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One man's trash is another man's treasure - provided you can find it in amongst all your rubbish. This Recycling mod will let your prisoners dig through the filthy garbage to sort out valuable bits and pieces from it.

Sorted Garbage goes straight to Exports and Green Garbage will be put in a Recycle Bin to end up as Fertilizer for a Garden where your prisoners make food for the Kitchen and flowers for export.

Prisoners, workmen, janitors or gardeners who operate the Recycle Desk will find a lot of stuff:
- reusable pieces of SheetMetal: back to Workshop
- pieces of Log and Wood (also -> Workshop),
- thrown away but still usable Library Books with pages missing and other pages sticking together, but who cares, so back to the Library with it,
- bent LicensePlates (who threw those away? they are worth money! just bend them back),
- smelly Dirty Prisoner Uniforms (somebody thought the washing machine is broken, but it ain't),
- used Food Trays with stinking pieces of rotten food still on them (fire the lazy cook who threw it away instead of washed it clean),
- used Shopgoods (oh yes, why not resell that filthy stained porn magazine)
- and Crumpled Prisoner Uniforms which will just need another ironing job before they can be worn again by a new inmate.

And the circle of recycling shall be round! Use the buttons on the RecycleDesk to control what it will spawn.

Oh, and by the way, did anybody mention the Contraband Heaven your prisoners are working in? Since anything could be thrown away, from rusty old needles to almost empty lighters, the rubbish turns quite valuable for those you don't want it to be. So you'd better put metal detectors and post some guard dogs around the Recycling room, or some volatile inmate might recycle a broken knife in one of your guards!

This mod includes a modified version of the Garden mod from Elfylia. This garden will produce Cabbage and Potatoes for the Kitchen besides Cucumber, Lily and Rose for Exports.You can click on the GardenPot to change what's growing with a button.


This is Recycling 2.0, where efficiency counts!
A number of things have been done to make the recycling process better:
  • Trash Bins have been introduced: put them around in your prison or in the Recycling room to collect and stack Unsorted Garbage. They come in various sizes to stack 10, 20 or 30 bags into one big bag of trash. Deploy them depending on your prison size and the amount of garbage it produces. Trash Bins will buffer your garbage, and once they are filled the contents gets processed at a Recycling Desk. This means less work in Recycling than there used to be.
  • To minimize garbage exports, you must invest in a Trash Compactor. This machine will stack 60 bags of garbage into one pile for exports. Less garbage bags = more space on the truck for other things! When you buy the expensive Trash Compactor, the tiny bit of sorted garbage going to exports will bring some cash as well, so it will pay for itself. The times in which truckloads of garbage get exported instead of your valuable products are over!

New Garden 2.0
  • Garden Control: place it in the centre of your Garden. Set the Harvest Hour and range (3-29 square tiles) with its buttons. It's possible to place several Garden Controls in one garden, each controlling their own group of Garden Pots. You can also connect a DoorTimer to specify more harvest hours if you wish.
  • GardenPot (remote): place it around the Garden Control. Will need Compost and Fertilizer.
  • The script keeps track of the game time, so it runs at same speed on all map sizes.
  • Old garden pots and sheds are obsolete and deleted.

Original idea by ShadowPulse

Advised set up in the average prison:

- 1 TrashBin (10 bags) in a small Kitchen (or 20 in medium, 30 in large kitchen)
- 1 TrashBin in Recycling (10, 20 or 30 bags, depending on prison size)
- 1 TrashBin (10 bags) in any area where garbage is produced, like a Garden or Cemetery

- 1 Trash Compactor in either Recycling or Garbage area

- 2 Recycling Desks in the Recycling room
- 2 Small wooden tables in Recycling room

This should be more than plenty to deal with the garbage in prisons up to 500 inmates.
If you place more TrashBins, then the garbage will be split over more objects, so it will take longer for each TrashBin to fill up and get recycled. TrashBins work like a buffer for your Recycling room.

Place as many default Bins from the game if you wish.
They are just eyecandy now and never collect UnsortedGarbage.

Garbage area only needs to hold the Trash Compactor.
No other garbage is stored there, so it can be a small room.

More info over here:

A demo map can be found here:

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Misha600 Aug 31 @ 3:57pm 
@murgh They just translated the description of the mod into Chinese.
murgh  [author] May 20 @ 1:41am 
@DarkHulk I just checked: with only this mod enabled the Ingredients pots are producing ingredients, and not None. You might have a mod conflict. As for the uniforms, just turn off uniform spawning at the recycle desk if you got too many. Same for all other objects which are produced.

@Choker: in English please, I can't understand a word of you said...
DarkHulk (⌐■_■) May 18 @ 9:26am 
I think this mode cause some problem with uniforms, I got high demand of them, laundry didn't help.

And 'ingredients pot' make a lot of 'nothing' items, with are next put in storage
Choker Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:43am 
Choker Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:43am 


垃圾桶已经被引入:把它们放在你的监狱或回收室收集和堆放未分类的垃圾。它们大小不同,把10, 20个或30个袋子塞进一大袋垃圾中。根据你的监狱大小和垃圾量来部署它们。垃圾桶会缓冲你的垃圾,一旦它们被填满,垃圾就会在回收站处理。这意味着回收利用的工作比以前少了。

Choker Nov 8, 2018 @ 6:43am 


Matt Sep 5, 2018 @ 11:02am 
Thanks for enlightening me on the garbage stuff murgh :steamhappy: Five STAR
murgh  [author] Sep 2, 2018 @ 6:21am 
Recycling 3.0 which is only compatible with PA Update 14 and above can be found over here:

The version on this page stays for older offline builds, in case it's needed.
murgh  [author] Aug 30, 2018 @ 8:57am 
Stock bins ar not used for a reason. Garbage isn't as moddable as I'd like and the normal bins gave problems, so I had to work around. The garbage area isn't useless at all, btw It needs a trash compactor and is also the room where janitors idle when they have nothing to do. Leaving the Garbage area away results in workmen and Janitors starting to idle outside the prison, which nobody wants. Unfortunately he recycled garbage can't go to the Garbage area and needs to leave via Exports, also due to some hard coded non moddable stuff. I tried to let it just go to Garbage at first, but then the trucks would not pick it up. They only pick it up from Exports and no other room. So that was a problem... Hope you can understand now that this mod makes the best of what's possible regarding to modding garbage, and why some things work different than one would like.
Matt Aug 30, 2018 @ 8:37am 
Hi Murgh I like this mod it's great, I just have one problem there is litterally no point in stock bins so all that moeny put into them is useless? Also it would be nice that the recycled garbage just went to garbage rather than exports otherwise this mod just makes a garbage room pointless also please make the stock bins where unsorted garbage goes and not the trash bins. Thanks