Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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RTCW Config Tutorial (English Version)
By acealive
A big hello to all those that still play RTCW.
IMO it is still the best action-team-shooter in history, haven`t played anything that comes close in all those years.

Back then, I was one of the three leaders of a clan called and on the old clan-website we provided a RTCW config-Tutorial which I wrote myself. I did not write all those scripts, mainly collected them from various sources and added some more. A lot is similar to Quake 3 config modding, as the game is based on the same engine.
We played numerous leagues with our team GF.sk4de and so it was important to squeeze everything out of the game that the regular Options menues did not provide.

I just fetched v1.5 of the tutorial from`s wayback machine and updated a few things (i.e. links) and here it is.
It has been the first update in 13 years for this tutorial.

I am not sure if OSP is still used, if not, just ignore the parts about OSP.

Scripting and Config-Tuning for RTCW
English version 1.6 (May 13th, 2016)
by AceAlive

This tutorial presents you some usefuls scripts for RTCW and explain a various number of commands and settings for your config. It`s meant to be explained in a way that also beginners understand.
This tutorial is neither perfect nor complete.

I will try to keep it updated whenever I find some new and useful script or setting, though at the present time in August 2003, it is unlikely that something new is found out about this game, since it was released quite some time ago. Maybe there will be some new commands once a new OSP will be released.

The goal of this tutorial is to give players the possibility to play more comfortably by using scripts and increase the FPS performance of RTCW on their computersystem.

As far as I am concerned, there are no things included here that could be seen as cheats.
The Punkbuster-settings that leagues have published combined with the Punbuster-Software give serveradministrators enough possibilities to prevent such exploits, anyway.
In The Beginning : FAQ
Question :
What is a config ?
Answer :
A config-file is a file that can contain commands and values that are understood by RTCW so that it can execute these commands. It has a .cfg ending. RTCW does automatically create a config for RTCW and every Mod that is used.

Question :
Which tools are used to work on a config-file ?
Answer :
You can simply use the WordPad ot the Editor that is included in ervey standard Windows Installation.

Question :
Which config-file has to be changed ?
Answer :
We will work with the autoexec.cfg file that is found in your Main folder.
The standard path to that file is in your steam folder.
for example : C:\Progam Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Main\autoexec.cfg
If you have Steam or RTCW installed anywhere else on you computer, then choose the path accordingly.

Question :
This file is empty except for the line "setdvll", is that ok ?
Answer :
Yes. You can delete that one line and later on, as you proceed through this tutorial, the autoexec.cfg will be filled with commands, settings and scripts.
Be sure to always save the file as a .cfg and not as a text file, since the ending is important for RTCW to recognise the file.

Question :
How can I undo a setting that I changed in my config-file ?
Answer :
It is not enough to just erase this setting from your config. Instead, you must put the standard-value for the certain option you want to have changed back. You can find out about the standard setting by using the console in ET.
For example if you wanna find out the current value for r_subdivisions and the standard value, go ahead like this :
Open the console and type :
Then, you will see the value that r_subdivisions has at the moment and also the standard value for it.

Questions :
How do these scripts and commands get activated in an RTCW Game ?
Answer :
RTCW is autmatically executing all commands in such an autoexec.cfg file in your main folder.
There is also the possibility to manually execute .cfg files. While RTCW is running, open the console and type :
/exec NameOfConfigFile.cfg
Some settings get activated directly, other after a map-reload (when running config-files manually)

Question :
How large may a config-file be ?
Answer :
It should not be larger than 16 kb. If your autoexec.cfg tends to be larger than this, create several .cfg files with different names. Add a line to your autoexec.cfg saying
exec NameOfOtherConfigFile.cfg
so RTCW will execute the other .cfg files automatically when running the autoexec.cfg file.

Question :
How are all these keys on my Keyboard called and all those mouse buttons that can be used to bind a command to them ?
Check for example this for a list :
I am sure you may find something via a serach engine for your mouse, if you have a very special one.

The Thumb-Button of a Logitech-Mouse can be adressed directly in RTCW, it is called 0x00 .
I am not going to answer any further questions related to Mouses, please call the hotline of the Mouse Company ;)
Basic Explanations
If you just wanna use some scripts without understanding them on a deeper level, just go ahead and continue with the "Useful Scripts" section, and leave this part here out.

set, sets, seta are basically doing the same, they are defining a value for avariable.

FPS - "Frames Per Second". If RTCW has 50 FPS on your computer, the computer is able to put out a new picture of the ingame-graphics 50 times per second. From 50 FPS onwards, imo you can talk about a fluent gaming experience in a 3D shooter. The more the better ;)

Script - A script consists of a number of commands that could also be used separately. In a script, for example it is defined that pressing a certain button causes several actions in the game, for example this makes it much easier to chose another class you want to spawn in and so on.

bind - with the bind command, an action can be bint to a specific key, just like you define for example that by pressing Mousebutton 1 you shoot your gun in the normal options menu. In the scripts I mention later on, you will have to replace the "X" with a key that you prefer.

unbind - a command to unbind a key. Do so by using the console in ET and typing in :
/unbind X
(use any other button instead of "X")

toggle - with a toggle usually a switch between two values for a variable is bind to a key.

// - 2 Slashs indicate that text behind them will not be executed. Use this to make remarks behind your commands in the autoexec.cfg config file.

echo - other than chat or teamchat, text given out by using the echo command is only seen by yourself and nobody else.

; - With a semicolon, you can separate single commands in a script, so that RTCW executes them on after the other

wait - the wait command (it can also get a value like wait 22) causes a little brak in between commands in a script. Since you cannot do anything in a game while such a wait command is active it`s not used very much.
Settings and commands for your autoexec.cfg config-file
Important : If I mention that a setting shall be activated and it can only have the value "1" or "0", it is menat that the settings shall be given the value "1".

The following settings and commands can be used to increase your FPS and your game-performance and change the optical impression of RTCW.
Simply copy/paste the settings and scripts to your atoexec.cfg and adjust the key-bindings that are used (default key in scripts is "X") and also adjust the values of settings if needed.
Networksettings and System-Settings
Per default, RTCW has only reserved 56 mb RAM . If your computer has more that 256 mb RAM you can easily heighten the value of RAM that is reserved for RTCW when it is running. (Be sure to leave enough RAM for Windows and other programs running in the background like IRC, ASE, Voicetools and such)

seta com_hunkmegs "Value" // defines how much RAM is reserved for RTCW.
If you have 512 mb RAM ,you can set a value of 200 here safely.

seta com_soundmegs "Value" //defines how much RAM is reserved for the sound of RTCW . For a system with 512 mb RAM, 32 is a good value.

seta cl_timenudge "Wert" // default is "0" . Negative values are used to simulate lesser pings, but if you go too low you start lagging and see your opponents move no longer smoothly. Some leagues don´t allow negative values at all, some up to -20. Positive values don´t make sense at all, btw.

seta cl_allowdownload "1/0" // defines if you get files from the server if your client doesn´t have them (custom maps for example). default and recommended is "1". if The server wants to send you maps that are not running on it at the moment, try to set this to "0" and reconnect, sometimes this helps.

seta cg_smoothclients "1/0" // You will see other players move more smoothly if this is activated

Networksettings for Modem-Users (56 k)
seta cl_maxpackets "30"
seta cl_packetdup "1"
seta snaps "20"
seta cg_predictitems "0"
seta rate "5000"

Networksettings for ISDN-Users
seta cl_maxpackets "60"
seta cl_packetdup "1"
seta snaps "40"
seta cg_predictitems "0"
seta rate "7000"

Networksettings for DSL, Cable and other braodband connections
seta cl_maxpackets "60"
seta cl_packetdup "1"
seta snaps "40"
seta cg_predictitems "0"
seta rate "25000"
Settings for the Hud and the screen
seta r_fullscreen "1/0" // if activated, you play in fullscreen mode.
seta r_mode "-1" // makes it possible to use a custom screen reolution (must be supported by your video card and your monitor)
seta r_customwidth "1024" // defines the custom width of the screen resolution, 1024 is a common value
seta r_customheight "768" // does the same for the height, 768 is a common value here. Other common resolutions are 640x480 , 800x600 , 1024x768 , 1280x1024 , 1600x1200.
seta cg_drawgun "1/0" // If activated, your weapon is invisoble to you, helps a lot with aiming.
seta cg_teamchatheight "Value" // defines, how many lines of chat are displayed at once. Default is "3"
seta cg_voiceSpriteTime "Value" // If set to a value like 999999, the chat-text of the voice-commands is no longer fading away.
seta cg_teamChatTime "Value" // If set to a value like 999999, the text of the chat is no longer fading away.
seta cg_drawTeamOverlay "value" // Default is 3 . This defoines how large the TeamOverlay with your teammates health and position is desiplayed in the upper right corner of the screen. "0" turns it off, "2" is the value that is mostly used as the display is large enough to contain all infos then.
seta cg_drawTimer "1/0" // displays the round-times if activated.
seta cg_drawCompass "1/0" // displays the compass, if activated.
seta cg_drawCrosshairnames "1/0" // displays the names of your temmates when your crosshairt points at them, if activated.
seta cg_drawCrosshairhealth "1/0" // displays the health of your temmates when your crosshair points at them, if activated.
seta cg_HudAlpha "value" // Default is "1" . defines the brightness of the Hud.
seta cg_popupLimboMenu "1/0" // If set to "0" the limbo menu doesn´t open automatically after your die. If you are using a spawn-script, this is very useful.
seta scr_conspeed "value" // Sets a value, how fast the console opens. "99999" is recommended
seta con_notifytime "value" // defines, how long console messages are displayed (in seconds). default is "7"
seta cg_centertime "value" // defines, how long messages in the middle of the screen are displayed (in seconds). ("Allies have planted the Dynamite")
seta fov "value" // Default is 90. This defines the field of view. 120 is usually the highest that leagues allow.
vid_restart // The command /vid_restart ( to be entered in the console ) reloads the map for the client, so that new graphic settings are shown. Some settings like r_picmip need a vid_restart to work after you changed them ingame. (not if they are in your autoexec)
Graphic-Tweaks and settings
seta r_fastsky "1/0" // if activated, the sky (clouds and stuff) is not displayed anymore.
seta cg_shadows "1/0" // With "0" shadows of the players are switched off
seta r_dynamiclight "1/0" // switches dynamic lights on/off
seta r_lodbias "value" // default is 1. defines the geometric depth. Use "0" for more FPS
seta r_detailtextures "1/0" // switches detailed textures on/off
seta r_lodscale "value" // defines the distance, from which objects are displayed less detailed. default is "5"
seta r_flares "1/0" // defines if flares are shown around lights or not.
seta r_ignorehwgamma "1/0" // defines if the gamma-values of windows are used or not. switch this off to have a much better view. experiment a little with r_intesity and r_gamma to find a good setting.
Important : when you use this , RTCW will look diferent in wondow mode than it does while your are playing in fullscreen-mode.
seta r_vertexlight "1/0" // defines if vertexlights are used or not.
seta r_coronas "1/0" // defines if coronas are shown around lights or not.
seta r_drawsun "1/0" // defines if a sun is drawn or not.
seta r_mapoverbrightbits "value" // Default ist "2". Defines the brightness of map-textures.
seta r_overbrightbits "value" // similar to mapoverbrightbits
seta r_fullbright "1/0" // "1" switches the maximum briughness of textures on, so that dark cornes disappear.
seta r_gamma "value" // defines the gamma-value. Default is "1.3" Everything gets brighter if you heighten this value.
seta r_intensity "value" // default is "1". Defines the brightness of colored textures
seta r_depthbits "Wert" // color-depth in bit, e.g. "16" or "32"
seta r_colorbits "Wert" // Bit per color, like "16" or "32"
seta r_Texturebits "Wert" //- Bit per color of textures, like "16" or "32"
seta r_faceplanecull "1/0" // if activated, only the visible polygon-effects get rendered.
seta r_subdivisions "Wert" // default is 4. The higher you set this, the less polygons are used for surfaces
seta r_lodcurveerror "Wert" // default is 250. The lower you set this, the less "round" are round objects shown.
seta cg_wolfparticles "1/0" // With "0" , explosions and similar effects are not shown anymore.
seta r_picmip "value" // Textures are less detailed if you use higher values (3 is maximum). "5" is maximum in many leagues and from "4" onwards you cannot tell the difference between ammopacks and medipacks anymore, unless you use the simpleitems setting.
seta cg_simpleitems "1/0" // if activated, medipacks , weapons on the floor and ammopacks are deiplayed in another way. it`s ugly but you can tell the difference more easily.
seta r_rmse "value" // default ist "0" . defines the sharpness of all that is displayed. Usually leagues don´t allow to use another value than "0" here.
seta cg_bloodtime "value" // Default is "120". Defines, how long blood is shown on the floor and walls until it diappears.
seta cg_showblood "1/0" // if activated, you see blood when another player is hit by bullets.
seta cg_gibs "1/0" // if activated, you see splatter-effeckt when a player is gibbed.
seta s_mixahead "value" // default ist "2". the less you choose, the worse the sound gets but if you use "0.9" sound is still ok and you gain some FPS
seta s_khz "Wert" // can be "11" or "22" and defines the soundquality, "22" is better
seta s_volume "value" // volume from 0.0 to 1.0
seta s_musicvolume "value" // the same for the music
Settings for the Movement
seta pmove_fixed "1/0" // if also defined on the server, "1" makes you jump higher.
seta com_maxfps "value" // setting your FPS fiexed to a value. check the link in the end of the tutorial for more infos. setting this to "125" will make you jump a little higher, also values of 54 or 85 are possible.
seta cg_bobroll "value" //- default ist 0.002
seta cg_bobpitch "value" //- default 0.002
seta cg_bobup "value" //- default ist 0.005
seta cg_runpitch "value" //- default ist 0.002
seta cg_runroll "value" //- deafult ist 0.005
Set all these values to "0.0" so that you don`t stagger anymore when moving.
seta sensitivity "value" // defines the sensitivity of your mouse while playing RTCW (I use "2.2" for example, others prefer high values)
seta cl_mouseaccel "value" // defines the mouse-acceleration while playing RTCW, usually this is set to "0"
Various Settings
seta cg_weaponcycledelay "Wert" // defines how fast your weapons are switsched. default is "150". if set to "0" you don´t notice anything, but try "5000" to check it out ;)
Namesettings and Colors
seta name "blaaaahhhh"
with this command, you define your playername in the game. To add colors to it, use the color-codes below, the always start with ^
A colored name would look like this for example :
seta name "^2c^5o^8l^7o^1r^4e^6d ^7Noob"
^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = dark blue
^5 = light blue
^6 = violet
^7 = white
^8 = black

For OSP there are even more colors, please refer to the chapter "OSP settings" to ind more info about that.
There is the possiblity to bind all the speech-commands from the quickchat menu to a key.
Many players use this to have even faster access to certain speech-commdands.
There are 2 possiblities : speech can be heard by all players on the server or only by your Teammates.

Speech-Command to all people on the server :
bind "X" "vsay Sorry" // As an example, this will give out "Sorry"

Speech-Command to all players in your team :
bind "X" "vsay_team NeedEngineer" // As an example, this will give out "We need an Engineer"

these are all the speech-commands that exist :

bind X "vsay GoodGame"
bind X "vsay Hi"
bind X "vsay Cheer"
bind X "vsay Bye"
bind X "vsay Thanks"
bind X "vsay GreatShot"
bind X "vsay Oops"
bind X "vsay_team FireInTheHole"
bind X "vsay_team HoldYourFire"
bind X "vsay_team TakingFire"
bind X "vsay_team AllClear"
bind X "vsay_team DynamitePlanted"
bind X "vsay_team DisarmDynamite"
bind X "vsay_team DynamiteDefused"
bind X "vsay_team EnemyWeak"
bind X "vsay_team Incoming"
bind X "vsay_team DefendObjective"
bind X "vsay_team ClearPath"
bind X "vsay_team PathCleared"
bind X "vsay_team LetsGo"
bind X "vsay_team Medic"
bind X "vsay_team NeedAmmo"
bind X "vsay_team NeedEngineer"
bind X "vsay_team OnDefense"
bind X "vsay_team OnOffense"
bind X "vsay_team NeedBackup"
bind X "vsay_team FollowMe"
bind X "vsay_team Sorry"
bind X "vsay_team Welcome"
bind X "vsay_team Affirmative"
bind X "vsay_team Negative"
bind X "vsay_team IamEngineer"
bind X "vsay_team IamMedic"
bind X "vsay_team IamLieutenant"
bind X "vsay_team IamSoldier"
All commands that can be bind to a key :
bind X "+reload" // reload your weapon
bind X "+attack" // shoot your weapon
bind X "+activate" // open doors and pickup stuff
bind X "+zoom" // zoom
bind X "+dropweapon" // throw away ypur weapon (not all weapons and classes have this possibility)
bind X "weapalt" // change into the sniper mode when playing the Mauser
bind X "+moveup" // jump
bind X "+back" // move backwards
bind X "+sprint" // sprint
bind X "+movedown" // kneel down
bind X "+moveright" // strafe to the right
bind X "+moveleft" // strafe to the left
bind X "+forward" // move forwards
bind X "zoomout" // zoom out
bind X "+leanright" // lean right
bind X "+leanleft" // lean left

bind X "+scores" // show scores
bind ESCAPE "togglemenu" // doesn´t seem to work with other key than "ESCAPE", it opens the menu
bind X "OpenLimboMenu" // opens the limbo menu
bind X "vote yes" // vote "Yes"
bind X "vote no" // vote "No"

bind X "weaponbank 1" // knife
bind X "weaponbank 2" // pistol
bind X "weaponbank 3" // Main-Weapon
bind X "weaponbank 4" // grenade
bind X "weaponbank 5" //Airstrike-syringe-enineer tool
bind X "weaponbank 6" //Medi-Packs, Ammo-Packs, Dynamite
bind X "weapnext" // rotate higher in weaponcycle
bind X "weapprev" // rotate lower in weaponcycle
Useful Scripts
Simply copy/paste the script you want to use to your autoexec.cfg and change the keybindings to suit your needs.
Volume Script
With this volume-script you bind 2 keys that increase / decrease the volume during the game. Thanx to Shorty for this script.
// Volume-Script
bind "X" "vstr volup"
bind "X" "vstr voldown"
set vol00 "set s_volume 0.0;set voldown vstr vol00; set volup vstr vol01; echo Volume ^2O^7=========="
set vol01 "set s_volume 0.1;set voldown vstr vol00;set volup vstr vol02;echo Volume =^2O^7========="
set vol02 "set s_volume 0.2;set voldown vstr vol01;set volup vstr vol03;echo Volume ==^2O^7========"
set vol03 "set s_volume 0.3;set voldown vstr vol02;set volup vstr vol04;echo Volume ===^2O^7======="
set vol04 "set s_volume 0.4;set voldown vstr vol03;set volup vstr vol05;echo Volume ====^3O^7======"
set vol05 "set s_volume 0.5;set voldown vstr vol04;set volup vstr vol06;echo Volume =====^3O^7====="
set vol06 "set s_volume 0.6;set voldown vstr vol05;set volup vstr vol07;echo Volume ======^3O^7===="
set vol07 "set s_volume 0.7;set voldown vstr vol06;set volup vstr vol08;echo Volume =======^1O^7==="
set vol08 "set s_volume 0.8;set voldown vstr vol07;set volup vstr vol09;echo Volume ========^1O^7=="
set vol09 "set s_volume 0.9;set voldown vstr vol08;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume =========^1O^7="
set vol10 "set s_volume 1.0;set voldown vstr vol09;set volup vstr vol10;echo Volume ==========^1O^7"
set volup vstr vol05
set voldown vstr vol05
With 2 keys you can increase and decrease your FOV (Field Of View) between a value of 90 and 120 degrees.
A FOV of 120 is usually the highst that leagues and tournaments allow the players to use.
// fov-Script
bind "X" "vstr fdn"
bind "T" "vstr fup"
set fdn vstr fov90
set fup vstr fov95
set fov90 "cg_fov 90;set fdn vstr fov90;set fup vstr fov95;echo fov 90"
set fov95 "cg_fov 95;set fdn vstr fov90;set fup vstr fov100;echo fov 95"
set fov100 "cg_fov 100;set fdn vstr fov95;set fup vstr fov105;echo fov 100"
set fov105 "cg_fov 105;set fdn vstr fov100;set fup vstr fov110;echo fov 105"
set fov110 "cg_fov 110;set fdn vstr fov105;set fup vstr fov115;echo fov 110"
set fov115 "cg_fov 115;set fdn vstr fov110;set fup vstr fov120;echo fov 115"
set fov120 "cg_fov 120;set fdn vstr fov115;set fup vstr fov125;echo fov 120"

Near/Far Toggle-Script
For a long range shooting players often use different settings than in a close-up infight.
This script sets different values for your crosshair, fov, crosshairsize and your mouse-sensitivity.
By pressing the key that you bind the script to, you can switch between the settings for long distance shootings and close up infights.
Please note that you will have to customise the settings so that they suit you. The values included here are just meant to give an example of what the script is about.
// Near/Far Toggle-Script
bind "X" "vstr crosssensitoggle"
set far "set crosssensitoggle vstr far;cg_fov 90;cg_drawcrosshair 5;cg_crosshairsize 50;sensitivity 2.5"
set near "set crosssensitoggle vstr near;cg_fov 105;cg_drawcrosshair 9;cg_crosshairsize 70;sensitivity 4.5"
set crosssensitoggle "vstr near"
Direct Support Fire Script (only for Lieutnant)
With this script, a lieutnant requests a support fire by pressing the defined key. It happens quite quick, so be sure that you have your crosshair pointing directly on your target since there is no phase anymore where you can choose a target through your binoculars.
// Direct Support Fire Script (only for Lieutnant)
bind "X" "+zoom;+attack;-attack;-zoom"
With this script you can switch to binocular-sight and you only leave this sight again when the key is pressed again.
// Binocular-Script
bind "X" "vstr binocular"
set bino_on "+zoom; set binocular vstr bino_off"
set bino_off "-zoom; set binocular vstr bino_on"
set binocular "vstr bino_on"
This script is for lazy snipers that want to press one key to crouch and change to the zoom of the sniper. Press the key again to stand up and switch to normal sight.
// Sniper-Script
bind "X" "vstr nextsnipecrouchtoggle"
set snipecrouch "+movedown; weapalt; set nextsnipecrouchtoggle vstr
set snipestand "-movedown; weapalt; set nextsnipecrouchtoggle vstr snipecrouch"
set nextsnipecrouchtoggle "vstr snipecrouch"
Script to stay crouched
With this script a player can croch and stay like this until the key is pressed again.
// Script to stay crouched
bind "X" "vstr crouchswitch
set duck "+movedown; set crouchswitch vstr stand"
set stand "-movedown; set crouchswitch vstr duck"
set crouchswitch "vstr duck"
By pressing a key, you can switch off all global chat.
Switch everything back to normal by pressing the button again.
// Teamchat-Toggle
bind "X" "toggle cg_teamchatonly"
Not really a script but very useful : By pressing a key you commit suicide to be able to spawn in another class for example.
// Suicide-Script
bind "X" "kill"
Wit this script you can switch between 3 different Names by pressing the key you bind the script to.

bind "X" "vstr nicktoggle"
set nick1 "name Golfplay0r ;set nicktoggle vstr nick2"
set nick2 "name Roxx0r-St4r ;set nicktoggle vstr nick3"
set nick3 "name Super-King-Rul0r; set nicktoggle vstr nick1"
set nicktoggle "vstr nick1"
Respawn-Script (for classes, weapons, team and spawn-point)
This script is quite long but it surely is the heart of every players config.
Those are the functions of the script in detail :
- A class and a weapon are selected and announced in teamchat.
- A side (axis/Allies/Spec) is chosen.
- The Spawnpoint (near Axis/near Allies/Auto) is toggled and announced as echo.

// Respawn-Script (for classes, weapons, team and spawn-point)
// part 1 : Allies/Axis Side or Spectator
bind "X" "team red" // play on Allies Side
bind "X" "team blue" // play on Axis Side
bind "X" "team spectator" // join the Spectator-Mode
// part 2 : choose a class and a weapon
bind "X" "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 8;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Panzerfaust^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 9;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Venom^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 6;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Sniper^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 0;mp_weapon 10;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Flamer^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 4;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Leutnant^1/^7Thompson^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 3;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Leutnant^1/^7MP 40^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 3;mp_weapon 5;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Leutnant^1/^7Sten^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 2;mp_weapon 4;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Engineer^1]
bind "X" "mp_playertype 1;mp_weapon 4;say_team ^5spawn:^1[^7Medic^1]
// part 3 : choose your spawnpoint
set spawnauto "setspawnpt 0;echo ^5Spawn Point: ^1AUTO;set spawntoggle vstr spawnaxis"
set spawnaxis "setspawnpt 1;echo ^5Spawn Point: ^1AXIS;set spawntoggle vstr spawnallied"
set spawnallied "setspawnpt 2;echo ^5Spawn Point: ^1ALLIED;set spawntoggle vstr spawnauto"
set spawntoggle "vstr spawnauto"
bind "X" "vstr spawntoggle"
// end of the script
Demo-Script & Screenshot-Script
Here you can start and stop a demorecording with one key.
// Demo-Script & Screenshot-Script
bind "X" "vstr demotoggle"
set startdemo "autorecord; set demotoggle vstr stopdemo"
set stopdemo "stoprecord; set demotoggle vstr startdemo"
set demotoggle "vstr startdemo"
bind "X" "screenshotJPEG" // Screenshot is saved in .jpg format
Clear Screenshot Script
With this script you can make screenshots that are free from the hud and clear.
Important : in the "set done" part, be sure to enter YOUR values for all the setting there, not the ones I put in this script :)
// Clear Screenshot Script
set shotsc "weaponbank 4;vstr ready;wait 50;screenshotJPEG;wait 10;vstr done "
set ready "cg_drawTeamOverlay 0;cg_teamchatsonly 1;cg_drawCrosshair -1;cg_drawFPS 0;cg_drawCompass 0;cg_teamchattime 0;cg_drawGun 0;cg_drawCrosshairNames 0;cg_drawicons 0;cg_hudalpha 0;cl_noprint 1;con_notifytime 0"
set done "cg_drawTeamOverlay 2;cg_teamchatsonly 0;cg_drawCrosshair 7;cg_drawFPS o;cg_drawCompass 1;cg_teamchattime 99999;cg_drawGun 1;cg_drawCrosshairNames 1;cg_drawicons 1;cg_hudalpha 1;cl_noprint 0;con_notifytime 7;weaplastused"
bind "X" "vstr shotsc"
A funny little script, although it`s not really of any use. I only found it good for going down ladders, maybe.
If the turn is not exactly 180° on your system, please experiment with the "22" value of the wait command.
// 180° Turn
bind "X" "cl_yawspeed 900; +right; wait 22; -right; cl_yawspeed 140"
OSP (settings and commands specially for OSP)
OSP is the standard Mod for RTCW when it comes to playing leagues and tournaments. On public servers, the Shrub Mod may have a higher number of followers but if you play in a clan you surely must use OSP quite often. Check out for more information.

When installing OSP for the first time, all your settings from the standard wolfenconfig_mp.cfg in your Main-folder are taken into the config in the OSP folder.
to be sure that your autoexec.cfg settings are taken for OSP, simply connect to an OSP server and once you have connected, type
in your console, so that your autoexec.cfg settings are executed in OSP. From now on this won´t be necessary anymore, only when playing OSP for the first time.

(simply put them into your autoexec.cfg like the other settings and scripts, they won´t hurt ehen you play vanilla RTCW or shrub)

seta cg_crosshairAlpha "value" // transparency of your crosshair. Value between "0.0" and "1.0". default is "1.0"
seta cg_crosshairAlphaAlt "Wert" // transparency of your crosshair in second fire mode (mauser). Value between "0.0" and "1.0". default is "1.0"
seta cg_crosshairColor // (default = "White")
seta cg_crosshairColorAlt // Defines the croisshaircolor and also the crosshaircolor for the second firemode. Your can use RGB color codes but let`s keep it simple : these are the easy colors that are availbale : "white" "black" "red" "green" "blue" "yellow" "magenta" "cyan" "orange" "mdred" (Medium Red)
"mdgreen"(Medium Green) "dkgreen" (Dark Green) "mdcyan" (Medium Cyan)
"mdyellow" (Medium Yellow) "mdorange" (Medium Orange) "mdblue" (Medium
Blue) "ltgrey" (Light Grey) "mdgrey" (Medium Grey) "dkgrey" (Dark Grey). Besure to have your cg_crosshairhealth set to "0" or the OSP colors don´t work.
seta cg_drawWeaponIconFlash "0|1" // (default = 0) icon flashing of the weapon can be activated/disactivated. Red = Firing / Yellow = Reload / White = Switching
seta cg_printObjectiveInfo "0|1" // defines, if messages dealing with the objective are displayed in the middle of the screen or not.
seta ch_font "0|1|2" // you can use 3 different fonts in OSP
demo_avifpsF1 (default = 0 [OFF])
demo_avifpsF2 (default = 10)
demo_avifpsF3 (default = 15)
demo_avifpsF4 (default = 20)
demo_avifpsF5 (default = 24)
// defines the cl_avidemo settings for various F-keys. so you can adjust the framerate of you cl_avidemos
demo_drawTimeScale <0|1> // (default = 1) defines if you timescale is displayed when plying a demo/replay
seta mv_sensitivity "Wert" (default = 20.0) // defines mouse-sensitivity in the multiview spectator mode
seta cg_drawReinforcementTime "1/0" // can be activated to always show the time you have until your team`s next respawn.
seta cg_complaintPopUp "1/0" // can switch off the complaint popup after you have been teamkilled.
seta cg_useScreenshotJPEG "1/0" // use .jpg format for screenshots or not.
seta cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch "1/0" // this defines whether you swiztch to another weapon automaticallly when your current gun is out of ammo.
seta cg_crosshairPulse "1/0" // can switch off the pulsing of the crosshair which is found very disturbing for many players.
seta cg_autoReload "1/0" // defines whether your weapon automatically reloads when it´s out of ammo or not.
seta cg_announcer "1/0" // defines whether the OSP Announcer is on or not (Axis Win ! and so on)
seta cg_bloodFlash "value" // value form "0.0" to "1.0". This defines whether your screen flashes red when you are it or not, and how intesne this effect is.
seta cf_wstats "value" // the font-height in the +wstats Window
seta cf_wstopshots "value" // the font-height in the +wtopshots Windows. Default ist "0.8"
seta cg_autoAction "Wert" // defines if and which autoections are done.
"1" - record a demo of each round
"2" - does a screenshot at the end of each round
"4" - saves a stats file of each round
The whole thing is a bitmask. so if you want to combine some autoactions, add the values they have. "7" will make RTCW to do all 3 autoactions every round)

+vstr - Funktion
OPS introduces a news scrpting function with the +vstr command. Bind a key to this and RTCW will execute a command when a key is pressed and will execute another command when that key is released.
A simple example :
set press_key "cg_drawgun 0"
set release_key "cg_drawgun 1"
bind "X" "+vstr press_key release_key"

OSP has more colors for your playername and other text.
There are 32 colors for OSP. apart form the normal ones from ^0 to ^7 you can also use these colors:
Von den normalen ^0 bis ^7 abgesehen, sind auch diese hier verfügbar:
- ^8, ^9, ^<, ^>, ^:, ^;, ^=, ^?, ^@
- ^A - ^O (note, caps MUST be used to get the proper color)
Some things about Punkbuster
seta cl_punkbuster "1" // punkbuster is activated
seta cl_autoupdate "1" // punbuster updates automatically
seta pb_system "1" // do this when you experience strange systemprobs with patch 1.4. Enter this in your console while you are offline (important)
seta pb_sleep "60" // influences lags with pb, "60" is default.
seta pb_sv_enable // a server-command but it sometimes helps with pb probs.
seta pb_sv_update // also a server-commands but it helps some people with pb probs.

Some little Tips and Tricks for Replay-Watchers
I use the Seismovision Demoplayer to watch RTCW Replays
Find the official Homepage here at

After leaving the Seismovion/OSP Mode in the Demo by pressing ESC one time you can now use some scripts that you have bound to F-keys or the Num-Pad.
There are some that are quite interesting :

bind "X" "toggle cg_thirdperson" // you can switch to 3rd person view and back, this only works while watching a replay, not in normal gameplay.
bind X "weapalt" // with some very old version of RTCW there is the issue that the sniper zoom is not shown in a replay. use this bind to switch to sniperzoom when this bug occurs.
Unfortunatly, the tggling of r_uifullscreen is forbidden by many leagues. But since this is a great graphical option, I use it always when I watch a demo on assualt for example. (bind it to a F-key to function in a demo and if you use Seismovision press ESC one time to leave the seismo surface and enter into normal RTCW mode)
set nebel1 "r_uifullscreen 1;r_fastsky 0; echo ^2UI_FULLSCREEN ^31; set nebeltoggle vstr nebel2"
set nebel2 "r_uifullscreen 0;r_fastsky 1; echo ^2UI_FULLSCREEN ^30; set nebeltoggle vstr nebel1"
set nebeltoggle "vstr nebel1
bind "X" "vstr nebeltoggle"
Sources, Credits and links
thanx to cK-shaftian, who made his config public through the internet

config Forum @ (Site no longer online)

config Forum @ (Site no longer online) (moderated by Shorty, who has created some of the scripts in this tutorial)
(Site no longer online)

following websites deal with the Quake 3 Engine`s variables and settings :
LOKi'S Q3A Console Variables
Elite Force Tweak Guide
Q3-Variablen at keen

thanx an High Boys Seite

thanx to the legandery posting that explains how to jump higher by using certain FPS settings with the Quake 3 Engine : (Site no longer online)

Stevo who gave me the support fire script for Lieutnants
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