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The Old Man and the Sea
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May 21, 2016 @ 2:37pm
Apr 17, 2017 @ 3:09am
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The Old Man and the Sea

This mod aims to enrich the water content of the game and increase the relevance of sea units and ships. This is the 2.00 version of the mod which is now featureing an additional sea dwelling as well as mythical city upgrades for the new water structures. There are however still going to be balancing changes and probably some polishing of the existing content as well as possible additional features.


– harbors unlock a new tugboat unit which can construct maritime posts for 80 gold which act like fortresses on water (except they have no defensive value)
– maritime posts can be upgraded to maritime fortresses for 80 gold (+1 domain)

– there are 4 new water structures:
— seaweed: + 30 population; grows in clusters like melons or flowers of solace; visiting units receive 2x fast healing for 3 turns
— coral reef: treasure site which grants +5 gold +10 mana when explored
— unlocks MCU coral ridge foundry
— pearl mine: treasure site which grants +15 gold when explored
— unlocks MCU jewelcrafter's workshop
— ship wreck: treasure site which grants +10 gold, +5 knowledge when explored
— unlocks MCU syndicate of lost treasures

– there are 9 new water units:
— sea serpent: T3 monster unit; can’t leave water; currently not obtainable for player (except through ghouling)
— kappa lurker: T1 infantry unit; added to sea dwelling (needs seagrass meadow)
— kappa hunter: T1 archer unit; added to sea dwelling (needs kelp forest)
— ghostly canon: T3 machine unit, currently not obtainable for player

– the other 5 units come from a new sea dwelling: the Nynevians!
— Kelpie: T1 animal unit; evolves into priestess of nimue; basic dwelling unit
— Nynevian Archer: T2 irregular unit; requires baracks
— Nynevian Soldier: T2 infantry unit; requires baracks
— Priestess of Nimue: T2 support unit; requires temple
— Nynevian Knight: T3 cavalry unit; requires stables of the rising tide

– harbors now heal boat units on the coresponding hex by 20% of their hp per turn
– working boats have repair machine
– mariner’s guild now additionaly grants mariner to irregular units; human irregulars gain hurl net instead
– war ships recruitment cost is increased by 40 gold each since their value has dramatically increased


– by founding a city on top of a maritime post or maritime fortress you can create a water city
– water cities will spawn produced land units on the nearest land hex
– water cities have combat maps of land cities except units are embarked / swimming (this is why I call it an optional feature since I can see how this can be a dealbreaker for many players)
– cities founded upon a maritime fortress will start with a harbor


– working boats appear on land in the city build preview
– working boats are human for all races (I wanted them to be non-racial but only racial units can construct outposts; if I made one version for each race there would be unwanted side-effects like dwarven working boats being able to traverse mountains…)

– !unit descriptions!
– !new dwelling quests! (still uses reef dwelling quests except with different rewards)


– the mod will conflict with mods that make their own treasure site additions to the RMG or change the ship units or the sea dwelling
– thanks to Charlatan, there now is a compatibility patch for the RMG inetgration part of his decodence mod and this mod:
- the mod will conflict with other mods adding dwellings. fortunately we already have some compatibility patches on that front:
-- beastman dwelling compatibility mod:
-- compatibility mod for gloweyes darkelves dwelling + beastman dwelling:


– Hero Development Mod:
– Hero Professions Mod:
– Racial Heritage Mod:
– Beastman Dwelling:
-- Archon Race Mod:
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Airi Jun 8 @ 4:38am 
to clear some things up: the mod DOES work currently for me (and I can't live without it lol), but I've also experienced the "crashing upon game generation" sometimes (when it does I just keep retrying until it works).
I've been using it alongside Chivalrous Intentions, PBEM balance mod, Ayalin's mods, and... a lot more.
Demiurge Jan 27 @ 12:13am 
what? where's that compatability patch?
elijafire Jan 26 @ 12:10am 
Crap, compatability patch no longer available so dull without sea things.
elijafire Jan 10 @ 6:21am 
I love this mod! Wish Triumph would hire you guys to do AOW IV!
Eomolch  [author] Oct 25, 2021 @ 11:37am 
Hey Gladen, thanks so much for making a compatibility patch for my mod and even answering comments here for me basically.

I have to admit I never really had the motivation to update this mod after the poseidon patch dropped - especially since for the most part it still worked fine. It was always on my radar to eventually look into, but never got there. Maybe around Christmas I'll find some time for modding again - if I do and have some questions along updating my mod, I'll get in contact with you ;)
Gladen Oct 20, 2021 @ 8:27am 

I understand the concern about mod usage. I may reduce the number of mods and only standby with the main mods where Dark Elves would be removed which is -2 mods. The system with stackable mods is not ideal perhaps I realize. The main reason is it's a lot of work to make things compatible with each other since the issue is in the random map generation which is the biggest part of the game which many players still enjoy. The most popular mods "back in the days" were often this mod, Corrupt the Source, Dark Elf among others. To make them work together with other big mods like Wasteland Expansion and Shadow Realm Expansion was one the main targets to bring life into mods that were made before 2018.

I think it's absolutely worth trying the mods, it's well worth the time investment despite that I'm involved in most compatible patches around and given you an opinion that is somewhat biased. :)
Frikster Oct 20, 2021 @ 2:39am 

The only reason I ask is I notice the patch requires 9 mods itself. I'm hesitant to install a ton of mods only to make one mod work which itself exists to fix another.

Hence wondering how severe the issues are. But random crashes are bad enough for me, which sounds to me that if I want high quality marine content I shall need your patch and thus the accompanying 9 dependencies. Thank you.
Gladen Oct 16, 2021 @ 10:54am 

It does but can crash upon generation of map in some settings. I created a compability patch for this mod, fixed a few things that was conflicting with random map generation like Oyster Reef and added unit description for some units in this mod that never had it. Then made a compability with all sea content towards Shadow Realm Expansion.

I would gladly share my resources and knowledge with Eomolch to fix broken stuff, but its not up to me to decide this. In general no one is forcing you to use a patch. Enjoy mods and have fun
Frikster Oct 14, 2021 @ 4:51pm 
"Originally, The Old Man and the Sea mod was done in 2017 and left since then. The author Eomolch made an interesting mod that filled the seas with new water content and increased the involvement of naval units to be more relevant. However, the mod suffers greatly from issues since the main game was patched up to version 1.8 making several parts of the mod outdated and become malfunctioning. Especially since the developers added their own Water Fortress making some of the features in the original mod a bit redundant. Along with the arrival of Oyster Reef's as well, it broke the water content further, as well as breaking the continent settings in the random map generation."

^ Got this from a patch page for this mod, but I have to ask: does the mod work even without the patch?
ALEXNTFOX Jun 13, 2020 @ 11:02am 
@Eomolch make compatible for empire build mod please