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Better Hardcore Plus / Death Penalties
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May 15, 2016 @ 6:11am
Sep 7, 2018 @ 10:59am
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Better Hardcore Plus / Death Penalties

Make your server more liable for the long-term by adding a configurable death penalty. This mod encourages new players to join an older server since the levels of existing players do not just increase over time. Use the large set of configuration options to allow stealing or sharing of experience or grant buffs after death to encourage players to play on. Character resets can be limited to player and tamed dino kills to reduce frustration.

Do not enable hardcore in the server settings! This mod realizes hardcore gameplay without the need of creating new characters, rejoining your tribe and retaming your dinos.

Mod Id: 684970590

This mod can be configured using the GameUserSettings.ini configuration file. The following default configuration will be added automatically.

HardcoreNotice=Be aware. You will loose engrams and experience on death.
DeathMessage=NAME died at level LEVEL
ResetMessage=Your character has been reset.

Death Behaviour
The behaviour of this mods depends highly on the above configuration options.
When the player spawns:
> if the HardcoreNotice text is set
=> display the hardcore notice for the spawning player, it is visible for HardcoreNoticeDuration seconds
When the player dies:
> if playerDamageOnly is set to True and the player character is not killed by a player or a tamed dino
=> do nothing and cancel all following actions
> if the DeathMessage text is set
=> display the death message for all online players, note that NAME will be replaced with the name and LEVEL with level of the character that died (case sensitive), also you will hear the death cannon as it is known from the seventh victim/hunger games, it is visible for DeathMessageDuration seconds
> if ReduceLevel equals 0
=> the player experience is set to totalExperienceBeforeDeath * ExperienceLeftFactor
=> the player will loose all engrams and assigned level up points
> if ReduceLevel equals 1
=> the player experience is set the minimal experience of the current level, e.g. the progress inside the current level is lost
> if ReduceLevel is larget then 1
=> the player experience is set the minimal experience of level levelBeforeDeath - ReduceLevel + 1
=> the player will loose all engrams and assigned level up points
> the buff duration is calculated as buffDuration = BuffDurationBase + levelBeforeDeath * (BuffDurationLevelBase + levelBeforeDeath * BuffDurationLevelFactor)
> calculate total amount of tokens as totalTokenCount = TokenCount + CorpseTokenCount
> if the total amount of tokens equals 0
=> if the buff duration equals 0
==> nothing happens, this is the worst kind of death, only the ExperienceLeftFactor can provide for some solace
=> if the buff duration is greater then 0
==> the veterancy buff is applied immediately to the players character and will last for the calculated buff duration during which it will increase the experience gained by BuffExperienceFactor, this means that the player can not choose when to use it which forces him to play on
> if the total token count is greater then 0
=> the amount of tokens placed into the corpses inventory is CorpseTokenCount, decide how lucrative it is to kill players
=> the amount of tokens placed into the players inventory after respawn is TokenCount, these can be shared with other players, if it is not wanted increse the ExperienceLeftFactor instead and set TokenCount to 0
=> if the buff duration equals 0
==> the recoverable experience is calculated as recoverableExperience = (totalExperienceBeforeDeath - totalExperienceAfterDeath) * RecoverableExperienceFactor
==> the experience gained by consuming tokens is set to tokenExperienceGained = recoverableExperience / totalTokenCount, the veterancy buff is not applied
=> if the buff duration is greater then 0
==> the veterancy buff duration is set to buffDuration / totalTokenCount and it will increase experience gained by BuffExperienceFactor
==> consuming tokens will apply the veterancy buff to the palyers character, note that it is not stackable
When the player spans after death:
> if the ResetMessage text is set
=> display the resetmessage for spawned player, note that all changes to the character are applied once the player respawns to ensure that the player is online and knows what is going on, it is visible for ResetMessageDuration seconds

This is a clean/stackable mod. It does not contain any modded core files, which actually was the biggest challenge (all logic is inside buffs that are applied to the playing characters and a single central control actor).

Want to play hardcore?
This mod was created because we love to play hardcore. If you are running this mod, please list your server in the discussions section or PM me and I will promote it.
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May 19, 2016 @ 12:39pm
Can't make this mod work whit the Official 'The Center' map.
Sep 8, 2018 @ 1:10pm
Servers using this mod
Aug 8, 2018 @ 10:42am
Any success installing this mod? Shigo Islands
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Fluffyboi Apr 20 @ 5:09pm 
I had a rather large bug that happened. I downloaded it and the configuration that appeared in my file was different; it doesnt have playerdamage value, reducelevel value, nor does it have any of the messeges depicted up there... so I did what a dumb person does and thought that maybe if i copied and pasted what was in the description in there it would work? yeah.... well. I set expirenceleft, and recoverableexpirence to 1.0, and put the added Reducelevel to 1. then i tried to test it and nothing happened. oh well, we didn't mind.

Later me and my friend were killed and lost 20 levels. Now I wanted a bit of a challenge; but that... that was way more than we were looking for... so uh how can we get this to work properly? I just wanted to reduce our levels by one or two each time we die- not that.
Fluffyboi Apr 20 @ 1:03pm 
Hi! I would like to thank you for making this mod, it is exactly what I was looking for because I wanted a way to set a less severe punishment for death while it still being noticable, and this lets me do it perfectly

However I feel it needs just a quick thing to be more clear what it's about.
My understanding of what it does is that it adds.
The option to reduce your total EXP by a percentage of what you have: default, set to 10%
The option to reduce your current level progress
The option to reduce your level by a number of levels
Along side this it adds interesting ways to regain some of the lost EXP.
First is the option to add a buff that automatically applies to everyone who dies that increases the rate of EXP.
Second is a token system; upon death you get some tokens that can be used to grant bonus EXP, your corpse will also be equipped with a few. Just a few things to make it easier to understand
Spuave Jan 15 @ 6:44am 
Any one confirm the mod is fully functional? Seems i can make alliances anymore either, been messing with setting and other mods trying to see whats causing it.
Spuave Jan 8 @ 3:22pm 
For some reason the xp notes stopped working and the notifications are not going off any more, anyone else having these issues? Love the mod thank you for it!
タメル | Andy Sep 17, 2019 @ 5:35am 
+ yours looks already cool with that puzzle piece :P
タメル | Andy Sep 17, 2019 @ 3:52am 
Hey fellow modder, can I get that little Clean Mod icon on the top left of your thumbnail? Looks kinda neat. I could do my own but its more vivid if several people use one and the same.
Rahif Soliva May 12, 2019 @ 5:42pm 
Is this one still working? Someone?
EscortedToHell Dec 26, 2018 @ 6:17am 
Buff Note Veteran after death does not work?
Josey Wales Oct 12, 2018 @ 4:29pm 
ahh ok just an idea. how about progressive? 1st death 20 % 2nd 50, 3rd 75 4th 100 and 100 any after that?
elunder  [author] Oct 12, 2018 @ 11:02am 
I dont think it is possible to perform a permanent death via script when in softcore.