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Planetary Rally Points
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May 29, 2016 @ 6:21am
May 9 @ 2:33pm
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Planetary Rally Points

Planetary Rally Points gives you the ability to set rally points for newly constructed military ships.

Mod Features
Adds the ability to set up to three different planets as rally points.
Adds the ability to set any number of planets to send their built ships to a rally point.

This mod works by adding planetary edicts for each rally point. To set a planet as a rally point, select the planet of your choice and select one of the three edicts named "Designate Staging Area X", with X being a greek letter. When selected, your planet will recieve a "Staging Area" modifier.

Once a planet is set as a rally point, all other planets will now have an edict named "Assign to Staging Area X", select it to have ships built in that planets spaceport sent to the selected rally point.

To remove a planets designation as a rally point, either set a new planet as a rally point or enact the edict "Dismantle Staging Areas" on the planet.

To have a planet stop sending ships to a rally point, enact the edict named "Cancel Assignement"

If you feel like the edicts are cluttering up the edict screen on a planet, you can enact the edict "Toggle Staging Edicts" and every edict except for that one will be hidden. To make them visible again, simply enact the same edict again.

Features added in 1.0.5
Since people seem to still want this mod i've decided to update it to 1.4.
The toggling of rally point edicts is now done via the country edicts in the menu reached by pressing F8.
Due to how the Stellaris rally points and this mods work, the priority order of rally points is (Mod planet rally) > (Stellaris ship rally) > (Stellaris planet rally)

Features added in 1.0.1
Adds the edict "Rally Here!" which will make nearby plants all rally to the planet enacting this edict.
Only available on a planet designated as a rally point.

For bugfixes and minor changes, please refer to the changelog.

Planned Features (some when they become possible)
Have fleets that meet up at a planet merge into one fleet.
Fix tooltips so they show which planet they are sending towards. Added in 1.0.1 on edict tooltips. Modifiers does not seem capable of doing it.
A way to change the distance of the "Rally Here!" edict.
Perhaps a way to have ships leave in groups of some number, to sort of counteract the growing fleet list without affecting the point of rally points too much.

Thanks to:
Revan for german localisation.
Maverik for spanish localisation.
3ChiThai for russian localisation.

Compatible with game version 1.6.*
It's unlikely this mod will break in future updates so it will probably work even if it shows as outdated.
This mod should be compatible with any other mod.

This mod will make you unable to gain achievements if activated during an ironman game.

Mod Version
Version: 1.0.5

Any feedback is appreciated.
If you like the mod, give it a so others can discover it!
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Feb 7 @ 12:19pm
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Zaxius Dec 9 @ 7:27am 
This is by far one of the moost useful mods I have found for Stellaris! We have all experienced how buggy the vanilla version of rally points can be. When you tell ships to upgrade and there is a rally point right there in front of them they seem to ignore it and go to the next available rally point (Vanilla Version) But this mod fixes that! Way to go!!!! This fixes one of the most annoying bugs in the game in my opinion.

I do have one question for the author. The "Assign to staging area x" works perfectly. So I am wondering what the purpose of the "Rally Here" is for? Will setting this edict on the rally point eliminate the need for the assign command for planets in that same sector? Just confused about the purpose of the Rally Here?

The mod does work amazingly well. Thanks again. Great Mod!

Lers Dec 7 @ 12:48pm 
Can you update the mod to 1.9?
Tempestfox3 May 14 @ 10:07am 
Doesn't the game more or less do this itself now?
Zednosius  [author] May 9 @ 2:35pm 
Updated to 1.6
Ravemaster99 Apr 29 @ 6:04pm 
And... has this been updated to work properly with the Banks update?
👌 Dukhat Feb 10 @ 11:49am 
'some' :p
Zednosius  [author] Feb 10 @ 4:08am 
Since some people still appear to want this mod and i got some time over i've decided to update it to 1.4.
NA West = Peru North Feb 8 @ 11:41pm 
ded :(
Zero Jan 22 @ 3:34am 
Update pls?
👌 Dukhat Oct 23, 2016 @ 1:45pm 
1.3? :P