Serious Sam 3: BFE

Serious Sam 3: BFE

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[QTF] The Canal Zone
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May 24, 2016 @ 12:14am
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[QTF] The Canal Zone

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Quake Team Fortress
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This is a port of "CanalZon", a custom map made for the original Quake Team Fortress. This map is notable for being one of the first Control Point maps in the Team Fortress series... Except here, it's an earlier version called "Command Point", which is slightly different. There are 8 Command Points on the map, and each team's objective is to bring a Command Marker (located in your team's Command Center) to each one and hold them for as long as possible. A team holding a Command Point will be awarded 1 point every 30 seconds, and will have access to the area-specific healing pads and supply kits. Whichever team has the most score by the end of the time limit wins.

The map itself is asymmetrical, and very labyrinthine (including secret passages). You can find a *very* basic map in the Command Center of your team's base. This map shows the general locations of each of the Command Points, and what team is controlling each point. Due to the size of the map and the number of objectives, I would recommend 12 to 16 players, if at all possible.

If your team is behind, it's possible to set back the opposing team by blowing up their Command Center with 2 simultaneous C4 explosions. Doing so will clear all of the Command Points that they have control of, reducing their score gain temporarily and making it easier for your team to swoop in and take the points for yourselves. Doing so won't be so easy, though, since only members of the owning team can access their Command Center. Maybe if you followed someone in...

Note that this map will not be availible under the "Team Fortress Capture The Flag" gamemode, and instead uses it's own gamemode: "Team Fortress Command Point". The map still remains compatable with "Team Fortress Arena" and "Team Fortress Deathmatch".

Credit goes to David Sawyer for creating the original map, and iD Software for the assets.

For more specifics about how the gamemodes run, please refer to the workshop page for 2Fort: