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Epic Explosions
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May 28, 2016 @ 3:45am
Jun 4 @ 10:32am
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Epic Explosions

Compatible with 2.3.*

Does it feel wrong to you that ships equipped with unimaginably powerful fusion reactors quietly drift into the darkness after destruction? This mod will make them blaze like a star for one last glorious moment.

-Achievement compatible.
-Mod compatibility: should work with almost anything. However mods that add new ships may or may not get these effects.
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Time Lord Oct 7 @ 2:49pm 
Moe Mod Compilation
Greetings, And thank you for the creation of this awesome mod! I love it and wish to keep playing with it. However I have a request. After the recent Megacorp update I feel as though the game went a poor direction design wise. Portrait sizes are to small and many other things. As such I am playing with version 2.1.3 before the update. If possible can I have access to the mod version that supports V 2.1.3? I have a “Moe Mod Compilation” That it is apart of that I wish to keep playing with. Thank you for your time and consideration! “ Mod Compilation link
Old Ben Aug 19 @ 11:30am 
Running the new NSC2 update and I have yet to see any explosions with this mod. Is it compatible withe NSC2 and 2.3.3 ?
deathnchaos Jul 18 @ 7:28pm 
@King Crimson amen to that
 DaddyshaxxUwU  Jun 18 @ 1:41am 
Incase anyone else is confused and doesent care about the science this mod does work in mp but everyone needs it not just you
Gray Jun 6 @ 1:16pm 
You could have explosions in space but they work much differently. You wouldn't have normal shock waves because there's no medium for the vibrations, no air to compress, and no fuel for fire but the immediate burst. You would simply have a blinding flash as all fuel instantly turned to plasma... and a wave of shrapnel that flew at the insane speeds from the center, never slowing down. Anyway, thanks for the great mod! :steamhappy:
Eoftar May 20 @ 6:53am 
Did anyone test this with NSC2 or any ship packs(Mass Effect, Halo, Star Wars, etc)?
the Raspoot May 17 @ 7:04am 
They have tested nukes in space before
sipp May 11 @ 9:26pm 
pretty sure ships full of pressurized gas (oxygen?) would be able to explode even in space
Boí Puççí May 11 @ 9:19am 
Explosions can happen in space my man, just wouldn't be able to hear it.
King Crimson May 10 @ 12:05pm 
Actually explosions are not possible in space... Then again, if real life was cool, everything should explode because explosion matters more than anything... Best mod.