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New York City, USA [WIP]
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Mod Type: Structure, Terrain
DLC: Apex
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Jun 3, 2016 @ 5:33am
Oct 2, 2018 @ 2:11pm
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New York City, USA [WIP]



The map is in a state at which an entire team of people would be required to complete a rework of the map with appropiate building models etc.. - Currently it does not look like that will be achievable.
Accordingly you should not expect any large updates.


The terrain is 16km^2 big and is true to the real scale of the area..

Mask/Sat: 8192x8192px
Height: 4096x4096px (1px/m)

BI Forum link:


This map still is in a work in progress stage, if you notice any bugs please report them.
Due to ArmA´s content limitations you will notice that the Island doesn´t look exactly like the original but I tried to keep it as close to it as possible. In addition to that I couldn´t find heightfield data which is why I had to try to recreate it by hand. I will try to improve this terrain over time but as it is I deem it playable.

My current priorities are a expanded Brooklyn so that players can use the bridges properly, completing the planned Manhatten area and then completely reworking the satellite texture.


This map is a recreation of Governer´s Island, Liberty Island, lower Manhatten and parts of Brooklyn. I am trying to recreate the real terrain as close as possible however because of the limited building resources I will take some artistic liberties.,-74.0074032,3629m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=de


Pacifist for permission to include his stadium objects
Poolpank for permission to include his "PLP Urban Packs: Barriers and Fences" object pack
IN005 for contributing his Liberty Statue object
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Palpabiatch Feb 14 @ 6:51pm 
please god make this map bigger and not have it die a horrible death...
mainis Feb 8 @ 4:50am 
this could become one of the best maps probably on the top 5
AAO_Optik Jan 27 @ 12:07pm 
Well I guess this is dead then. I think ppl are willing to help, but...
[S.C.] Raptoid Jan 26 @ 10:12pm 
Is there a way to disable the google earth type view and have normal textures on the ground?? It gets a little disorientating sometimes.
Marion Snow (Babayega) Jan 22 @ 11:33am 
Lumnuon, if you want, I can ask people who work in this field if they have time and help you.
Lumnuon  [author] Jan 17 @ 3:09am 
@AAO_Optik; I appreciate the offer but as described in the description it would require at least a small team of experienced people (3d and 2d artists primarily) to complete the map. Not much 1 or 2 people can do sadly.
AAO_Optik Jan 17 @ 2:25am 
You know what really scuffs my Tims? That this map isn't done. What can I do to help?
AAO_Optik Jan 17 @ 2:25am 
@bob_green deadass lol
0010101101 Jan 15 @ 7:48am 
I am a NYC native and would love to fuckin get you a god damn bagel right now
{Jagd} The Poker Jan 11 @ 10:38am 
Hoi3 and Arma 3 are no where near the same level of modding