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Gauldur Amulet: Remastered
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May 21, 2016 @ 2:39pm
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Gauldur Amulet: Remastered

I didnt feel as though the Amulet followed up on the legend. That the 3 sons along with Gauldur himself were practically untouchable with just a 30 point increase to Health, Magicka and Stamina. And so because of this, I created this mod. The amulet can also be disenchanted so you can enchant it on whatever else you want.

The amulet itself is seperate from the orignal Gauldur amulet. It does not replace it so that there are no conflicts during the vanilla questline. And so because of this you can either:

1. Spawn it in with the console doing:
~ to bring up the console
Type in: Help "Gauldur Amulet Reforged"
Afterwards type: player.additem [ID] [#]

2. Go with the roleplay aproach, Complete the vanilla quest get the vanilla amulet and afterwards spawn in the Reforged edition as the reward instead and use it.

Gauldur Amulet Reforged:

50 points addition to: Health, Magicka and Stamina.
30% regeneration to: Health, Magicka and Stamina
10 points addition to Speechcraft
30% Addition to Magic Resistance
30% Destruction Fortification

Mod should work with anything else.

I hope you enjoy!

Report bugs, issues or comments below.

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Draco_Dante Oct 18, 2017 @ 4:14pm 
No Problem. If you ever do this, pls leave a note. Looking forward for it. Actually I'm just starting to experience the modding aspect. But to mod a whole quest sadly is a long way to go.
TotalTriton  [author] Oct 16, 2017 @ 3:03pm 
Yeah its a pretty good idea actually and something i would totally implement if I ever get back into the modding aspect of the game. Ive given it all a huge break and forgot some stuff along the way, but if i ever get back to it, something ill consider for sure thanks :)
Draco_Dante Oct 12, 2017 @ 12:31am 
Regarding "ideaS":
- A quest to find pages of Gauldurs spelltome to use and repower the amulet
- "Gauldurs Tower Ruin" where you find his tome
I don't know if you're able to do it (skilled enough (no offense)).
Anyways, it is a nice idea, this vanilla amulet isn't worth it, just the quest itself. Thank you for the mod.
Draco_Dante Oct 12, 2017 @ 12:27am 
Maybe another questline would've been nice. Where you have this vanillla amulet and you have to repower it by defeating the ghost of Gauldur himself and trap his powers into his amulet.
Just some ideas. I'm a storyteller and no modder so far...
† skrilax342 † Jan 1, 2017 @ 8:21pm 
Well your doing great!
TotalTriton  [author] Jan 1, 2017 @ 8:16pm 
Not a problem, I just want all to enjoy and have fun with what I create:)
† skrilax342 † Jan 1, 2017 @ 8:11pm 
Yeah I after I posted that I immediately figured that and put it in the way u wrote it exaclty. Thank you for answer me though it's more than most authors do :steamhappy:.
TotalTriton  [author] Jan 1, 2017 @ 8:10pm 
If you typed it the way you put it in the comments then that is definetly why it isnt working. Try what I will put down below and include the quotations and spaces correctly.

help "Gauldur Amulet Reforged"
† skrilax342 † Dec 30, 2016 @ 8:40pm 
I typed in the console "help gaulduramuletreforged" and it didnt give me an ID. help plez
Nick Gerse Jun 27, 2016 @ 8:53am 
works perfectly on me, maybe a little bit overpowered but at least its better than the shitty original ver