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Epic Explosions
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May 28, 2016 @ 3:45am
May 25 @ 6:12am
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Epic Explosions

Compatible with 2.1.*

Does it feel wrong to you that ships equipped with unimaginably powerful fusion reactors quietly drift into the darkness after destruction? This mod will make them blaze like a star for one last glorious moment.

-Not achievement compatible.
-Mod compatibility: should work with almost anything. However mods that add new ships may or may not get these effects.
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Dark Spider Jun 11 @ 8:19am 
can it cause lag? or is it costly on the system?
io May 23 @ 5:03pm 
Will it work ok with 2.1?
AstroCat May 23 @ 8:39am 
Ok with 2.1?
Idranel May 5 @ 10:07am 
@Chondrite Thanks for the reply! The info is much appreciated.
Chondrite  [author] May 5 @ 9:12am 
@Idranel Simplest way is to find the "big explosion" particle effect files for the ship mod and then copy them into your fix mod. Then replace the contents of those files with the explosion effects from this mod's particle effect files except for the particle effect name itself.

More complicated would be to combine this mod's effects with the ship mod's effects so instead of replacing the effects you'd merge the files and rename any effects that have duplicate names.
Idranel May 5 @ 5:48am 
What would be involved in making this compatible with modded shipsets/added ship classes? I understand if it's too complicated to explain but any info would be appreciated for an amateur mod-modifier.
Paranormalcactus Apr 29 @ 7:41am 
what about a black hole style explosions for dark matter reactors?
Rastro Apr 23 @ 9:27am 
This is still one of those "little things" mods that is oh so satisfying.
TheHopelessZombie Apr 14 @ 10:26am 
Explosions need atmosphere and fusion would just snuff out like a candle ... crappy but true so anything to make the battles a bit more dramatic is very welcome ,nice mod
Unit 206 Apr 2 @ 1:58pm 
@ minurominerwin
It's not the first explosion its the far the ship model goes away a huge nova flares up from the ship depending on the size of the ship.