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Civilian Trade
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May 29, 2016 @ 8:50am
Sep 28, 2017 @ 5:16am
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Civilian Trade

Civilian Trade for update 1.8.*

No big feature changes or anything for this update!
*Not been tested with Synthetic Dawn Story pack but I don't anticipate any problems, do let me know if you find any.


> Trade planets (planets with pop members of the prosperity faction) produce an 'aura' that send bonuses to planets within range (based on population size)
> Foreign planets will receive "Foreign trade" which includes a small does of xenophili attraction.
> Various trade auras depending on planetary edicts

> Trade ships spawned from trade planets that run stops to nearby planets
> Trade ships number of stops determined by the size of starting planet
> Trade ships deposit resources directly to the empire upon arrival, along with a reduction in commodity goods for a shot time
> Some planetary edicts can influence theses deposits
> If destroyed by enemies they provide a small amount of resources to the empire who killed them.


I think this version will also be a bit better on frame rate since the number of ships will be slightly lower overall in the galaxy, since each empire will vary more and the ships disappear after they are done with their stops.
There is still a limit on total per empire to keep it from absolutely blowing up.
The trade ships are also regular civilian ships that are part of your empire and appear in the civilian ship outliner. You can direct them a tiny bit but they will instantly go back on course.

With the way it is set up currently you don't have to do anything, it all runs in the background basically. Decisions you make will affect them but there is no real direct control you put on them.
This also means that it works perfectly with the AI.

Hopes and plans for the future:

> A separate civilian trader faction.
> there are some specific things I'd like a trader faction to want that don't fit perfectly with the prosperity faction.
> Having the happiness of the faction effect trade ships/bonuses
> Some connection to the unity system
> War Demands
> Events

All of these are just English for the moment. Since so much changed basically all the text has changed and I couldn't keep any of the great translations you guys gave me.
There isn't a lot of text this time around so translating shouldn't be too hard. If you want to help I'll post the localization file in a discussion and you can just post it there.

German: English
French: English
Russian: Complete
Brazilian: English
Polish: English

Important for removing the mod!

Pause the game.
Open the console " ` "
type in " event civtrade.66 "
Hit enter and all the trade ships should disappear. Then just save a reload.


This mod should be compatible with most every mod out there at the moment. Below though are some compatability patches or notes for mods that do need it.

Primitive Players, Pre-FTL Players - All FTL , Pre-FTL Players :
Compatibility patch.
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essi2 12 hours ago 
Sounds like a plan
kyojin  [author] 14 hours ago 
Just to let you guys know I do plan on updating this for the new 2.0 patch.

Don't expect it quickly they are changing a lot and I don't know how it'll effect things I do for the mod. I plan to take a few days of just playing vanilla to see how the new systems work and get ideas for what needs to change. Then I'll start working on the update.

longshots Feb 10 @ 11:02pm 
the hud Ui gets annoying AF!!
Lucidum Jan 31 @ 4:25pm 
This mod is infuriating. Every 5 seconds my fleet is aggroed by the trade ships and I cannot bombard anything without babysitting it. Tempted to unsubscribe from this mod!
Commander Venus Jan 28 @ 9:26pm 
@Kill3rCat the Ironfist [D/2/506]
because no one wants to check for stability, themselves. Laziness, basically.
X14アカネ Jan 21 @ 8:48am 
plz update dis mod is awesome, thank you
KaptnLath Jan 18 @ 9:01pm 
blockade runners maybe? ;)
StrangerOdd Jan 14 @ 10:02pm 
Second bump on the bombardment disruption. A tweak so that traders don't spawn on besieged planets would be nice.
Why does everyone ask for updated versions? Almost nothing was changed in 1.9. It's basically
d.kall Jan 3 @ 4:21pm 
It works fine with 1.9.