonders, and their replacements, generate +3 Science, Production, and Culture. Plunder gold when this city is captured is increased by 300%.

Bomoi Eschatoi Alexandrou (Farthest Altars of Megas Alexandros) - Requires Horseback Riding and costs 250 Production. +2 Culture and +2 Faith. Culture cost of acquiring tiles reduced by 25%. Mounted units trained in the city gains 15 experience. City can train the unique Hetairoi Kataphraktoi unit, an 18 Combat Strength unit that costs both Iron and Horse, but has a slew of promotions ranging from Shock I to a unique promotion.

Bibliotheke tou Pergamou (Great Library of Pergamon) - Requires Horseback Riding and costs 250 Production. +3 Science and 1 Culture. heep, Horse, Cattle, Bison and Deer Tiles produce 1 more Science, and +2 Science for each trade route incoming or outgoing from the city. Causes all Great Works of Writing in the empire to provide 2 Science to any city housing the work. 1 Great Scientist Point. Has 2 Slots for Great Works of writing, and +2 Theme bonus if the works are of different civilizations in the same era.

Stoa tou Attalou (Stoa of Attalos) - Requires Iron Working and costs 250 Production. +2 Culture. 1 Free Social Policy. 25% of the Culture from World Wonders, Natural Wonders, and Improvements (e.g. Landmarks, Moai, Chateau) is added to the Tourism output of the city. Tourism output from Great Works +25%. Has 1 Slot of Great Art or Artifact.

Asklepieion en tei Koi - Requires Writing and costs 185 Production. +3 Food and Faith. 1 Great Scientist Point. Holy Sites yield +2 Food and Science, while spawning any Great People causes the city to permanently gain 1 Local Happiness, while also providing a small lump sum of food, faith, and culture that scales with Era.

Lykeion tou Aristotelou - Requires Philosophy and costs 250 Production. +1 Culture. 1 Scientist Slot. +2 Science and Culture for every World Religion with an adherent in the city. Receive a free Great Scientist when completing a Social Policy Tree.

Nymphaion en tei Miezai - Requires Drama and Poetry and costs 250 Production. Gain 1% Great People Generation Boost per 1 faith generated by the City. +1 Culture and 2 faith. Receive a free General, Engineer or Scientist randomly for 420*(1+n) Faith generated by the city, where n is the number of Great People received through this effect.

Kynosarges - Requires Philosophy and costs 250 Production. +1 Culture, 3 Science and Faith. +2 Science, Production, Culture and Faith in the City for the maximum Unhappiness the empire has achieved after building this wonder.

Mouseion tes Alexandreias - Requires Mathematics and costs 250 Production. +1 Culture and 1 Great Engineer Point. Spawning a Great Engineer grants all cities 45 (in standard speed) Great Scientist Points and vice versa. Great Scientists are spent for 20% more Science.

Korean Wonders
Bulguksa - Requires Engineering and costs 250 production. +3 Gold and +3 Culture. 1 Great Artist Point. Temples generate 1 local happiness, 1 Culture and 2 Faith. Grants a free Pagoda in the city that built this wonder.

Cheonghaejin - Requires Compass and costs 300 production. +2 Production and Gold. 1 Extra trade route. Increases Food of sea resources and Atolls by 1. International sea trade routes outgoing generates 2 Gold for the player, and international trade routes incoming generates 2 Gold to the recipient, and 1 Gold to the owner of the trade route. Melee naval units trained here gain the Raiding Party I promotion. Naval Trade route range increased by 25%.

Jiphyeonjeon - Requires Education and costs 400 production. +1 Culture. All unmodded specialists and supported specialists (i.e. specialists from my other mods) generate 1 more science. 12% of the city's culture (not amplified by golden age, but rounded up) plus 3 points is converted into GPP for a random GP until the said type of GP is spawned, after which another random GP type is chosen. Great Merchants are exempt from this, while Great Engineers and Scientists are twice as likely to be chosen compared to Artists, Writers and Musicians.

Heumgyeonggak - Requires Machinery and costs 400 Production. +3 Science and +1 Culture. Comes with an Engineer specialist Slot and 3 Slots of Great Works of Art. Filling all three slots grans 5 Global Happiness while causing all Engineers in the Empire to yield 1 Science and Food.

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만잉 Apr 25, 2018 @ 7:16am 
자원없는 해양도시라던가 툰드라 도시 전용 불가사의 같은게 있으면 좋겠다 싶어서요.. ㅋㅋ 그냥 그랬으면 좋겠다 이런거니 흘려들으세용 ㅋㅋ
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou  [author] Apr 25, 2018 @ 1:46am 
공중정원은 그냥 식량 +6입니다만?
만잉 Apr 24, 2018 @ 11:41pm 
잘 쓰겠습니다 ㅠㅠ 혹시 사막판/툰드라 판 공중정원 같은 것도 만들어주실 수 있나요?
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou  [author] Sep 26, 2017 @ 7:52pm 
설명에는 누락되어있는데 v9에서는 드라마와 시로 바뀌었습니다. 그런데 건설 가능이나 불가사의 부재의 경우에는 모드 충돌일 가능성이 높습니다.

그리고 설명은 제가 다시 추가하겠습니다. 제보 감사드립니다.
zpfenwkem Sep 26, 2017 @ 3:55pm 
그리고 요구 테크가 드라마, 교육으로 되어 있는데 연구 없이 바로 건설 가능하거나 아예 해당 테크를 연구해도 불가사의가 보이지 않는건 기존의 다른 모드랑 충돌해서인가요?
zpfenwkem Sep 26, 2017 @ 3:54pm 
v9 버전을 구글 다이렉트로 받아서 풀어 보았는데 미에자의 설명이 중간에 짤려 있습니다. 모드버디로 텍스트 부분을 열어보니까 '도시가 생산하는 신앙 1당 도시의 위인 생성률이 1%증가합니다. 해당 도시의 신앙' 이러고 글이 잘려 있어요.
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou  [author] Sep 15, 2017 @ 5:37pm 
문의 고맙습니다 지금 구글 드라이브로 다이렉트 링크를 설명란에 걸었습니다
catty0910 Sep 13, 2017 @ 12:49am 
알집 압축해제도 안되고 다운로더로 다운 했는데도 안되네요 뭐가 문제인지 모르겠네...
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou  [author] Jul 10, 2017 @ 2:34pm 
Glad to help, and hope you enjoy this :steamhappy:
DarkNet Neko Jul 10, 2017 @ 2:20pm 
Sorry for my late reply. It works now. Thanks for making this!