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Troll & Elves 2
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May 19, 2016 @ 10:43am
Jun 9, 2019 @ 12:33pm
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Troll & Elves 2

A remake of the WarCraft 3 custom game "Troll & Elves".
Recommended players: 3 or more.

About the game:
There are 2 teams: The Troll and the Elves. There is only one Troll in the game but a few elves.
Elves are very weak, they cannot fight and die from one hit, but they excel at building structures. They also have a few abilities to disrupt the Troll or empower their buildings.
Their main building (a tent) provides gold every second, but you can only have one. The Rock is a defensive building which is unable to attack, but has high defenses - use it block the path to your base.
The Troll's task is to kill all Elves. This usually requires to first destroy the Rock without dying to the Elves' defensive towers. The Troll also has a tent but also gains gold from attacking - each attack gives him the amount of damage he does in gold.
Don't worry if you die (as an Elf), it's not over yet. You can choose which team you wish to help:
-You can respawn as a Wolf (only 7 minutes into the game or later) and assist the Troll
-Or you can respawn as an Angel and help the Elves (for example by stealing gold from the Troll for them)
The Wolves and Elves respawn after a short period of time, so you don't get "locked out" of the game.
The game ends either when the Troll dies (not including Wolves) or when all the Elves die (not including Angels).

This mode is great for team players, as you can cooperate when building a base, by trading resources, dividing the labor and such.

Good luck and have fun!
Thanks to: community for help
hajebazil for making Winter map
Valve for making the Arcade of course.
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