ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Difficulty 20
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May 18, 2016 @ 11:49am
Jul 3, 2017 @ 4:03am
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Difficulty 20

Welcome to your personal Hard Difficulty Mod from SparkiTV

Mod Support:

What does this mod do?
  1. set the Difficulty to 20 and spawn Dinos up to 600
  2. the Player level up to 300 ( last 15 Levels only over the Ark Quest )
  3. and the tamed dino level up to 600 ( after tame you can level 600 )


What i need to do, for the Mod is work ( SIngleplayer dont need it )
Put the Mod ID into your GameUserSettings
under ServerSettings section,
ActiveMods= (Ie. ActiveMods=686981494,123456789,123456789)

after installtion use "admincheat destroywilddinos"
and for your Character use an Mindwipe Tonic

Work this Mod with all other Mods
Yes and no!
This mod will work with ALL Mods, which dont change the same settings ( Difficulty, Player level, Dino level )
So this Mod dosnt work with Annunaki Genesis, im sorry for this, but i cant to anything.
Or im to bad ^^

All Mods from SparkiTV

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Thanks for Subscribe
have a nice day

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kagora2 Aug 26 @ 8:37am 
ich habe meine 2 schneeeulen auf lvl 600 gebracht und die stats erhöht.
beide hatten 417k hp
als ich das spiel neu gestartet habe, hatten sie nur noch 120k hp als max.
punkte habe ich aber nicht zurück bekommen
atk hatte ich auch auf 417k, das ist auch so geblieben.
ich spiele im singleplayer.
DarkPhoenix Jul 7 @ 5:56am 
The Mod need to be the first mod in your list.
SkittleSkye Jun 17 @ 1:12am 
Hey :) Just a quick question... We installed this into single player and it works flawlessly, always use it. However we now have a private dedicated server and we installed it like the rest of the mods we play but its not working (we checked, the rest of the mods are working fine). Its actually making all dinos spawn at level 1. Its the new Fjordur map and like i said, works flawlessly on single player and non dedicated. Got any ideas?
xXderzerlegerXx May 3 @ 9:46am 
warum funktioniert der mod auf mein server nicht
mod :747539326,2698632912,1754846792,686981494,2447186973,1522327484,1404697612,821530042,1251632107,731604991,1445395055,893834064,889745138,558651608,761535755,1445181373,1609138312,2121156303,1591643730,854186603,708807240,497432858,2210509163,1211297684,707081776,1231538641,1428596566,569786012,2724167243,2786238883,902616446,2457457085,2135314513,640035309,1466036470,554678442
exclp Apr 9 @ 6:57am 
i can only get to lvl 226
F7 Apr 4 @ 7:00pm 
Not worked
exclp Apr 1 @ 10:54am 
does this have to be top of the list?
xXsoarusXx Feb 23 @ 7:46pm 
If I were to go into the server config and make the OverrideOfficialDifficulty=20 what would be the DifficultyOffset be?
marcinx_16 Feb 8 @ 12:53pm 
is there a way to make dinos spawn on normal level ? only what i wanted was max tamed dino level
Evangelium Jan 3 @ 11:53am 
Hey, sag mal wenn ich diesen Mod mit Extinction Core spielen will, funktioniert das? Weil eigentlich muss ja Extinction Core an erster Stelle stehen, funktioniert es dann trotzdem? weil aktuell steht der Mod bei mir an zweiter Stelle und es geht nicht.