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Less OP Agents - Agent level doesn't affect success chance
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May 29, 2016 @ 1:16pm
Aug 16, 2017 @ 10:08am
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Less OP Agents - Agent level doesn't affect success chance


TL:DR - Agent's chance of success is no longer influenced by the agent's level. Your agents should be able to succeed against vastly higher level agents, and your under leveled lords should be killed less frequently.

This is a stopgap until something better is created, for those who don't want to have to simply stop all agent actions from occurring.

Save-game compatible!

NEWS: Updated for Norsca. Hooray!


This mod aims to address the somewhat glaring issues regarding enemy agents. A great deal of this pain appears to come from the fact that the enemy agents very quickly outpace your own in terms of level and thus become harder and harder to get rid of. This is caused by agents receiving a hidden bonus to success (and reduction of enemy chance to succeed) for every skill point they have gained.

This mod (hopefully) changes that, by preventing any passive increase in ability, while allowing all other listed increases / decreases to remain. I have not touched any of the the base chances for success.

I should make it clear that your agents will still fail frequently, and the enemy will still probably succeed more than you will like (which seems like intended game-play). What this will do is give your agents a fighting chance to remove the uber-leveled enemy agents that appear out of nowhere, and reduce the likelihood of high level agents chain-succeeding against your under-leveled lords. This will mean that your agents will have lower than usual success rates against enemies below you in experience, this is the trade off you'll have to make.

I intend eventually to do a sweeping re-balance of the hidden exp gained, such that it actually makes sense (defensive skills decreasing enemy success rate but not yours, etc). This is merely a stop-gap that will hopefully remedy some of the problems / make agents tolerable until the future.


Other mods: Should work with literally everything. The only conflict will be with mods that edit wh_main_effect_agent_action_success_chance_skill and wh_main_effect_agent_action_success_chance_enemy_skill values in the character_skill_level_to_effects_junctions_tables, in which case the mod is probably trying to do something similar to mine and you wouldn't want both anyway. Mods that overwrite the table and have named their data with higher alphabetical superiority than aah will also not work .

Save game: Compatible!

Disclaimer: This is my very first attempt at modding any game, I've gone in completely blind and tried to figure out how the AI was cheating, and this is the easiest way I've found that can address most players issues. Feedback from extended play through would be super helpful. There are some skills that will award increased chances for reasons I do not at this time understand. I hope to improve my comprehension quickly and will hopefully be able to address peoples concerns as they arise.

Thanks for making it all the way through this wall of text, if you did.
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Angarvin Feb 24, 2018 @ 12:03pm 
hi! do you have any plans on transfering your mod to tw:wh2? i really miss it :woodlehappy:
MrBlazzar™ Aug 16, 2017 @ 11:03am 
@Chugger Uggers thanks a lot man.
Biggus Thiccus  [author] Aug 16, 2017 @ 10:11am 
@MrBlazzar™ Done now - was off work sick today so found some time. Updated for Norsca and whatever the last FreeLC was that I missed.
MrBlazzar™ Aug 14, 2017 @ 10:22am 
Hey man, do you plan to update the two Less OP Agent mods for the norsca dlc and patch?
CapitaineYolo May 6, 2017 @ 8:37am 
Hey thanks a bunch ^^ Ill do some more testing without that mod then.
Biggus Thiccus  [author] May 6, 2017 @ 8:22am 
@CapitaineYolo Had a look through all the mods in your collection - the only possibility is 'All Factions: Tweaks for Existing Skills'.

I inspected the data pack and it has 10 changes that change the effect_keys this mod alters, which might have caused your issue, although nothing that would have plummeted success rates to 5%....

Not really sure if there's a solution - I'll have a think :)
CapitaineYolo May 4, 2017 @ 12:18pm 
As the empire, I tried to assassinate a lvl 10 goblin agent (not sure which one) with both my mage and empire captain. Granted, they were both lvl 1, and he may have had points spent in upgrades that make him harder to kill.

Here is my mod-collection too, maybe you find a mod, which sounds like it could conflict.
Biggus Thiccus  [author] May 4, 2017 @ 12:00pm 
@CapitaineYolo That is very strange. Some mods might conflict but I named my datafile to have alphabetical superiority so that my changes would usually overwrite anything else.

Can you recall what faction / class these agents were? Possible something slipped through the cracks but I thought I'd been pretty thorough.
CapitaineYolo May 3, 2017 @ 3:42pm 
After getting a 5% chance to assassinate a lvl 10 agent with a lvl 1 agent, I get the feeling this mod is overwritten by some other. Or maybe thats just the appropriate ratio?
Wenche Apr 3, 2017 @ 7:20am 
does this works with No Aggressive AI Agents!?

Keep up the good work :)