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Genre: Strategy, RPG, Casual
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
May 30, 2016 @ 8:26am
Oct 18, 2016 @ 1:26pm
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Announcing newest environment "Laughing Halls"
Cleave Demo Version 2 is here!
Release date: August/September 2016
Demo Link:

Back us on IndieGogo to help bring a ton of polish to the game in addition to potential Multiplayer PvP capabilities, a unique remake of the game into a 2D version for mobile devices, more characters/environments, and more....!

About Cleave

Inspired by Plants vs. Zombies, the game aims to blend two established genres into a single game. Tower defense-like gameplay that is popular in Plants vs. Zombies and turn-based Conquest type gameplay that is popular in games like Risk. Select where you wish to attack on a tactical map of Silver Vale then engage in tower defence like battles (PvZ style) to determine who will control that segment of land.

With three separate factions, thirty maps and sixty characters, Cleave will have a lot of variety without ever deviating from its simple and fun formula.

Pre-battle mini-games will introduce buffs or debuffs to make each match different while single use heroes provide a level of strategy to turn the tide of battle if used effectively.

As well as the gameplay there will be ample lore and stories to flesh out the world and characters that can be unlocked as you play.

We would like your support in order to take the game to the next level, to build upon the solid structure that we have already established and make it as good as we can. Extra features and extra polish are our main goals at this point but enough support could see new modes, better functions and even multiplayer.

The Gameplay

Cleave is a simple concept that merges tower defense with turn-based conquest. At the start of the game the player will choose which of the three factions they wish to use. Each has ten unique units to use in battle and has its own character driven story to tell.

There will be a map of war showing the thirty individual territories of Silver Vale that are split between the three factions. The player will pick an enemy territory adjacent to one of their own to attack. They can then choose whether to be the attacking or defending side. There will be a small mini-game based on observation or reaction which will determine any bonuses or disadvantages in the coming battle to make each game more varied.

The battle will begin and the player can place their units limited only by their number of Supplies, the game’s resource. Defenders gain additional Supplies every set amount of seconds from Supply Chest positioned behind each lane and need to prevent Attackers from reaching them. Attackers gain Supplies from killing defending units or taking chests while wanting to get warriors past the Defender line to win the game.

Each unit has a powerful leader that can be placed once each battle. They have higher stats than the standard unit and offer strong effects to buff their units. Leaders create a wider sense of strategy and can turn the tide of a battle if used correctly.

At the end of the battle the winning side will take control of the territory. Each faction will take their turn to attack. The goal is to capture every territory and rule over Silver Vale.

The Lore

Silver Vale was once ruled by the kingdom of Haleran until a crystalline meteor fell from the sky and crashed into the northern section of the continent. Clouds of toxic dust filled the air and corrupted the minds of anything exposed to it. This was known as the Insanity Incident.

The king boarded off the inner kingdom and left those on the edge of the crisis to find for themselves. Madmen emerged from the dust seeking only blood. A resistance was formed which elected a blacksmith called Dane Steel to lead them. Steel won back much of the lost land and kept the people safe but refused to return the lands once the king finally reopened the border.

This was the start of the Steel Rebellion which only grew fiercer when Steel himself was assassinated. The rebellion grew both in size and strength until it officially branded itself as The Order of Steel. By this point The Order controlled the entirety of the southwest lands.

Meanwhile in the north, the dust faded but the damage done to the population was irreversible. Madness of all kinds consumed their minds, making most little better than battle-crazed raiders. Intelligence was still there though and leaders rose up to provide some measure of society. Insanity, as the land was now know, is less a united force and more a collection of tribes who are just as willing to fight amongst themselves as they are against the southern factions. Occasionally though, an individual comes along who can pull the tribes together and threaten to destroy the rules of Haleran and The Order.

Three powerful armies at each other’s doorsteps, each wanting to control it all. Tensions are high and war is inevitable. Silver Vale has always belonged beneath a single crown and will do so again. Whose head the crown sits upon is in the hands of fate...

The Team

Matthew Roys (Lead Designer/Writer) - Founder of Wolves of Ragnarok Studios. Created the game's concept, funded the initial development, created all of the characters and settings and wrote any text in game. Also manages the studio's social media and the one running this campaign and the Indiegogo.

William Whittaker (Programmer, 3D Environment/Character Artist, Animator) - The miracle worker. While Matthew deals with the bigger picture, Will is the brain and brawn of the operation. He takes Matthew's ideas and translates them into character models, environments, and gameplay.

Jenna Whittaker (Concept Artist) - Jenna provides us with awesome art for all elements of the game, including the beautiful logo.

Elijah Archibald (Sound Designer/Composer) - Our master of sounds. Elijah provides us with all of the games SFX and the awesome score.

Joshua Clark (Character Artist) - Responsible for designing most of our characters.

Risks and challenges

As a first project for our studio we tried to keep the scope of development limited. We set a tight budget and hired as few people as we could while still ensuring a quality build.

We looked to Indiegogo as a way to help us along now that we are over the first hurdles of development. The money we raise there will be used to add some extra features, such as opening the game up to the competitive gamers by introducing multiplayer PvP battles, fully polishing all of the environments, adding new characters and environments, and finally a Pro license for Unity so we can add even further polish to the game.

Pass or fail here, Cleave will be released but in a very basic form if not given some external support. We believe in this game and will do what we can to produce something that can be enjoyed whatever the financial situation.
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