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Individual Kibble Icons
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May 15, 2016 @ 10:58am
Aug 11 @ 2:22pm
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Individual Kibble Icons

A small quality of life mod, which gives each kibble its own individual icon, preventing the need to hover over each kibble or enable the text overlay to find out which one is which.

Mod ID: 685171762

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Astranon Aug 12 @ 7:17am 
Thank you for this very practical (and without bloat) mod. :skheart:
bdhamp Aug 11 @ 4:50pm 
Whether they should have spoiled back to the original kibble, they did not. If it's an installation issue, it's an odd one. I suspected the same myself when I restarted the server after the 08/09 update and found all the kibbles gone. So, I immediately rolled the server back to before the update then deleted the mod entirely and reinstalled via FTP. Same thing happened again. I tried several different things before giving up on it.

Thanks for your efforts.
Burgesssssss  [author] Aug 11 @ 2:40pm 
@bdhamp: Any of the older modded kibbles are set to spoil back to their original kibble, so you shouldn't actually be down any, but simply not have the icons. If the old modded kibbles didn't revert back to their original kibble equivalent, it suggests an installation issue.

As you also mentioned newly crafted kibbles weren't receiving the updated icons, it furthermore suggests an installation issue.

Before today, tests in SP and my dedi server consistently updated the icon on freshly created kibble, but reloading the map caused them to reset. It would not be until they were moved from one inventory to another, dropped from an inventory, or the players caused the inventory they were in to unstasis, that the icon would update.

As of the update today, my tests show the icons are updating consistently on both SP and MP. Newly crafted and existing kibbles are getting updated, but clients may take a couple of seconds after loading in to get the new icons.
bdhamp Aug 11 @ 9:44am 
I'm having the same issue. Since the most recent update, all kibbles everyone on my server had disappeared, and new kibbles do not have the individual icons. I've done a fresh install (deleted everything, including .mod files) and reinstalled both on the server and locally. All icons are the default.

I've uninstalled for now as the mod no longer appears to work.
Burgesssssss  [author] Aug 9 @ 2:09pm 
@Malachi: As mentioned in the patch notes, all modded kibbles will spoil to regular kibble, as I've implemented a way to keep the items themselves default, but simply update the icon.

Newly crafted kibble consistently get the new icons for me when testing SP and my player dedi. However I've noticed when loading in, the icons only seem to refresh when they're transferred or dropped, or upon leaving stasis, but remain the new icons for the remainder of the play session after this. I'm working on a fix for this atm.

Seeing as you're not even receiving the new icons on newly crafted kibbles, it leads me to believe the mod isn't installed correctly. Seeing as you mentioned "we", I assume you're playing online? Did both server and clients update the mod?
Malachi Aug 8 @ 7:38pm 
Hi all kibble disapeared and when we tried cooking kibble. icons are not changing. Cooked with indy cooker both vanilla and S+
Malachi Jul 24 @ 9:24pm 
Hi please update mod, the kibbles being cooked are not getting icons. already tried S+ and original industrial cookers. The Pasting bowl and Platter are still working though.
Burgesssssss  [author] Jul 3 @ 2:51pm 
I do, even though they aren't used for anything. Just some of my other mods are taking some of my focus atm.

I'm also sure I have a way to replace only the icon, without making a brand new item, so may implement that in the future too.
Snalibe Jul 3 @ 2:44pm 
Do you plan to update your mod by adding kibbles from new creatures found on aberation?
Burgesssssss  [author] Mar 5 @ 2:49pm 
Yeah unfortunately they had to be. I wish there was just a way to replace icons but no such luck ):