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Airborne Company
By MathiasCZR01
Hello and Welcome! By the request of some people in the community I have been asked to do a detailed and in-depth look about a commonly played American Doctrine in Company Of Heroes 2, thee Airborne Doctrine. I will try and show you the abilties of this Company and try to reveal different kinds of tactics and strategies too boost the capabilities of this doctrine.
Airborne General Overview
The Airborne Company is a doctrine that heavily relies on the use of infantry and airborne squads to work in unison in order to acheive victory. In my experience playing as the Airborne in single games and team games I've found this doctrine is heavily reliant on its early game advantages and thusly it is a very aggressive and offensive doctirne in its nature. The Airborne Company tends to have great Anti-Infantry capabilities early on in the game and if successful can overpower the enemy and keep them reeling. The doctrine is great in any kind of environment either urban or open field combat. The Airborne Squads themselves are one of greatest and strongest infantry units that the American can call upon to deploy anywhere on the battlefield. Though Airborne due tend to have their draw-backs, this Doctrine aims to offensively bully an opponent early into submission and acheives to deliever a killing blow as soon as possible; long drawn out games are not ideal for this doctrine as they will struggle against Axis Armored Tanks and Artillery. Though their P-47 airstrikes can mitigate the threat of Axis Armor. Again the Airborne Company is an aggressive, pro-infantry fighting company that focuses mainly on early game advantages in taking out hostile Axis infantry.

290 Manpower

Pathfinders for the American Airborne Doctrine is unlocked at 1 command point. Being the first thing unlocked for the Americans early on in the game the Pathfinders play a very unique role in combat when deployed. They primarily act as support unit that fall-in behind riflemen or Airborne squads that are deploy fighting the enemy; The Pathfinders are in retrospect the closest thing the Americans have to an actual sniper team. In fact they actually have one of the best line of sight ranges in the game, allowing them to spot the enemy from longer distances then anyone else. Also they are not able to take hits and their manpower reinforcement is really high, but they can sure kickass if they are relatively left alone. If you didn't notice before the Pathfinders are deployed with M1 Carbines, but two of the models in the group are actually deployed with a scoped rifles meaning this squad can "snipe" units. But there is a trick to it.

The squad can only "critically snipe" Axis units that are below 40% of their health (For EACH INDIVUDAL AXIS MODEL IN THAT SQUAD). So to put it truthfully Pathfinders cannot take on a full health Axis squad by themsevles. They MUST be accompanied by rifleman or airborne in order to take damage for the Pathfinders and to also soften up the enemy health-wise in order to allow those Pathfinders to start sniping away at hostile infantry. The Pathfinders can really rack-up the body count if your opponent is an engaging you with low-health squads or isn't paying attention. Low health Axis troops fighting the Pathfinders tend to die really really fast...

Another ability that the Pathfinders have is that they can setup a Relay Beacon, which can be used to spy on enemy troop movements on your mini-map. In addition the Relay Beacon also allows airborne squads to paradrop near the relay safely and without the risky of being killed by hitting trees or buildings. Airborne squads can also directly reinforce themselves from these relays, giving you the option of not having to retreat all the way to base just to reinforce.

Tips and Tricks of Pathfinders
  • Pathfinders are weak on their own they should always be escorted by other infantry units, as the Pathfinders act as more of a support role.

  • The Pathfinders are great at taking out infantry, and they can be made even deadlier if they are equipped with BARs.

  • Due to the high manpower call-in and drain from deploying Pathfinders you will only need about 1 or 2 of these squads in a single game. If you deploy more then that you risk straining your resources and being unable to reinforce your loses.
.50 cal M2HB Machine Gun Airdrop
260 Manpower

Simply put it, this is a machine gun airdrop that can be deployed anywhere on the battlefield for the cost of just 260 manpower for the gun alone. It comes at 2 cps. The Machine Gun airdrop does not deploy with any airborne, so thusly you must have infantry already on the landing ground in order to crew the weapon. This ability can be helpful if your having trouble with large Axis Blobs and you decided to tech-up to a Captain instead of going Lieutenant. This ability and the other airdrop allows you to get support weapons without the need of having to tech-up both the Lieutenant or the Captain.

Tips and Tricks of Machine Gun Airdrop
  • Airdrop a Machine Gun to your ally if he or she is in need of it when facing large amounts of Axis infantry.

  • Do not RECREW the support weapon with airborne or pathfinders, the manpower drain from reinforcing those squads will strain you. Use mainly rear echelons or rifleman.
380 Manpower

Paratroopers, the Jack of all Trades that can kick ass and take names. Paratroopers are one of the best infantry units that the Americans can call upon in Company of Heroes 2. They are a 6 man squad that are incredibility resilient and are very powerful against other Axis infantry; they specialize specifically to take on other infantry units and more times then not they will usually end up dominating the competition. Though that cost comes at a price, the paratroopers are not cheap to call in nor are they cheap to reinforce be mindful of which engagements these animals can be in. Because sometimes a bad engagement with a lot of loses on your side with airborne squads can cost you the game. These guys are not meant to take on heavy armor like Panzer 4s, Ostwinds or even Panthers etc etc, they will need some kind of Anti-Tank support to protect them. Pit them specifically against infantry targets.

Also be careful where you deploy the airborne paratroopers. Sometimes your better off deploying the airborne in your territory and have them gradually moveup to the frontlines for relief. If the airborne are deployed in enemy territory and they are intercepted while their are dropping they will be massacred.

140 Ammunition Only 2 models will get the LMGs

One of the upgrades the airborne can have is the Browning LMG. This light machine gun is outstanding for airborne squads to use, in particular if they are fighting in very open terrain as the LMG can make short work of Axis troops from very long ranges. But I must note that their close range combat capabilities will be somewhat limited as the LMG is tended to be used for longer range combat. But once upgraded they will have a special ability called suppression where it is an area of effect ability that can suppress enemy infantry in a short manner of time. (But in my opinion in most cases you won't need to suppress the enemy as the LMGs will rip them apart, and I think its a bit of a waste of ammo)

90 Ammunition 4 Models will get Thompsons

The Thompson Submachine Gun in my opinion is one of the best weapons you can upgrade you airborne squads with. Most games that I play I tend to always go for Thompsons just because they are flexible to use. Though the one draw-back of using the Submachine guns is that they are only intended for close range combat. But ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ if the airborne get up close and personal to the enemy they will tear them a new ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Airborne with Thompsons is a force to be reckoned with. Especially when fighting in urban areas. Once upgraded they also get a new abiltiy called Tactical Assault which slows down the movement of the paratroopers but at the same time increasing their fire rate and reload time, you'll want to use this abiltiy if your right up close against the enemy. This ability can literally wipe away whole axis squads in seconds if your enemy is not playing attention.

Tips and Tricks of Paratroopers
  • Paratroopers are expensive so do your best to perverse them, in time during a game they can effectively replace all your riflemen.

  • Upgrade the Paratroopers according to your environment, if its urban use Thompsons if its out in the open fields use LMGs.

  • You can if you want to instead give your airborne BARs for some good mid-range combat, or even bazooka's if you want your paratroopers to serve as an anti-tank role. (Though in my opinion still they should be used mainly against infantry)

M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun Airdrop
270 Manpower

Again just like the Machine Gun Airdrop, you can decide to drop in an AT gun to fend of enemy tanks if you didn't go Captain and went Lieutenant instead. Don't recrew the support weapon with airborne as the manpower drain from it will be a too much on you, your better off using riflemen or rear echelon to retake the airdropped guns.

Tip and Tricks of Airdrop AT Gun
  • If you ally is getting attacked by Axis Armor and they lack Anti-Tank units, then lease them a gun. It could help a lot.

P-47 Rocket Strafing Run
240 Ammunition

Coming at 12 command points in the later phase of the game airborne can deploy 2 P-47s fighters to enter the battlespace to harass enemy armor within a specific target zone. This ability can be used in two ways, offensive or defensive. If your going for all out attack against the enemy in a defended position, then you can use the airstrike ability to help tip the tide of the battle if your favour by forcing the enemy armor to retreat from the area, or if better yet even destroy enemy tanks that are unlucky. If the enemy is pushing you back hard and you need time to regroup yourself then call in the P-47 run to scare off the enemy and stop their advance.

The P-47 strafing run won't target infantry or buildings, only enemy vehicles but they can still hit them if there are units nearby the vehicles, and that can still do a lot of damage. The P-47s will target enemy vehicles that are in the target zone in the fog of war. But it won't be as accurate, if you want to maximize the amount of damage then you'll need to have boots on the ground to give line of sight for the P-47s to do very direct hits.

Tips and Tricks of P-47 Rocket Strafing Run
  • There is none, just pray that RNG is on your side and you get to kill a tank or glorious kamikaze.
This concludes my detailed review of the Airborne Company. I hope that many of your will look at this doctrine differently then you have previously. I hope you now you are able to take notice of the great offensive abilties of the Pathfinders and the Paratrooper squads that accompany them. And that the Airborne Doctrine is all about the use of infantry superiority.

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Qberry05 Nov 1, 2020 @ 4:29pm 
i know this was 4 plus years ago but i dissagree about using airbone to take weapens as if you do they can reinforce from beocens but if you use riflemen/rear echolon troops you need a ambulance
[BigFoot999] May 27, 2020 @ 9:13am 
this guide has been really helpful well done m8. i have used this successfully. I will say this if you use a combination of pathfinders riflemen and paratroopers with all the available weapons ( bars, thompsons, longrange mg forgotten the name lol and bazookas you will slaughter your enemy and anything they can throw at you. Even at the later stages of a long game. Thanks for your time and effort putting this together. I have played coh2 and coh1 since both origianlly launched ( god am i that old now lol) and this is a VERY WORTHWHILE GUIDE thanks once again.
cornn flaek Dec 25, 2019 @ 1:18pm 
You forgot about the para's timed charges ability. I love taking out emplacement's with it.
Jedi_007_ Nov 19, 2016 @ 5:35am 
Thanks Mathias, from a noob.
MathiasCZR01  [author] Aug 17, 2016 @ 12:45am 
I know that Pathfinders are really good and I put under the tips sections of geting them BARs, but the problem is most people will usually ONLY go for BAR Pathfinders and will completely igrone everything else in the Airborne Doctrine.
ThatRabidPotato Jul 27, 2016 @ 8:04pm 
You underrate Pathfinders if anything. With Double BARS at Vet 2 they easily deal as much DPS as a Para squad. That, with their range and unholy accuracy and ability to snipe... they're a terror. Always get one and preserve them, they will reward you.
kevinspencer0131 Jun 16, 2016 @ 11:12pm 
This is helpfull, hopefuly improve my game
Your Local Roof Korean Jun 15, 2016 @ 5:27am 
Great guide. I myself am a defensive, careful player, so I can't really use this to it's fullest potential, but Using the Spearhead Combat overhaul mod, and the Airborne with Thompsons? Instead of wiping out a squad in seconds....try nanoseconds.
k3zza_m4chin3_ Jun 11, 2016 @ 5:31am 
Nice concise guide. BTW upload more vids to that ErwinRammie guy plz.
Earth Jun 6, 2016 @ 1:05pm 
First of all, Great job on the guide Mathias, it's awesome and very useful to new/early players.Not many people use this doctrine so it's good that you put this up. Second of all, Paratroopers and rifles doesn't have the same reinforcement cost. Rifles are 28 while paras are 32.