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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 5, 2016 @ 5:29pm

BLAST SHIELD is a space game where you play mini-golf with explosions. Yes.

Here is a ship with metal defense plates on the left and bottom sides. It's carrying explosive boxes. What would happen if this ship exploded? The explosions have to fly out somewhere. The defensive plates were intended to protect the ship... now they're going to make something else happen.

The explosions can only fly out in ways where there aren't metal plates. For this one they fly out to the up and right sides.

Using the same rocket, you can shoot the edge of the ships. This will not blow up the ship - it will rotate it. You can rotate a ship this way to "aim" its explosion. Point the ship at another one and start a chain reaction. Or point the ship at a wall. Now you're playing space explosion mini-golf. Bounce those explosions off of walls and get them all at once!

Now this is the really cool part - you are allowed to place your own walls, or blast shields. You can place these right next to ships for a shotgun effect or far away to try to bounce them over a great distance.

To change up the gameplay, there are several objective modes. You always need to destroy all of the ships using one massive chain. However sometimes there are challenges, to change it up:

Destroy all of the ships in one massive chain. You can use as many rockets and shields as you want.

-Limited number of rockets and barriers available
You only have a limited number of rockets to rotate ships and explode them with or barriers to bounce or focus explosions.

-Movement Limit
You're limited to move around only a small amount from your starting position. Try to get them all as one chain while dealing with this!

-One Rocket + unlimited blast shields
In this mode, you only have one rocket. You can't rotate ships at all and have to rely on clever blast shield placement to direct explosions in new ways.

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