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Less OP Agents - (NO MORE CHAIN SUCCESSES) - 'On Guard' Fixes and Edits
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May 31, 2016 @ 5:53pm
Aug 16, 2017 @ 10:00am
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Less OP Agents - (NO MORE CHAIN SUCCESSES) - 'On Guard' Fixes and Edits

TL:DR - Your armies won't be successfully assaulted turn after turn anymore, thanks to:
The on guard buff lasting more than one turn and having its values adjusted.
AI agents will be actually debuffed after assassinating one of your characters.
All Agents are now debuffed slightly following a successful action against an army or settlement.
Settlements and armies now gain defensive boosts following an enemies successful action.



Should be working fine with DLC 04. Can't test myself as I don't own the DLC, lemme know if something isn't working.

Hello all,

I'm back again with another fix / re-balancing of agents. This one addresses the current issues with AIs successfully assaulting your army turn after turn, preventing this from now happening (or at least making it VERY unlikely). It should also address this issue where hindering an enemies campaign movement appeared to do nothing...

The two main issues I identified with the current implementation were as follows:

The 'On guard' buff received after a failed attempt only applied for the turn it was created (if an AI assaulted you with one agent and failed, he would have the exact same chance the following turn, instead of a diminished one).

The debuff to a characters success rate following successfully murdering someone falls off after the player ends their turn, meaning the AI doesn't actually suffer the effects of the debuff. This similarly applies to the hindered movement not seeming to have any practical effect.

I fixed these issues by editing the number of turns a buff/debuff exists. At the same time I also increased the defensive boost received to 25% (this number is a baseline until I get more feedback, can be easily increased) following an enemy agent successfully hindering/assaulting an army or settlement. I have also reduced the debuff for successfully assassinating a character to 25%.

The end result is that armies surrounded by multiple enemy agents will actually successfully fight off these agents a high amount of the time, assuming they have been previously attacked. Alongside the reduced decrease post assassination this should encourage agents to spread out for new targets more frequently, avoiding the dreaded blob of agents all converging on one target.

In some cases the effects are more severe for the player (in particular longer hindered movement). I've decided this is acceptable because the AI should move away due to it's impossible odds and the fact the AIs will also actually become hindered.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the mod!



Q: Is it save game compatible?
A: Yup!

Q: Should I pair this with your other mod? (
A: Whether you want both or not boils down to how hard you want your game to be - combining both will usually lead to greatly reduced chances of agents repeatedly assaulting your armies and succeeding every turn,. Without the other mod it will probably still be possible for agents to repeatedly succeed against you (or you to fail against them), but that will only occur when your lord/agents are outleveled by a significant margin.

Q:Why does the tooltip say 3 turns remaining?
A: For some reason Creative Assembly have made is so that 2=1 a great deal of the time. In order to combat this I increased the turns to 3, but the effective turns where the buff/debuff is visible is 2. My best guess as to why this happens currently is that the AI turns count for the end_turn_completed when the buff/debuff affects the AI, alongside the players turns.

Q: Why is there not a tooltip displaying a settlements defensive buff?
A: Creative Assembly haven't included the ability to display effects affecting one single settlement (region). I could do a lot more tedious work to make it display in the province buff, but then you would be getting false information if a faction holds more than one city within a province and you attack the other one. The change is still visible in the success odds breakdown.

Q: Why don't agents face a penalty after successfully assaulting/hindering an army or settlement?


Rebalanced the buff to defence received by the following:

All actions where an agent fails against a non agent - 15 % bonus resistance.
All actions where an agent succeeds against a non agent - 30% bonus resistance.
All actions where an agent fails against another agent - 10% bonus resistance.

Rebalanced debuff for agent succeeding against a character:

Agent receives -25% success chance after successfully wounding/assassinating an enemy character.
Implemented a new debuff to agent success chance following successfully assaulting an army or settlement. Current value is -15 for all agent actions.

Adjusted the number of turns the buffs and debuffs last in order for the AI to actually be affected by them:

Agents failing against a non-character - Buff on non-character now lasts 2 turns ( the turn it's applied and the turn after).
Agents failing against a character - Buff on targeted character now lasts 2 turns (the turn it's applied and the turn after).
Agents succeeding against a non-character - Debuff (movespeed / whatever) and buff (resistance to future attacks) lasts 2 turns (the turn it's applied and the turn after). Agent who succeeds debuff lasts 2 turns (turn it's applied and turn after).
Agents succeeding against a character - Debuff to successful agent now lasts 3 turns for the player (the turn its applied and 2 after) and 2 turns for the AI ( the turn the AI succeeds and the turn after)

Hopeful new features:

None planned, enjoy!
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I'm desperately looking for something similar for TWWH2. This mod was the best solution to the agent problems without completely removing their functionality and I would really love to see it in TWWH2 as well.
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Sweet. Thanks for your excellent work Chugger :) :steamhappy:
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Can confirm this works with the 4th DLC. Tbh, I use it as much to nerf MY overpowered agents as much as the AI's, or I just harass them to death.
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guppy Jul 2, 2017 @ 12:09am 
ok thanks