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Multiple Crises
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May 17, 2016 @ 6:42am
May 5 @ 7:17am
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Multiple Crises

You can encounter multiple crises in one game.
One specific crisis can't happen multiple times.
Multiple crises can't happen at the same time.
The mod doesn't force all crises in one game it only makes it a thing that CAN happen.

By default only a single crisis can occur per game. If the AI Rebellion is triggered, then the Prethoryn Swarm will never invade and vice versa. This restriction still exists in 3.0, simply search for "has_global_flag = galactic_crisis_happened" in the "crisis_trigger_events.txt" file.
This mod replaces this general flag with one for each specific crisis and a "galactic_crisis_happening" flag, which makes it possible that every crisis happens in one game, one after another.

  • Multiplayer
  • Savegames (only before End-Game Start Year)
  • Ironmode Achievements
  • All languages
  • Mods that don't use crisis_trigger_events.txt

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Ryuichiro  [author] May 18 @ 4:34am 
With my mod the option no longer disables other crises, but it still increases the chance for the chosen crisis.
KRT™Meldarion May 18 @ 2:30am 
How does this work with the Galaxy Creation Option to select your crisis or leave Random? What do I do there?
Mysterius May 6 @ 3:29am 
So, as I said, simply adding "galacic_crisis_happening" and "extradimensional_invasion_happened" to my save worked perfectly.

When the Unbidden were defeated, "galactic_crisis_happening" was removed by your mod and the AI invasion was triggered a few years later.

This will work for anyone who has already a crisis ongoing. They only need to choose the correct flag between "prethoryn_invasion_happened", "extradimensional_invasion_happened" or "ai_invasion_happened".
Mysterius May 5 @ 8:06am 
xD you're lucky nobody saw that. Let's say it never existed :D.
I'll try my solution then, and pray for it to work !
Ryuichiro  [author] May 5 @ 7:19am 
I leave the set_global_flag = galactic_crisis_happened lines in, so the mod can still trigger special events of other mods which use that flag.
Ryuichiro  [author] May 5 @ 7:18am 
Ryuichiro  [author] May 5 @ 7:16am 
xD looks like I regressed somewhere, that line 33 should be commented out.
Mysterius May 5 @ 6:22am 
There's something I don't understand though. On line 33 you check "has_global_flag = galactic_crisis_happened" and you set it when each crisis triggers (line 99 for example) but you never remove it afterwards. I'm failing to understand how the script can trigger multiple times then.
Mysterius May 5 @ 6:13am 
Yes that's the conclusion I reached while reading your code yesterday.
I already have the galactic_crisis_happened in my save and I know it's the Unbidden. They have not yet arrived (as you said, they are only silently triggered at the moment).

I don't use commands but i'm pretty sure editing the save file works (done it in the past for other purposes). If i'm understanding it correctly, it may work if I add the "galacic_crisis_happening" and "extradimensional_invasion_happened" to my save.
This way, I will have "galactic_crisis_happened", "galacic_crisis_happening" and "extradimensional_invasion_happened" set. When the Unbidden crisis ends, it should remove "galactic_crisis_happening" and get on with the next one.... I guess.

I'l keep you updated about the success (or critical failure) of my attempt.
Ryuichiro  [author] May 5 @ 4:04am 
Noteworthy "is currently active/ongoing" means their event chain was triggered, which happens multiple years before they actually appear in the galaxy.