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Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha)
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May 31, 2016 @ 3:23am
May 28, 2018 @ 4:00pm
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Prop Line Tool [PLT] (vAlpha)

Prop Line Tool
Draw lines of props and trees like how you draw roads!

This mod will save you time by placing items one by one for you!

Compatible with Industries DLC and Patch

Concerning Industries Update
I've tested this mod with Industries patch and everything is in working order. If you're experiencing FPS drops, it is most likely due to another mod such as More Beautification. If you are experiencing issues, please read through the troubleshooting guide Process A. Thank you. (:

October 8th, 2017:
New features added! Be sure to check out the feature video and/or changelog. (:

Quick Links

+ Draggable Trees
+ Draggable Props and Prop-Fences
+ Curved Fences! (Be sure to use Fence Mode! - see "Options Bar" section)
+ Place up to 256 items in one segment.
+ Undo up to the last 64 segments you placed by pressing Ctrl-Z.
+ Precision Controls for Spacing and Angle
+ Reposition parts of or the whole curve without having to redraw it.

+ Does not break save games!
+ Can be safely disabled at any time
+ Your placed items will still be there even if the mod is disabled!
+ No detours

- Still need to delete items one by one
- Items placed with this mod do count towards their respective item limits
- See "Quirks" section

- Click to place curve control/draw/anchor points.
- Right-Click to cancel the last point.
- Ctrl-Z at any time to undo the last segment, up to the last 64 segments.
- Alt-Click (purple) any time items are showing to copy-place them where they are without having to redraw the curve.
- Ctrl-Click (green) when placing the last control point (items are showing) to Lock the curve in place.
Once in Lock Mode:
- Click any of the control-points to move them.
- Click on the position of the second item to change item spacing.
- Click on the angle locus (large circle with satellite circle) surrounding the second item to change prop angle.
- Click on the curve itself to reposition it.
- Right click when changing something in Lock Mode to revert it to its last state/place before you "picked it up."
To Place Items and Exit Lock Mode:
- Ctrl-Click or Ctrl-Enter to place items and continue/"unLock".

Options Bar
- This mod places an options bar in the same place and style as where the road tool does in order to switch to Straight/Curved/Freeform draw modes.
- Options Bar will appear whenever a tree or prop is selected.
Buttons on the Options Bar:
- Toggle Fence Mode
- Single: default prop and tree singular placement (hides fence mode and control panel buttons)
- Straight
- Curved
- Freeform
- Toggle Control Panel: Show/Hide PLT's handy control panel.

Control Panel
- Click the button in the Options Bar to show/hide.
Control Panel Features:
Parameters Tab:
- Decouple Button (will show when drawing continuous curves. click to reset items to start of curve.)
- Spacing adjustment buttons and textbox
- Angle adjustment buttons and textbox
- Angle Mode dropdown
- Dynamic: angle items relative to the curve.
- Single: angle items with absolute angle on the game map.
Options Tab: (hover over these checkboxes in-game to see more info)
- Show Undo Previews
- Enable Error Checking
- Show Error Guides
- PLT Anarchy: ignore placement errors and place everything
- Place Blocked Props: like Anarchy but only for items that would be "hidden" by roads and/or buildings that already exist. (Use Prop Anarchy if you want the items to not be "hidden"/blocked).
- Render Items at Vanilla Positional Resolution (see "Quirks" section below)
- Use Mesh for Center Correction: If you have props that are not properly centered within their bounds, attempt to center them based on their mesh's pivot point (if available). On by default.

- You may notice that placed items are not perfectly positioned as they appear when drawing the curve. (Especially when using small items or small spacing). This is a limitation due to the method the game uses to compress position-data for each prop/tree.
*NEW*: Use the Prop Precision mod to fix this issue.

If you'd like to preview exactly where items will be placed at vanilla resolution, I've provided a check-box in the Options tab of the control panel called "Render Items at Vanilla Positional Resolution".

Usage Tips
- Use larger fence pieces where you can to save on prop count. It really makes a difference in the end!
- Place props/trees on roads and through buildings: Enable "Place Blocked Items" in the Options tab of the PLT Control Panel AND enable Prop Anarchy.

Pairs Nicely With
- More Beautification (highly recommended but not required)
- Prop Anarchy (includes Tree Anarchy)
- Prop Precision
- Network Skins
- Random Tree Rotation
- your favorite tree and prop assets!

Incompatible With
Nothing! (So far as I'm aware...)

Source Code
Source code is available on GitHub[].

Special Thanks
(including but not limited to)
- SamsamTS' ResourceLoader[] class for the sprite/atlas utilities.
- BloodyPenguin's Extra Landscaping Tools for how to add tools.
- bofomer's Network Skins for how to create a nice UI panel.

If you would like to support me and my hard work through a donation, click the Donate button or follow this link[].


Enjoy! ^__^
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May 29, 2018 @ 11:18pm
PINNED: Report a bug/problem here! [Official Thread]
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CreativeFraser Apr 18 @ 12:33pm 
Oh thank you! Odd though, since I have the After Dark expansion installed and verify integrity of game comes back positive. Might have to reinstall my game perhaps?
Alterran  [author] Apr 18 @ 2:16am 
Bike Middle is an asset that's included in the After Dark expansion. More info in this mod's FAQ .
CreativeFraser Apr 16 @ 10:27am 
Hey just wanted to mention an update to my earlier comment: you can ignore it. I learned that you could read the asset reports from the loading screen mod to figure out which assets are missing other assets. . . it was the "Pedestrian and Bicycle Path" and "Recycling drop-off center" that were missing it. Still only happens to me on winter biome maps and still haven't really figured out why I'm missing "Bike Middle" / or why my games thinks it is missing it but ah well. . .
mornix Mar 26 @ 12:53am 
A brilliant development! Thank you!
unison Mar 15 @ 11:57am 
Is there a mod like "unlimited prop" or something like that ?

I can't place no more prop ! I've reached the limit ! PLT enables us to place many prop to make the city more realistic :/
CreativeFraser Mar 3 @ 7:28pm 
Hello, I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked and answered, or it is not related to this mod. I recently installed this mod though and I am hoping a kind soul here might be able to help me out. I started a new city in a winter biome and my loading screen mod identified that I was missing the asset "Bike Middle". A quick search in the workshop and on google and the only hit I got was a post by a guy from April 2018 complaining about how he couldn't find his Bike Middle asset. Someone else pointed him to this mod. So I figured I'd try asking about it here.
Anyways, can I safely ignore this? Or does anybody know where I can find that asset on the workshop? I also tried verifying the integrity of the game files and that came back fully validated. Many thanks, sorry about the long post.
IamPerps Mar 1 @ 12:52pm 
How do I draw/place prop train cars over a railroad track? It won't let me place it there, even with shift=P on.
Reinhart Feb 23 @ 12:24pm 
Probably a lot of others already wrote about the fps drops, but as I see after trying for at least 3 hours, this mod decreases the fps at least by 5, if not more.

I don't know what causes this, but this is what I saw. I already deleted more beautification, so that can't be the cause. I'm sad, because this mod helped a lot with placing assets...
-Renegade- Feb 14 @ 8:04am 
Panda: Those fences/etc. are networks. PLT's fence mode was designed to replicate network behavior with props. Not sure what exactly you're trying to accomplish, but you're not describing a shortcoming of the mod.
PandaWaffles Feb 12 @ 1:00am 
Doesn't work with the new fences like the park fence, unfortunately.