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This gorgeous mod will save you from a lot of unnecessary clicks.
Now buildings will improve or build automatically if there are sufficient resources.
This is especially useful for those who do not like to play with sectors.

For Stellaris 1.6.*

How it works:
This mod will improve or build new buildings, depending on the available resources and active options.This does not affect the planets in sectors.
By default all options desabled, enter menu and select needed options.

List of options:
(more details in the descriptions in the game)
  1. Automatic Construction of Space Stations.
  2. Auto-Improve Buildings.
  3. Auto-Improve Buildings That Cost Influence.
  4. Automatic Construction of New Buildings on Good Tiles.
  5. Give Mines to the Slaves.
  6. Auto-Improve Laboratories.
  7. Keep Resources in Reserve (configurable).
  8. Auto-clean Blockers.
  9. Automatic Construction of Unique Buildings
  10. Auto-build on empty tiles:
    1. Energy Priority.
    2. Industrial Priority.
    3. Research Priority.
    4. Moderate Research Priority.
    5. Balanced priority.
    6. Energy research Priority.
    7. Ignore on tiles:
      1. Ignore Minerals.
      2. Ignore Food.
      3. Ignore Energy.
      4. Ignore Science.
  11. Allow Auto-build for AI. (also force build frams if ai haven't food)
  12. Autobuild: Robots.
  13. Autobuild: Alphamod.
  14. Remove all farms.

Country Edicts:
  1. There is No Need for Sectors.

Planetary Edicts:
  1. Remove all automation settings from planet.
  2. Hide/Show Auto-Build Edicts.
  3. Add to exeption:
    1. Auto-Improve.
    2. Auto-Build.
  4. Specialize planet:
    1. Industrial Center.
    2. Energy Center.
    3. Research Centre.
    4. Food Centre.

Save compatible.

Select “Remove all mod's settings” option in menu.
Turn off in the launcher.

Explanation for multiplayer:
All mod's options local for players exept autobuild for ai.
Added output into game.log then anyone use no sector edict.

Compatible with
Ironman compatible, achievements uncompatible.
  1. AlphaMod (temporarily disabled)
  2. Star Trek New Horizons
  3. Human Fallen Empires
  4. Stellaris + Evolved
  • Compatibility and how make support for mod


    Auto-build for the spaceport and spaceport's modules then paradox add needed api. Same for auto update military stations.
    Add new options for unique colony buildings (in progress).
    Compatibility with other mods (write in comments).

    Special thanks to:
    Artos_VV, Tisson, Ninja Ferret, Arakhor, a123qwertz567, dray_prescot, Ryuichiro, Korrektur und Übersetzung

    Localisation topic

    Paradoxplaza[] GitHub[]
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Yes, Fight for Universe
had  [author] 2 hours ago 
Death, Destroyer of Worlds
Fight for universe?

That's exactly what it does.
Supah 2 hours ago 
Has this helped AIs lack of economy past the early game? Seems like forcing them to at least build buildings will help a lot.
Add support for FFU? Just don't build berathian power plant. They removed it for some reason that I am sure has to do with how the mod works.
had  [author] 6 hours ago 
Added support for Stellaris + Evolved.
had  [author] May 24 @ 8:54am 
Triggers are conditions.
If you need change the name of the building which should be built - it must change file _events.
ig2wtc May 24 @ 8:53am 
I was browsing your files and it seems like you secify which buildings are allowed to be built. So if a buildig got a changed name your mod wont build it?
I would just have to add the correct name to the list inside "autobuild_scripted_triggers.txt". Is this correct?
had  [author] May 24 @ 8:44am 
Problem may be with mods about buildings.
ig2wtc May 24 @ 7:25am 
Like 30 of them XD

Could the Problem be some kind of modified Habitat? Like useing bigger Habitat that are not vanilla?
had  [author] May 24 @ 7:15am 
Strange, other mods?