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Automated Shipyards - FIXED!
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May 14, 2016 @ 5:28pm
Feb 8 @ 10:24am
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Automated Shipyards - FIXED!

Through groundbreaking Laser Mass Transmission technology, these shipyards can build and deconstruct ships without you ever having to lift a finger!
You can lay the framework for your ship, hit a button, and watch as our patented LMT emitters go to work constructing your ship for you. Or dispose of those cargo ships you captured by dragging them into your shipyard and letting it tear them to bits!

Put simply, these shipyards will build and deconstruct ships with minimal effort on your part. This leaves you free for actual engineering activities.

Of course, converting large amounts of matter into laser radiation requires a substantial amount of energy, and requires exponentially more power the further it has to be moved. You may want to expand your reactor room to accomodate the extra demand.

Quick rules for shipyard construction:
  • Must have 8 Shipyard Corner blocks arranged in a rectangular prism
  • All corners must be on the same conveyor system
  • Must be on a large grid
  • One shipyard per grid
Power use in MW can be calculated as: 120 + diagonalLength^1.4 * beamCount * multiplier, where diagonalLength is the distance between opposing corners. This is maximum theoretical use, average will be about half.

Due to quantum effects not yet fully understood, the LMT technology doesn't work efficiently while in motion. The larger, more efficient shipyard blocks only work while anchored to voxels. However, the smaller mobile shipyard blocks will work while underway, but use twice as much power, and have half the component efficiency.

The LMT emitters have a limited field of view, your ship must be fully inside the shipyard before processing can begin. To aid in positioning, it will draw a holographic box around your ship once it enters the yard. The box will turn green when your ship is in proper position. Projections will have a light blue box that darkens once it's fully inside the yard.

Be aware that LMT technology is not 100% efficient, and at distances longer than 10m, some of the transferred matter will be lost as radiated energy. It is highly advised to stay away from the lasers during operation.

Once you have your ship in the yard, you can use the controls in the terminal, or the LCD menu system to control it. Build an LCD anywhere on the grid, put "shipyard" in the name, and build a button panel somewhere nearby.

There's a few options you can set in the terminal of the shipyard blocks.
Gude Boxes will toggle the holographic guide boxes on or off.
Advanced Locking is only available on mobile shipyards. This will lock any target grids inside the shipyard while it is processing, this is helpful to keep your fighters repaired while the carrier is taking evasive maneuvers. Be careful, as the amount of power used is proportional to the amount of mass being kept stationary, and the velocitiesthat are needed to be countered.
Fill Inventory affects projections. When this option is enabled, the shipyard will pull cargo from its own grid to fill the containers on the target ship. This means if you're printing fighters from projectors, their reactors will be fueled up, and their weapons fully loaded and ready to go. Your inventory will contain everything that was in it when the blueprint was made, assuming you have the available materials.
Build Pattern also affects projections. This option picks the various patterns the shipyard will use to place blocks in the blueprint. This is mostly a cosmetic option, it doesn't affect functionality much, if any.

Lasers are color coded with their function.
Welding--missing components

Source Code
Source is available on github.[]
You are free to play with the code, but you CANNOT reupload this mod to the workshop without explicit permission.

If you like this mod, please consider donating :)
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Zidraxus Jul 19 @ 3:33pm 
Shipyards have broken with the latest multiplayer update guys. correct me if im wrong, but Im fairly certain :(
Have A Day™ Jul 19 @ 3:04am 
It will just sometimes eat components so its good to have more then the exact amount required
Wx_Sgt Jul 19 @ 2:35am 
"Be aware that LMT technology is not 100% efficient, and at distances longer than 10m, some of the transferred matter will be lost as radiated energy."

Does this mean it wont fully build some blocks or itll just lose some components needing more to build the ship???
RikkuThanatosOrath Jul 4 @ 12:32am 
hey i like to know y this keeps locking up on me when i try and change the speed of the welding or grinding or even the count on of beams count.. with out it locking up i can shift tab for the over lay and task manage the game but i can esc or anything once it locked up dont know whats going on at all.... i have the power and all for it
DeathsEye Jun 24 @ 4:11pm 
Hey! Was just wondering, a buddy and i are doing co-op and we have a massive shipyard on our station, but we also built a long-term away ship that we can use to travel and gather items and resources to bring back to base to make more big ships and tools.

Problem is, our away ship also has a mobile shipyard on it and when we connect via connector, both shipyards break until we disengage and save/reload the save... is there any counter to this?
ozraven Jun 4 @ 11:39pm 
I can try copying & pasting a copy of the shipyard on to an asteroid to see if that is the cause. (Will delete and repost the results of this test once I have a chance to try it.)
ozraven Jun 4 @ 11:39pm 
Power is covered using modded reactors. The yard worked for building a few small projects fine, but a larger (~4000 blocks) is having the problem, it will weld fine for between a few seconds and a minute and then decide it's done.
The Game Sage Jun 4 @ 10:19pm 
minimal speed i mean
The Game Sage Jun 4 @ 10:19pm 
As far as i know the yard does not work on planetary bodies, which moons do qualify. Also 40x40x90 does have a very high power draw. Even at minimal power.
ozraven Jun 4 @ 10:04pm 
What would cause the Shipyard to shutdown prematurely? It's as if the Shipyard stops "seeing" blocks to weld until I cycle the power to the projector and rescan. Power doesn't seem to be spiking and components are available. The 'yard itself is 40x40x90, on Earth Moon.