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Annals of Asia Universalis
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May 31, 2016 @ 1:51am
May 2, 2017 @ 6:13am
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Annals of Asia Universalis

Annal of Asia Universalis is an large-scaled overhaul mod focuses on Asia.
This mod presents the history of Asia from 1449 to 1821.
It also brings more playability for Pan-Asian countries:
East from Japan to Byzantium in the west;
North to Siberia and all the way to Indonesia in the South.
Huaxia(ancient China), Mongol, Manchu and Japan regions are the main focuses in this mod.
There are also many reworks being done in the regions of Korea, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, India, Central Asia, Near East, and the Balkans.

Changed a lot of data and system of EU4.
Added Hundreds of new Decisions and Events.
Added 4 new common Mission trees for Asia.
Added special Mission tree for East-Asia.
Added 54 achievement Missions for all Chinese countries.
Added a lot of Triggered Modifiers.
Playable Timeline extended to 9999.
Added 50 Bookmarks based on historical facts.
Added 2 Bookmarks which are imaginary.
Added 95 Nations.
Added 65 Nation Ideas.
Added many more dynamic Province Names.
Added 25 Cultures.
Added 4 Religions with different abilities.
Added Theory System for Confucianism.
Added Church Aspects for Yangmingism.
Added 20 Government types.
Changed a lot in Mandate System.
Added 15 Imperial Reforms for Emperor of China.
Added 2 Decrees for Emperor of China.
Added 12 types of Factions.
Added a new Estate named Gentry.
Added 12 Age Objectives in Aisa.
Added 4 Age Abilities.
Changed Institutions in Aisa.
Added 27 Technologies.
Added 6 Idea Groups.
Added mechanics for every Idea Groups.
Added 18 Policies.
Added 15 types of Advisors.
Added a new Subject types named Duhu.
Added 3 Trade Goods.
Added 3 Tradenodes, and new Trade Paths.
Added 20 Trade Companies, most in Europe.
Added 8 Colonial Regions.
Added exclusive name for Chinese Colony.
Added 10 new Casus Bellis.
Added 89 Unit types.
Added 12 Disasters.
Added 5 Rebel types.
Added 104 additional provinces for China and Japan.
Beautified map with gorgeous colors, more expressive images and clearer border lines.
Navigatable Yangtze River, Yellow River, Heilongjiang River.
Changed Event Pictures.
Changed Flag frame.
Changed fonts.
Added 100 Asian themed Music Tracks.
Changed some sounds.

Requirements and Compatibility:
- Only supports 1.25 verison now.
- DLCs are recommended for full experience of Annals of Asia Universalis. (Still playable without DLCs)
- Only supports English localisation now.
- Not compatible with other mods.
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So I want to ask, where do you guys get the music from?
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Please Update..
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