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Conquer Anywhere & Confederations
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May 19, 2016 @ 4:37pm
Aug 21, 2017 @ 2:02pm
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Conquer Anywhere & Confederations

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Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options
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Dresden's Warhammer Total War Mods
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This mod allows any non-chaos/beastmen faction to conquer any settlement on the map. It also allows factions who normally can't confederate to do so (but still only with factions of the same subculture). Wood elves are left as they are in vanilla (wood elf lands cannot be conquered and they still have their outpost system). Norsca can conquer anywhere, they have outposts at minor towns and normal cities at major towns.

Compatible with most other mods. DO NOT DISABLE THIS MOD MID-CAMPAIGN after starting to use it.

Known Issues
- Non-english versions of the game may have missing building names for special capitals conquered by other cultures.

Thanks to Cataph, Litharion, Radious, Syre Lancaster and others for helping to test this mod.
Thanks to Darren_CA and Mitch_CA for support and for the images.

Conquer Anywhere - CHOOSE ONE
Conquer Anywhere & Diplomatic Options
Conquer Anywhere - Base Version
Conquer Anywhere (Excluding Norsca)
Conquer Anywhere - Chaos Edition
Conquer Anywhere - Beastmen Edition
Conquer Anywhere - Chaos & Beastmen
Conquer Anywhere - Conquer Wood Elves - Can be used with other Conquer Anywhere mods.

Diplomatic Options - CHOOSE ANY
All Diplomatic Options - Vassal, Liberate, Confederate
Diplomatic Options - Confederations
Diplomatic Options - No Confederations
Diplomatic Options - Vassal All Factions
Diplomatic Options - Liberate All Factions

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Melkor Mar 6 @ 8:53am 
There stands that I have an othere version so we cant play togehter. Whats to do?
Melkor Mar 5 @ 12:10pm 
thanks. This mod is great... will show it all my friends and play it with them
Dresden  [author] Mar 5 @ 12:08pm 
Melkor Mar 5 @ 11:52am 
Works in multiplayer?
Krenelion43 Feb 18 @ 10:13pm 
So helpful, I love it
nfeldmann1997 Feb 4 @ 11:55am 
hey :),
i started as vampire lords and it seems that vampiric corruption or lack of it doesn't affect armys anymore.
The happyness stats work as usual.

otherwise great work :D
Стефан гей Jan 28 @ 2:02pm 
Does this mod work in multiplayer?
Dresden  [author] Jan 22 @ 6:13pm 
Sounds like a mod conflict
JuGGaNoX Jan 22 @ 3:25pm 
hey m8
i started as imperial
dwarfs captured the 2 citys in first 4-city zone ( when u capture all 4 you can chose a bonus for all city in the zone )
i captured both back
i cant destroy dwarf buildings.
so i have all 4 -> can chose bonus -> can only build in main city and greenhill because cant destroy dwarf miningcamp or how its named ( cityhall )

any idea how to fix?
because of that i cant use that save anymore because is cant progress like that
Lord_Xela_Nod Jan 18 @ 9:56pm 
playing as estalia (via mod), which mods am i downloading experiance