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ST: New Horizons
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ST: New Horizons

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ST: New Horizons - A Star Trek Collection
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Le Guin 2.2.7 Compatible

NHV 1902 The Great Material Continuum - Beta (171351f9)

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Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is non-commercial and intended for recreational use. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures.
This is a Star Trek Fan-Art-Mod

ST: New Horizons Mod Victory is Life (d20048_loc_b) - Stellaris v 1.9.*:

STNH_Neutral_Zone_(e526c7) - C - Stellaris v 2.1.*:

Download zip and extract content to /Paradox Interactive/Stellaris/mod
The mod should now show up in the launcher.

STNH 2.1.3 Archive on Steam, follow this LINK

There seem to be some issues with steam updating our mod.
The following Instructions will make 100% sure that you get the newest update:


ST:NH Bug-Reports []
ST:NH Support & Help []
ST:NH Ideas & Feedback []
Mod: ST: New Horizons Deutsch/English []
Paradox-Steam-Forum linking needed to the follow Threads!
[Mod] ST: New Horizons Official International (English) []
Star Trek: New Horizons: Support and Bug Report International (English)[]
Lets Plays & More:
Lets plays von ST:New Horizons []


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Tax Corp 2 hours ago 
How many empires exactly are in the 30+ maps?
Tax Corp 2 hours ago 
Harel - I'll try to work out how to use this discord thing... in the meantime, to be clear i get level with AI once i hit 1k fleet, we all clearly build on from there. the dominion seem to be bugged though, they are very weak.
Teasdale! 10 hours ago 
Harel - how do I roll back to the previous version? For info, I was having a decent enough game on Admiral/normal agg.

Although... I may just wait until the latest update is released and start afresh. Will this be before next weekend?

Thanks again to all involved in this mod.
Harel  [author] 19 hours ago 
Tax - You are playing on grand admiral, no scaling and high aggression with the CURRENT game version and can outpace all enemies by the time you reach 1K fleets? If so, then by all means, drop us a save file on discord and we will investigate. Its most certainly not the game experience other players are getting.
nelliel 19 hours ago 
Is the conni enterprize the last one we get? as in no Galaxy or Sov versions or is it a time based event (playing mirror unit in case that helps)
Tax Corp 21 hours ago 
Harel/Loki - no to scaling. basically once i get a 1k fleet i am level fleet size with anyone (on grand admiral), which is pretty simple to do - as you can sell the huge amount of excess resources and buy alloys. Re. AI, i disagree that its a vanilla issue. in vanilla it really is not so easy until later in the game - better balance, in this mod what i've noticed is that the ai cannot handle many of the empires and cannot handle the extra resources the way a human player can. its a shame as it is a great mod otherwise.
Lazerguy Apr 21 @ 1:47pm 
@Manticore1989 I assume you are talking about a standalone shipset mod with Fed ships. They have said many times that this wont be a thing that they do. It would be too much work to maintain standalone shipset mods and the main mod/support mods.
Manticore1989 Apr 21 @ 1:32pm 
Is there a chance to see a light mod, only with models of federation ships? Google Translate
Harel  [author] Apr 21 @ 12:08pm 
If you are still having issues, make sure you are running the 31st of March version (b85b49), delete older saves, and start a new one.
Teasdale! Apr 21 @ 12:05pm 
Thanks Harel. If it was rolled back should my game not be playing as it previously did? Do I need to do anything my end?

I appreciate your response!